Sunday, 28 June, 2009

Posted by Mandee on June 28, 2009   |   6 Comments

Two rounds of:
Right arm barbell push-press 12 reps
Left arm deadlift 12 reps
Run 800 meters
Left arm barbell push-press 12 reps
Right arm deadlift 12 reps
Run 800 meter

Go heavy, run fast. Post time to completion and loads to comments.

6 responses to “Sunday, 28 June, 2009”

  1. Jimmy says:

    28 90 yard sprints
    Russel you’d be proud of me im fulfilling my beef cake nature, up to 245

  2. Zak says:

    I goofed on this one and stopped after round 1. After a few minutes of rest I realized I still had one more round to go.
    Round 1 time: 12:40
    Round 2 time: 11:43
    24:23 total time
    75# for the push presses and 135# for the DL’s
    The weak point for the lifts was left handed push presses and I think I could have done more on the DL’s. As always the running sucked.

  3. Michael says:


    Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
    Max rep Pull-ups
    Run 400 meters

    Switched around the pull-ups and run from what main site says.

    7 full rounds + 8 pull-ups, 103 total pull-ups

  4. klowe says:

    Goofy one sided running WOD. – 37:30ish

    Round one 75lb PP, 135 DL
    Round two 85lb PP, 165 DL

    Ran 5 laps around the island thing. (Is it 5 laps or 4?)…anyway…it felt longer than 800 meters and it sucked.
    A. Becasue it was running and I hate that no matter what
    B. Because it was like 180 degrees on the blacktop parking lot
    C. Because I’m an idiot and ran more than 800m
    D. All of the above

    weird workout

  5. Katherine Berger says:

    CrossFit Cert Day Two:

    Team of 4

    400m Run
    300 SDHP (16kg)
    400m Run
    300 Pushups
    400m Run


    A zillion and five snatches, a coupla ring dips, some pullups, some situps, some jumping rope, and one almost completed muscle up (yay!!!)

  6. Clint says:

    One armed train wreck!

    DL @135
    PP@40lbs utlized KB

    Still nursing some type of shoulder issues. Explosive PP and PJ are very painful, slow Press is very doable.