Monday, 31 May, 2010

Posted by Mandee on May 31, 2010   |   17 Comments

“The Seven”

Seven rounds for time of:
7 Handstand push-ups
135 pound Thruster, 7 reps
7 Knees to elbows
245 pound Deadlift, 7 reps
7 Burpees
7 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
7 Pull-ups

Mikko Salo 19:19. Chris Spealler 20:56. Graham Holmberg 24:37. Post time to comments.

Southeast Regional final scores

17 responses to “Monday, 31 May, 2010”

  1. klowe says:

    Just posted on yesterday’s link (so this is a copy and paste)….didn’t want it to get buried in yesterday’s page : )

    Very fun weekend!

    VERY PROUD of ALL our CFHSV warriors and surrounding community. It was awesome to watch everyone compete and give it their all!

    Karen was guns a blazin’

    The Team was inspiring to my true meaning of CF comps! DQ’d due to a clerical error going into the event but said….”screw it, lets have fun!!!” and it did not stop them one bit from going 110% in blazing sun and unbearble heat! They finished middle of the pack which ain’t a bad place to be considering the quality of baddazzness aplenty!

    Russell threw down some AMAZING performances this weekend. Body weight snatches and push press x’s 8 rounds and the worlds fastest burpees! Sixth was a tough break for going to Cali but me thinks this experience is going to create more of a Monster going forward! (I’ll periodically remind him of 6th just to keep him motivated ; ) – I had a great time rooming and hanging out with Russell also. Never thought politically incorrect/correct homo-erogenous Euro humor was so funny……….

    HUGE thanks and respect for all those that traveled down to yell for us all. I/we could definitely hear yall yelling and it DID make a huge difference. Thank You! (I’m sorry I started to act like an ass in the last WOD). A whole hearted Thank you again for the encouragement!

    Several great dinners here and there with other athletes from around the SouthEast. I am blessed to have made and continue to make so many great friends that friendships that will continue beyond CrossFit.

    Last….If you ever need comedy relief for an event. Give Justin about 12 beers and step back! He is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever been around! He was on his humor/wit “A” game last night. – hilarious!

    Congrats to all of us! and THANKS again to all of yall for being my friends and fellow warriors.

    Great time…..lets hope we can all compete with eachother soon.


    • Emily D. says:

      Loved cheering (or screaming) for you guys…..even if you were a little grumpy that last WOD 😉

      And holy crap……my abs are sore from laughing last night. Good times with awesome folks!

      Everyone did a great job…..I was proud to wear my CFHSV shirt 🙂

    • Justin says:

      I’m going to make sure my wife reads this, because she rarely finds me amusing 😉

      Great job by everyone competing, and thanks to everyone who came to watch and cheer us on.

  2. tracey says:

    Kevin, The dude behind you is crazy looking! What is he doing there? Looks like hes pissed and mad at the judge. You look strong as shit!:)

  3. klowe says:

    I was looking at Lance in the background also. It looks like his hands slipped but he still got the bar to the shoulder for a counted rep. Guessing? Anyone else see what happened?

    …and thanks. At least its good to look that way ; )

    (I missed but was very close on standing all the way up with 295 which would be a PR)

    • Kerri says:

      Yeah he did this on another lift on one of the heavier bars too….I think that’s what happened; it slipped and he was able to save it.

  4. z says:

    Cotton Row 10K – 44:19 (PR). Saw lots of cfhsv people.

  5. Katherine Berger says:

    Kevin….awesome picture!!! And thanks for taking care of Russell last night and getting him home safely 🙂 Campbell especially loved meeting Mr. Noodle’s cousin!!! Seriously, the second you left, she was allllll about Mr. Noodle and wished you would come back!

    Thank you so much to everyone who helped keep those of us back in Huntsville informed about the weekend’s events. Emily and Kerri, you guys rock!

    In addition, I am so proud to be associated (though very loosely at the moment!) with CFHSV and these outstanding athletes. You all had some amazing performances in a very tough competition. Way to go and I cannot wait to see what we do next year!!!!

    • Robert S. says:

      I will second that Katherine! Training with these athletes pushes me to new levels every day. Top notch people.

      Outstanding work by all of you!

  6. Robert S. says:

    48:47 with a 45# DB on the TGU and OHS and a 70# DB on the swings.

    I felt no other WOD would be more appropriate for me to do today. I am on duty, and like most holidays, it is pretty quiet around the Firehouse. This gave me plenty of time to reflect on Arnaldo’s sacrifice, as well as the sacrifice of Firefighters and Soldiers I have had the pleasure of knowing. Russell has a great article in the CrossFit Journal that tells us the story of our Hero WODS. This quote from that article sums up why we do them

    “The Hero workout is more than a test of physical ability.
    It bridges the gap between the body and the mind,
    emotion and experience, and gives us the chance to do
    more than just remember our soldiers. It gives us the
    chance to sweat, bleed, suffer and grieve for our fallen
    heroes one rep at a time.”

    So true, Russell.

    If you haven’t seen Jeff Tincher’s video of this Hero WOD on the mainsite, it begins with a prayer that I have heard far too often in my career and will certainly hear again.

    A FireFighter’s Prayer

    When I am called to duty god
    Wherever flames may rage,
    Give me strength to save some life
    Whatever be it’s age.
    Help me embrace a little child
    Before it is to late,
    Or save an older person from
    The horror of that fate.
    Enable me to be alert
    And hear the weakest shout,
    And quickly and efficiently put the fire out.
    I want to fill my calling
    To give the best in me,
    To guard my every neighbour
    And protect his property.
    If, according to my fate
    I am to lose my life,
    Please bless with your protecting hand
    My children and my wife.

    For you Fire Fighter Specialist Arnaldo “Arnie” Quinones, for you CPT James Warman, and both of your families.

  7. Emily D. says:

    For some reason I thought doing today’s WOD was a good idea after an 8 hr ride in the party van.

    3+14 super scaled. I threw up in my mouth twice…..tasted like beer 😉 ready to hit the sack!

  8. Barry S says:

    Outstanding efforts all around for CFHSV…wish I could have been there to cheer!

    We did a team WOD today…4 people pounding through
    200 pullups
    200 OHS 95#
    200 deadlift 225#
    200 burpees

    killer in the heat…(in the 1 teens, headed to 120’s by friday). Thanks to Jud for making up my 10 OHS for me, all my other 50s as Rx
    42 & change.

  9. Larry Lowe says:

    Cotton Row Run 48:53 (pr)

    Not bad for running three times in the last month and only once over 5 miles.

    • z says:

      shows you how well CF prepares you for non-CF stuff. No doubt that doing CF helped in mid-race recovery after getting crushed by heartbreake hill and dealing with pain.

  10. jborgert says:

    For all the Cotton Row Runners I was part of the group at the bottom of Bankhead with a DJ dancing and cheering you all on. Next year will be bigger and louder and anyone who wants to come start drinking, cheering, and dancing at 6:30 AM is welcome.


  11. jborgert says:

    For all of you that know Slade White, that was his house we were partying at.