Sunday, August 5 2018

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“Lynne in a Boat or on a Bike with a Twist” by DB

5 Rounds E6MOM for Max Reps:

Row 500m or 1.2km Assault Bike
Max Reps Pull-Ups (one set unbroken)

Max Reps Bench Press BW / 70% OR Max Reps Parallette Push-ups (one set unbroken)

**Must complete each round in the 6min window, all excess time in 6min window is your rest**

5 responses to “Sunday, August 5 2018”

  1. Special Guest says:


  2. Chef Tyler says:

    I know that run… that’s Cass! She will out work anyone! Head down eyes forward.. keep pushing!

  3. Melody Adair says:

    Go Cass go!!!! You better watch out when you see this strong chick. She won’t stop till she’s given 110%. Keep it up, best friend!

  4. Josh Kennedy says:

    218 rep: assault bike, strict pull-ups, paralette push-ups

    Good crowd this afternoon

  5. Jeremy M. says:

    3:00pm Class:
    BW = 176#
    153 reps, RX (pull-ups/Bench@185#)
    – Awesome class Bradley!! Cass is one amazing athlete!! She’s super sweet, humble and a great friend!! Keep it up studette!!