Sunday, January 29, 2017

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“The Big Bear Complex”

A. 15min to achieve: 1RM Bear Complex

-1 Power Clean to
-1 Front Squat to
-1 Push Press or Jerk to
-1 Back Squat to
-1 Back Rack Push Press or Jerk

B. 20min to achieve: 5RM Bear Complex
*Perform the above sequence 5 times in a row building to a 5 rep max complex.
(i.e. 1 PC to 1 FS to 1 PP to 1 BS to 1BRPP = 1 … repeat 4 more times without dropping bar)

7 responses to “Sunday, January 29, 2017”

  1. Carlos says:


  2. Caption this.... says:

    “Totally Destroyed”

    Daily, Weekly, Monthly by CFHSV

    And DB

  3. Matt says:

    At the home box in Park City, TN with Heath and Dylan…..
    A: #205(PR)
    B: #135 (PR)

    Proud of my nephew Dylan who got his first Ring Muscle-UP today!

  4. Heath sharp says:

    A) 300×1 (PR)

    B) 205×5 (PR)

  5. CJ VK says:

    A. 225#
    B. 165#

  6. Justin says: