Sunday, July 12, 2009

Posted by Mandee on July 12, 2009   |   9 Comments

Five rounds for time of:
30 Glute-ham sit-ups
25 Back extensions

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  1. Russell says:

    I’m drinking a beer and just finished a handfull of double-stuffed oreos (courtesy of Craig)

    Thoughts on the games:

    The CrossFit games were noticeably different this year. Five events, which much more effectively covered the spectrum of time and modal domains than the year prior, something most of us saw coming, and something I had hoped for.

    My chances of winning were pretty much blown before I ever stepped off the plane, not because the workouts favored bigger guys, ( though some certainly did), and not because I didn’t get the movements and exercises I was good at, ( though I did like some more than others), but because I was mentally and physically burned out. I may never know exactly why, but I’m happy to say that even after feeling like I was operating at about 60% capacity, I was still neck and neck with Chris spealler going into the last event of the day, and was beating Josh Everett by a pretty large lead.

    One lesson I learned is that going hard isn’t always the best strategy. I had a few minute lead over 4th place in the run, but finished it going as hard as I could, a habit that comes from EVERY Crossfit workout I’ve ever done. needless to say, the one extra poing I got killing myself on the first event wasn’t probably worth the trouble. From there I recovered slowly, ineffectively, and felt like crawling into a corner and taking a nap most of the day.

    I was fairly disappointed to see a big lack of gymnastic movements on the first day, and don’t know If the scoring system effectively selected out the right people, but I did really enjoy the “unknown” aspect of the games. Knowing that the events were untested, new, and hard to game made the competition a little more interesting.

    The bottom line is, I wasn’t top of my game, I felt like shit, performed complacently and with far too much stress, and STILL managed to hang in the top 30 with some top athletes until the final event, where I was completely and totally fried and couldn’t even link wall-ball shots.

    I’ve learned a lot now about competition and how to prepare for it, and when I show up for the games next year feeling like I did before the regionals, I’ll be making it to day two.

  2. J.D. says:

    Sorry you didn’t feel your best Russell, but you still gave an impressive effort. Way to go, and enjoy the beer and oreos– you certainly earned a little R&R. Have a safe trip back, man!

  3. Michael says:

    Four rounds for time of:
    Run 400 meters
    50 Squats


    Still extremely sore from front squats, but managed to beat my last time on this by 16 seconds

  4. Katie says:

    I don’t think I just speak for myself when I say that we are all very proud of you & your performance. You gave it all you got which was still pretty damn good.

  5. Jeff Barnett says:

    Your performance was both impressive and inspiring. I know you’re probably not content with anything less than victory, but remember that your example has positive effects on many more people than you may realize. I’m sure you’ll do better next year with what you learned, but you’ve got a lot to be proud of this year. Congrats.

  6. Patrick says:

    Yummm… beer and oreos. A personal favorite.
    Hell of an effort at the games.

  7. Garth says:

    Russ, Proud of you and what you accomplished. Impressive performances across some crazy workouts and tough competition. Great job! Have a safe trip home.

  8. klowe says:

    Had a great time in Cali! and can’t wait for next year! Hopefully Russell and …..maybe…..maybe me will be competing next year. This has been one hellova a good time for more reasons than just CrossFit…perhaps even more important than CrossFit. Getting to really know Craig, Beth, Russell, Katherine, and Angela has been worth every penny. We have made plenty of new CrossFit friends and somehow befriended a multi-million dollar vinyard/winery owner. Random but very fun. They are all really good people and great friends.

    The competition was THE toughest things I have ever witnessed. Many crossfit “super stars” crumbled under the immense stress and difficulty of the events. I like to think of myself as being “fit” but honestly I could not have even come close to hanging with these athletes. Russell is a bit modest when he says the events were hard. No…the events were devastating! To complete all five events on the first day deserves a tremendous amount of respect and is a major athletic and mental accomplishment. I agree with Russell that he was “not all there”. Something was missing but to finish…..and not to mention…..finish in the top 30% while not “feeling it” is nothing to hang head about. I am VERY PROUD to have him as our trainer and gym fire breather. Age and determination is definitely on his side! Watch out for the LBH next year!…..and for all our benefit his determination and drive will make US ALL better!

    So…in summary….it has been a ton of fun. We have learned a lot about ourselves and each other. CrossFit Huntsville will be a force to recon with from here on out.

    Next year you guys all need to make plans for an Aromas vacation either competing or just hanging out. Well worth every penny!

    Congrats Russell and Katherine! Be very Proud!


  9. Mandy says:

    A minute and half slower than last time… can’t wait for the Berger’s triumphant return… 🙂