Sunday, June 24, 2012

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500 Meter row

3 Rounds:

4 Jump squats

4 Parallette push ups

4 Barbell shoulder press




For time:
185 pound Squat clean, 1 rep
10 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 2 reps
9 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 3 reps
8 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 4 reps
7 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 5 reps
6 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 6 reps
5 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 7 reps
4 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 8 reps
3 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 9 reps
2 Parallette handstand push-ups
185 pound Squat clean, 10 reps
1 Parallette handstand push-up

Post time to comments.


WOD Demo with Trident CrossFit – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

Congratulations to all the CFHSV athletes who competed at Embrace The Gauntlet this weekend! CFHSV was represented well by all our athletes that participated. Final standings will be released today.

9 responses to “Sunday, June 24, 2012”

  1. VOD:
    The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.” Lamentations 3:22-24

  2. AP says:

    Don’t know how long it’s been out, and I’m probably behind the curve like I am with most things, but thought I’d share with the community Domino’s has a gluten free pizza that is delicious and is IMO better than Mellow Mushrooms. Its a rice crust, available in 1 size, small which equates to 6 slices. Perfect personal size. I had the Meatzza with cheese last night and I was impressed, especially because I’m not a fan of Domino’s regular pizza. It was seriously the bomb-diggity!

  3. Quick recap on this weekend:

    I know Dennis finished 1st overall in Master’s with a dominating performance. I believe he placed 1st in every workout except for one in which he placed 2nd. Very proud of him and I have no doubt that he will exceed in the future and continue to get better.

    Bryant was in my heat for all the workouts so I didn’t get to see much but I have to say that he pushed me in every workout because I knew if I stopped he wasn’t going to. Huge props to Lee for coming out and competing with the big dawgs after only doing CrossFit since February! That is just awesome. Many people do CrossFit for years before feeling comfortable to compete and this guy did after just a few months and he picked one heck of a first competition!

    I ended up finishing 4th overall. I was in 3rd going into the final workout and in a close fight for second. The final workout was a winner take all format for the final 5 guys and women. Before the workout took place we were able to hear from the parents of a fallen veteran who lost his life in Afghanistan this past year. The final workout was hero workout to honor him and his sacrifice. Hearing his story will remain one of the most memorable memories I will have of any CrossFit competition. Here was the workout:
    37 Hang Power Cleans @185#
    Every time you break you must perform 10 toes to bar

    I gave this workout everything I had but in the end was only able to secure a 4th place finish. Kirk Gibson who was 4th going into the final workout was able to win it and take the whole thing. Drew Shamblin won every single workout up to that point so he went in to the final workout with only 4 points. His performances all weekend were truly reminiscent of his performance at Sectionals 2 years ago. Drew is a metabolic machine and I didn’t see him stop one time all weekend. He may not have finished 1st overall but trust me when I say he was by far the fittest man competing this weekend.

    Truly proud of everyone from CFHSV who competed this weekend. I can’t express how reassuring it is for us as trainers to know that when our athletes go to compete somewhere (no matter the venue) that they will handle themselves with the conduct of a true athlete. Showing respect and good sportsmanship no matter the outcome. I’ve been to enough of these competitions now to know that this is a rare occurence, even in CrossFit. I want to thank all of you for giving us that type of community.

  4. glory1031 says:

    11 miles easy @ 7:30/mile

  5. Tracey says:

    Great job Dennis, Jake, Bryant, and Lee!!!!! Keisha and Landon are a class act. I knew it would be a great competition. So proud of you guys!!!

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