Sunday, May 25 2014

Posted by Mandee on May 24, 2014   |   4 Comments

best friends


All classes are cancelled today.

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  1. CoachDB says:

    I wanted to congratulate, commend, and salute all CFHSV athletes that took on Murph yesterday. I read some very inspirational and heart felt posts on yesterday’s blog. Great job. So sorry I could not be there with you as I really hated to miss this. However, I had a rare opportunity to watch my oldest son race close by in Chattanooga at the USA Cycling National Championships. He raced the pro time trial race today and will race the pro road race on Monday. Please wish him and his team, Team Smart Stop good luck.
    I promise tomorrow in the hotel gym I will punish myself and do my best to honor Murph and all CFHSV athletes tomorrow in the hotel gym by completing a 1 mile treadmill run then 100 push up squat clean thrusters with 50lb dumbbells and a 1 mile run on treadmill for time.
    Have a Marvelous Memorial Day again and thanks for such great Murph Challenge participation. It truly does mean a lot to the survivors of our fallen warriors.

    • CoachDB says:

      1mile run on treadmill with incline at 2.5%
      100 burpee squat clean thrusters (50lb dumbbells)
      1mile run on treadmill with incline at 2.5%
      Time = 59:55

      If you are ever stuck to a WOD in a hotel with 50lb dumbbells give this a try. It will challenge you or at least it did me.

      • Josh Kennedy says:

        Whatever DB…I cramped up and got rhabdo just reading that WOD. Please tell me you are going for a pleasant run over the bridges tomorrow? 🙂

    • AP says:

      Bummed I missed you yesterday but obviously understandable. Good luck to your son this weekend, that is exciting!! Thank you for your service to our country and in the gym!