Sunday, October 20 2019

Posted by Mandee on October 19, 2019   |   4 Comments



5 Rounds For Time:
50ft Handstand Walk   MRX 5 Wall Walks

5 Squat Cleans   225/155   MRX 155/105



*REMINDER* We will be hosting The OPEN today at 1PM! 

Open Gym is canceled.

We WILL have regular classes at 3pm and 4pm.

4 responses to “Sunday, October 20 2019”

  1. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    Flembot!! She’s a beast who doesn’t use the edit button…love her.

  2. WWW says:

    One of the strongest women I’ve ever known. And she can throw around some heavy weight too… My CF partner rocks!! ?

  3. Lindsey W says:

    Fleming is truly one of the best out there… inside and in the gym. If we could all be as strong as her, we’d make the coaches jobs much easier!!! Fleming, you f***! I mean R***! ?

  4. Fleming Sharp says:

    Hahahaha!!! Writhing on the ground after a wod… my favorite crossfit movement!
    Love my crossfit family so much!!