Josh Kennedy

Posted by Mandee on August 10, 2011   |   No Comments

“I recently marked by 1 year ‘anniversary’ with CrossFit. As is common to nearly all CrossFit’ers, it has a been a fantastics and eye-opening year. I never considered myself to be out-of-shape prior to CF, but I have made tremendous strides in overall physical capability and long-term health. I am a much better athlete than I was a year ago. Even so, I am continually humbled by so many great folks at CFHSV, and how far I can still progress! In June 2011 I achieved a lifetime goal of completing theĀ Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run in sub-24 hours. I have zero doubts that CFHSV and CrossFit in general played a HUGE role in my success there. Thanks to all my brother and sisters at CF, and looking forward to many more years of continued improvement and success for all of us!”

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