Thursday, 02 Sep, 2010

Posted by Mandee on September 1, 2010   |   32 Comments

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Dave Lipson 500lbs, Graham Holmberg 320lbs, Kristan Clever 255lbs,Kim Malz 220lbs, Katie Hogan 205lbs, Becca Voigt 200lbs. Post loads to comments.

Compare to 091215.

The Zone Chronicles: Post-Workout Nutrition Part 3” with Pat Sherwood,CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Mining Human Behavior At MIT” by Andy Greenberg, Forbes.

Fit to fight? Probably not.

32 responses to “Thursday, 02 Sep, 2010”

  1. klowe says:

    This is a fun CF competition that we don’t have to travel for.


    they post the comps online and we do them in our own gym with our own judging with honesty and integrity. Post results online vs hundreds of other competitors.

    I think this would also be a great way for gym members that have never competed but want to to test the waters.


    I’m game. I know Jake is. Lets do this.

    • klowe says:

      Cost is 5 bucks. Can’t beat that.

    • Dennis B says:

      KLowe, I am interested. I suggest we (Jake, you, and I) get with Russell and run it by him offline and check on the suitability, feasibility, accessibility, and approval along with the coordinating instructions to do this.

      For example we are scheduled to run a workshop that weekend, also judges, facility avaialibilty etc…

      Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive!

    • Russell says:

      Thanks Dennis,

      Kevin- I love the concept, but I can’t go along with the execution. I’m a big fan of educated and responsible spending as a consumer, voter, and business owner, and I just couldn’t go along with this in good conscious. Call me uptight, but I just have a strong personal dilemma supporting any person or organization that openly profits and benefits from CrossFit and our community, but seems to go to great lengths to avoid ever mentioning or crediting the parent organization that has given us, and them, so much. OPT is a nice, smart, and extremely successful coach, but I get a bad vibe from his websites for this reason. I’ve had to make similar decisions even with a local business/friend of CFHSV for the same exact reason.

      On a similar note, Again Faster has started a competition team that posts 3 workouts a month and challenges everyone to beat their best athletes at that given WOD and submit it via video. I plan on doing this (and winning the prizes from AF) and would love you all to join me.

    • Robert S. says:

      I hope they have a box ready to ship those bumpers to my house when a 1rm DL comes up. Lipson is going down!

    • Russell says:

      to be fair, OPT is the owner of more than one CrossFit affiliate, and if you go to his ACTUAL website, you will see a lot about CrossFit, but I still get a weird vibe from this competition site, not a good vibe. Again, totally my impression and not based in much fact, but I think we should look to the free stuff first.

    • klowe says:

      I respect that cfhsv is your business and whatever you decide about this is cool with me. Just a discussion question. Since opt owns several cf affiliates and is a cf “celebrity” would it make any difference to you if cf embraced what he is doing with these “friendly” comps? I doubt that mainsite would endorse due to “playing favorites” but in an indgirect way these company are in a way promoting cf. The registration is lone to anyone regardless of training methods and several cf affiliates are hosting this. The way I see it is this….if hq had a problem with it then I’m sure legal action and a repremand of one of their Celebes would be taking place. Perhaps HQ and the hosting affiliates see this comp as a way to promote cf methods and cf competition on a grassroots level. HQ has a ton to gain as interest in THE GAMES grow as a serious sport. Thoughts?

    • Russell says:

      Actually, I may have to eat my own words to some extent on this compeition thing.. There is actually a chance that they aren’t allow to use the word CF in the website because it isn’t part of the licensing agreement for affiliates… on other words, we aren’t technically allowed to call our comps “CrossFit” competitions. Hence the lack of CF stuff and the weird vibe. oh well. I still like free better.

    • klowe says:

      Sorry for the autocorrect misspellings

    • Russell says:

      Yeah I don’t think it has anything to do with HQ or legal action, and I didn’t meant that. There isn’t anything “wrong” with this competition, I just know that we have the choice to compete or not compete in things we want to support vs. not support. With lots of options on the table these days, I like to support whoever is doing the MOST for the community, and the structure and website information for that comp makes it look fun, but something seems off…. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions but I just feel like we could do better ourselves. I’m looking forward to us doing our own local thing and making it a charitable event, and I like the idea of the AF workouts because they are free and easy to submit ( 10 days to tool around before you send them in)

  2. Aaron says:

    ReEducation today, my squat fecking sucks…

    185(crap)-205(prev pr/slop)-185(crap)-135(ReEd)-135(ReEd)

    Fire sale at mi casa, everything must go. dirt cheap: couch, love seat, lazy boy, dinner chairs, office chairs, lawn chairs, counter tops, stools, coolers and toilet. If you can sit on it, it’s gotta go. The only form of “sitting” now allowed will be the squat. Will trade for bar bell and bumper plates

  3. Larry Lowe says:

    I was in class with Aaron.

    185 across the board trying not to rock onto my toes at the bottom of the squat to get the bar going up again. Drive knees out and don’t let them go forward, drive knees out and don’t let them go forward, drive knees out and don’t let them go forward….

  4. Garrett D says:

    185-205-225-245-225 In hindsight, should have stayed lower and worked on form. The box squat warmup was a big help.

  5. Kyle Mosier says:

    185-205-225-245-225 Russell said my 245 was ugly as sin, but I hit my depth. I’ve had worse, like the time when I attempted a PR and had to roll it off over my head. That sucked. 245 was a PR for me, so I didn’t expect it to have perfect form.

  6. Tye says:

    Ditto Larry and Aaron. Got up to 205 before making the decision to try and get my form right. Very frustrating, but I greatly appreciate all the coaching and help. I’ll get it eventually.

  7. Penelope says:

    85-95-105-115-120(PR); 125(Single-PR)

  8. Mandee Miller says:

    145 – 155 – 165 – 175 – 180(PR)

  9. Aaron says:

    Great work Penelope and Mandee!

  10. Jake Naumcheff says:


    335 was my previous 1RM.

    Kevin is a man hoss

  11. Zak says:

    240# press… that is all.

  12. Josh says:

    275-295-315-335-355(2) pretty sure I could have got 355 a third, just psyched myself out and dumped the bar after the second. until next time I guess. great job to everyone in the 1130 class, it was alot of fun working in with you guys today!

  13. Daniel says:

    Box squat warm-ups and double under practice.

    3×5 Back Squat

    Tried to keep up with Josh, but he destroyed me.

  14. klowe says:

    315, 345, 360, 370, 380 (1)

    the belt helps tremendously

  15. Robert S. says:


    Form was questionable at best.

  16. Naveen says:

    We did this one on Monday. 185-215-235-245-255.

  17. Russell says:


    Should have had 350. Kept going too deep and losing momentum on the way up. Felt very good today and then foolishly decided to go for a 1RM at 375. Very nearly got it. If I had waited and tried this while fresh I’m sure I would have gotten it.

  18. Patrick says:


    Finally, got the BS into the 300’s. 285 was my previous 1RM.

  19. Jason Terry says:

    125,145,155,175,175……..went way too easy today, a little tight from yesterday in lower back.