Thursday, 06 Aug, 2009

Posted by Mandee on August 6, 2009   |   25 Comments

Three rounds for time of:
21 L-Pull-ups
15 ft. L-rope climb, 3 ascents

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25 responses to “Thursday, 06 Aug, 2009”

  1. Justin says:

    23:50, used legs on all rope climbs
    Lost a good amount of time waiting on the rope. Did the L pullups in sets of 3-4 mostly. This one was much easier for me today than it was a couple of months ago.

  2. Clint says:

    18:36 legs all rope pulls. L – Pullups much stronger than last time.

  3. Daniel says:

    L pullup as rx. But rope climb usig legs. Only my second time ever climbing a rope.

    A long time.

  4. Michael says:

    Arms only rope climb, but no L. Also had to wait in line while we cycled through 4 or 5 people on rope climb.


  5. Will Blankenship says:


    Form on the L-sits was better than last time, but still terrible. If I had attempted 100% perfect form on the pullups, I would still be there. Used legs on all rope climbs. Wasn’t really pushing for time.

  6. Zak says:

    19:40 as RX’ed

  7. klowe says:

    L hold PU’s
    legless ropes but no L climb
    finished with a few TGU’s

    It was impressive to see Zak perform WOD as rx’d. Those L ropes are difficult to say the least. Nice work!

  8. Clint says:

    Amazing job Zak….I don’t even want to think how far away L hold rope climbs Rx are away for me. Good job.

  9. Slade White says:

    Today’s L-Pullups (well half L or chair pullup) were better than last time. Still had to use legs on the rope. 32:26

    I’m off to Key West. See ya next week.

  10. joe c says:

    24:10 first time on this work out. L-pull ups as rxd and used legs on rope climb..

  11. Amy Tankesley says:

    30:52–15 kipping pullups and 20 ring rows; couldnt get the L pull up =(

  12. zora says:

    40 mints 25-25-1 jpu-situ-ringrow- I alwayes tought I’m in good shap untill coming to this class and did change my mind.

  13. Katie says:

    38-something (I think) wasn’t too worried about time, trying to do good strict pullups and had to wait for the rope anyways. Used feet on the rope and mostly strict PU’s, used a little jump at times to get up there.

    I thought I skinned my leg bad – good job JD for pushing through the pain!

  14. Russell says:

    17:15 as Rx’ed

    felt pretty weak. I think this was about two minutes slower than last time but I need to check. L-pull-ups were much harder than they should have been… but expected.

  15. Mitch says:

    Scaled at 53:35

  16. Kerri says:

    TOTALLY scaled: 5 rounds for time of:
    25 jumping pull-ups
    25 ring rows
    25 sit ups (arms behind head)
    1 minute of L-hold

    4 rounds exactly-30:00

    Much admiration for the rope climbers!!!!!

  17. Mandy says:


    L-pull ups with a little jump to get started on most of them in second and third rounds…
    used legs on rope climb

    First time on rope… and nasty burn on ankle. I knew to bring shoes but didn’t think about high socks!!

  18. Larry Lowe says:

    Update from Crossfit Vancouver

    Great gym. 6 full time coaches. I spent about 20 minutes talking to Andy Swartz who competed in the games the last 2 years. Cool to get his perspective on the games. He was 16th headed into the hammer spike, and in his words he freaked out. Cool guy. I told him to look out for Russell next year.

    This is their first-timers workout that they revisit 3-4 times a year to gauge improvements:

    400m run with 20lb dynamax = 1:35 (this sucked – we need to do it)
    max pushups in 2m – you are allowed to rest in the plank position, knees on ground or butt in air you are done = 41 (pr)
    max pullups = 30 (Nicole shredded my hands 3 days prior)
    max situps in 1m – shoulders have to hit floor and you have to touch your toes, feet unlocked = 39 I tried using a back support like everyone in the class and found out I hated it.
    max ring dips = 12
    tabata squats = 12 (score is lowest # in 8 rounds) got 111 overall.

    Russell, this is a philosophy on a first-timers workout. You don’t have to train any new movements and it sets a great benchmark. I took a few pictures of their gym to show you for some ideas. One idea- they had filing cabinets with everyones folders kept in there. No excuses leaving notebook at home.

    That was two days ago. I’m home and my legs are very sore. Don’t know if it was tabata or the sprint with the ball. See you in the morning.

    Mandy, make sure you scrub that ankle burn with antibacterial soap. It will be infected and leave a great scar – I’ve got two nice ones from it.

  19. JT says:

    500 m row
    21 burpees
    400m run

    5:40 split, 13:33 split 2, 21:27 finish. rowing didn’t suck nearly as bad this time as it normally does, i really focused on a long pull. (leave it alone Craig!)

  20. Garth says:

    23:32. L pull-ups. 7 no leg rope climbs (no L). Last 2 climbs used legs on top 1/3. A little faster than last time plus 1 more no leg climb. I need to do more rope climbing. It is a good challenge.

  21. Robb Dempsey says:

    Not sure time matters, but completed the workout using legs on all rope climbs, L pull-ups with minute rest almost all chest to bar. Did the rope climbs as fast as possible with the line that formed and I now have a beautiful burn on my ankle.

    49m to complete.

  22. Katherine Berger says:

    Up and down rope a bunch a times while wearing ridiculous socks + lots of l-holds. Randomly and mostly not for time.

  23. Courtney Meyers says:

    25 jumping pull ups, 25 ring rows, 25 sit ups, 1 minute “L” hold:

  24. J.D. says:

    Good news- climbed rope 13 times!!! Bad news- only made it to top twice… This was a DNF WOD for me. Very frustrating. Having lots of technical problems with the rope climb using legs. Have a pretty burn several inches long on my right leg. My performance can only get better… I hope.

  25. Mandee Miller says:

    25 jumping pull ups, 25 ring rows, 25 sit ups, 1:00 L-hold
    5 rounds