Thursday, 06 Jan, 2011

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5 minutes of calisthenic, footwork, and agility drills. Then, practice the clean and jerk with Dumbells of varying weight.


Split into two separate teams, each team pulls for 20 seconds, then immediately drops the rope, sprints into the gym, and executes the following:

10 lateral burpees (jump over a parallette)
10 Dumbell C&J with 35 pound Dumbells

As soon as an athlete is finished, he or she may run back to the rope and take position. The first team to have every member touching the rope may re-initiate pulling. As soon as all members of both teams are back (assuming no winner yet) another 20 second clock is started and the entire process repeats. Whoever loses the tug of war loses the match.

Play for 20 minutes or until someone cries “Uncle”

Finish out the day with a max-effort dead-hang for time on the pull-up bar.

Post experience to comments.

Here are the details on our very first cooking workshop, being held Saturday the 15th of this month!

Awesome Video Explaining the upcoming programming for our gym for the next 3 days by Tony Budding – video [wmv] [mov]

11 responses to “Thursday, 06 Jan, 2011”

  1. Penelope says:

    Fun 6am class – with 4 guys & 3 girls, it was a creative team balancing exercise!

  2. Emily D. says:

    went to the doc yesterday and I have either a high ankle sprain or a fracture on my left ankle. Will take another x-ray in 2 weeks. Until then I get to wear this fancy boot!

    CFFB last night: (no stupid boot is slowing me down)

    it was Kalsu but since I can’t do thrusters all that great

    100 push presses for time
    3 burpees every min on the min


    started out at 45 lbs and tried to do at least 10 PP every minute but had to go down to just the bar after a few rounds because I just couldn’t get that “umph” with this dang thing on my leg.

    Great job to everyone last night!!! Awesome to push through such a miserable WOD 🙂

    • Emily D. says:

      oh yeah…if you Crossfit I highly recommend Dr. Cost as a family doc. Kevin and Russell recommended him when we were looking to switch and he is AWESOME.

      He understands us CF freaks–my other doc would have looked at me like I was nuts. Plus I was taken back within 5 min of getting there…vitals taken,x-rays taken, fitted for my new footwear, and given instructions– all within 35-40 min.

      • KLowe says:

        He might have an exclusive on CF athletes. I know a bunch of CF Impulse go there also.

        Great guy and a Great staff. They always run on time.

      • AmandaJ says:

        Great to know this!!!! Thanks!

      • Kristi Simmons says:

        As a follow up to CFers looking for professinals to treat/understand us…
        Jake referred me to Austin Physical Therapy & they too are WONDERFUL. Very thorough, very knowledgable and supoprtive when it comes to CF and just all around good peeps, and they’re making my back feel better slowly but surely.
        Plus Jay has known Jake since he was like 2, so if you wanted to you could probably get some really embarassing stories on him…I wouldn’t, but one could if they really wanted to 😉

        • AmandaJ says:

          I can attest to how much they are helping Kristi, everyone at work says to her “you are standing up straight” Hehe

  3. AmandaJ says:

    Robert, would your pumpkin chili recipe work with butternut squash instead?!?!

    • Robert S. says:

      Hey! Just emailed it to you, but to answer the question for the masses, it will work with a few adjustments.

      If you use beef instead of turkey.

      Omit the pumpkin and add cubed butternut squash when you saute the onions and peppers.

      The only seasoning change is the addition of some cocoa.

  4. Did Nate today… 18+2

    PR is 20. HSPU were utter failure at the end of this, which is unusual for me, but yesterday I failed going overhead with 155 too. I think under-training my pressing endurance is biting me in the ass. Need to get back to regular thrashings and stop this 2 days of metcon per week nonsense.

    Though it is nice that My press went up 20 pounds.