Thursday, 06 May, 2010

Posted by Mandee on May 5, 2010   |   19 Comments

Complete as many rounds in seven minutes as you can of:
95 pound Squat clean, 10 reps
20 Sit-ups

The standard for the sit-up is feet anchored, back of the hands touch the ground above your head on the bottom, and hands touch the anchor at the top. No Abmat.

Jason Khalipa 7 rounds. Post rounds and fractions of rounds completed to comments.

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Watch your language

19 responses to “Thursday, 06 May, 2010”

  1. Justin says:

    5+10 as rx’d
    Lost a little time in later rounds on cleans, but most of the time in this one is in the situps.

  2. tracey says:

    “Watch your language” was exactly what I needed to read. Jocelyn said it perfectly and I do know that I go negative with” I SUCK AT CLEANS”. SOOO
    from now on… I am improving and becoming a beast!!!!

    • Emily D. says:

      me too! Kerri already yells at me for this….but I will try to do better.

      I am AWESOME at squat cleans 🙂

    • Kerri says:

      Yes, yes, I’ll wear you down if it kills me, Emily!! =o)
      That psych major in me hates to hear negative talk….Like that little blurb says, it just puts negativity in your whole thought process, as well as, when you say it out loud, it just brings negative attention to YOU!!

      Who wants to be ‘that’ person, that NEVER has anything good to say? About themselves, much less anyone else….

      Problem is, negativity is contagious! I think CF HSV has a pretty strong battle strategy for ‘foul language’….

  3. Barry S says:

    rest day here, so i couldn’t complain about sucking at cleans…but “I HATE BURPEES!!!!” really doesn’t fall into that category, does it? I mean, I do suck at burpees, but I’m not saying that…I try to channel all that anger into the burpee, to punish it for punishing me (as if that made any sense!). comprende?

  4. Robb Dempsey says:

    3 rnds – kept falling back in the bottom of the catch.

  5. Mandee Miller says:

    3 rds + 24 reps, as rx’d

  6. Karen says:

    5rds + 6

    Got slower on Cleans due to hip flexor fatigue. Nice “rash” from no-Abmat situps (GRR!). Knocked the situps out pretty quickly in each round, but the anchoring did contribute to the hip flexor fatigue.

    Great job, Tracey and Kerri!! Thanks for helping me keep working! And thanks, too, Jake for staying on me!

  7. Kerri says:

    4 rds + 23 as rx’ed….
    Good work to you too Karen!! Was a tough one to keep moving in, especially when the quad burning started!

    Hate I can’t come more at the team training time. I think it’s good for all of us.

  8. Will Blankenship says:

    4rnds + 6

  9. tracey says:


  10. Patrick says:

    Forgot this was only a 7 min AMRAP, should have pushed harder.
    Anchored sit ups without the abmat seem much easier.
    This is basically the way I trained for the APFT from ’84-’03 so probably stronger with this limited ROM movement.

  11. Katie says:

    4 rounds even. Could have/should have rested less on cleans.

  12. tracey says:

    Everyone the Berger baby is named Barrett William Berger. Kat says that Russell will call him Bear. I can totally see that.
    EXCITED to meet the lil man.

    • klowe says:

      Barret Bear!!!! Hell yeas! Common namesake – sniper rifle and badass carnivore! Two things that rule face!

      But seriously… strong name. I like it.

      Congrats again!

  13. Emily D. says:

    4 rounds even @ 45 lbs…….went light because my hip flexors are frickin miserable…..just an air squat makes me want to scream!

    My new fav quote “Jake……are we going to get sweaty today?” 🙂 bless you Jake…I know us 5:30 folks can be a handful 😉

    And Bear Berger…….love it!!!!! Pics pics!!!!

  14. dunnbball says:

    4 rounds + 4 As Rx’d