Thursday, 07 Apr, 2011

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Three minutes of light Deadlifts, bear-crawls, and Handstand holds




21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand push-ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to 101126.


BIG update to the Team Nutrition Challenge! Our meeting will now be next Wednesday at 6:30pm and the start date has been shifted one week to the right, meaning we won’t be kicking it off until April 18th! This gives us plenty of time to form more teams and get people motivated to do this challenge! Post your questions, comments, or requests for team members Here.



37 responses to “Thursday, 07 Apr, 2011”

  1. Tye says:

    14:47 RX’d! Huge PR for me, even if my time was SLOW. To do all the HSPU strict is something I honestly never really thought I’d be able to do. Greasing the Groove WORKS!

    On Dec. 1, I scaled the DL to 205, and the HSPU reps to 12-9-6 (kipping as well and ended up having to do Vpushups in the 9 and 6 rounds) and it took me 12:40. I love crossfit.

  2. Ron Wood says:

    10:18(PR) rx’d

  3. TashaW says:

    Re-posting this from yesterday in case anyone has any suggestions that might help.

    I’m having major issues with what I’m assuming is my left groin muscle. Never had any problems before, but it’s been lingering every since the last tri of my pregnancy – and it’s irritating. Even an air squat gives me a little “twinge” when I get all the way down. Weighted squats are simply painful – even with just the bar. I have tried every stretch I’ve been shown by our trainers (on a daily basis) and nothing is helping. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m open to trying anything.

    • KLowe says:

      Rest it. Is it an all the time thing or an injury? If an injury you’ve gotta rest it…..at least that has been my experience

    • Emily D. says:

      I agree with Kevin…rest it. I had the same problem after a sprint WOD last summer….only thing that healed it was resting and going very easy on it. Hope you heal quickly T!

    • TashaW says:

      I can’t pinpoint it to a certain event – it just started bothering me at the end of pregnancy and I thought, “It must be a ligament issue,” since apparently your joints and ligaments get all wacky during pregnancy. I didn’t exercise at all for about 9 weeks after I had her, so I’d have thought that would have been a good “rest period.” I didn’t have any problems when I started back exercising (walking/jogging) but when I returned to CF and did my first weighted back squat WOD a month or so ago, the pain came back. Yesterday, I tried a squat with the bar during warm up and it was killing me so I did DL’s instead for the WOD. But during those 400m runs, I could feel myself limping. I just don’t know what else to do.

      • Patrick says:

        I’ll give you my thoughts… but it’s just a guess without a physical exam. What you describe sound like a hip adductor injury. These muscles originate on the pubic bone (just lateral to your privates) and insert along length of the inner femur. If the muscle is injured, meaning their is tearing of the muscle fibers or endomysium, perimysium, epimysium or tendon. Is must be rested and allowed to heal. Would you “stretch” a skin laceration and expect it to heal? I hope not. Same thing with a muscular injury. Rest, ice, time.
        Now… gentle movement and foam rolling through a normal range of motion is fine and will help the injury heal. But, hanging out at end-range to “stretch”the muscle will not.
        Gentle resumption of activity should begin with air squats which must be done pain-free for high reps before you can load the squat (yes even the training bar is out). If box jumps, or cleans reproduce the pain… well, you get the idea.
        Focus on mobility and maintaining a normal range of motion until the injury heals completely then you can resume loading.
        Yes… it takes time. Yes… it sucks. Yes… I fully expect you to ignore this advice.

        • Patrick says:

          One more thing…
          Hope this doesn’t sound too harsh, but the 9 weeks of “no exercise” after the birth of your baby girl was not a recovery rest period, it was deconditioning. That’s why when you resumed the more vigorous and intense exertion of CF over walking/jogging the pain returned. I’m not being critical, that’s just the way it is. You’ll have to work around the injury.

          • TashaW says:

            Thanks, Patrick. What you’re describing sounds like the exact spot where the pain is happening. I did box jumps during WOD 11.2 with no prob (of course, if I tried them today it might be a different story after last night), but it seems to mainly “kick in” when I attempt a deep squat of any kind. I very much appreciate the advice.

            “Yes… it takes time. Yes… it sucks. Yes… I fully expect you to ignore this advice.” 🙂 At least THAT part made me laugh. No, you’re not being harsh – it’s what I need to hear even though I don’t want to slack off since I’m just now returning & have been doing so well…. Damn, we really ARE are hard-headed group of folks, huh?

  4. DaveC says:

    Even though I managed a minor PR on my front squat last night, still apprehensive about 11.3 as Rx’d. I can clean the weight. I can squat it. But I’ll never get it over my head if I don’t keep trying. A single whole round tonight is the target (and if I get it I might even take advantage of the delay in the Nutrition Challenge for celebratory cold liquid carbohydrate infusion).

    And great job, Tye. Love to hear about people exceeding their expectations of themselves!! 🙂 !!

  5. Eric Hedges says:

    FIrst time doing Diane: 13:50 Rx

    HSPU slowed me down from the middle of second round through the rest of the workout.

  6. Carson says:

    Is there a CFHSV/Impulse scaled weight for this WOD? I’m going this afternoon to do the WOD at CFSD, and I’m going to attack this workout like no one’s business. I am aware, however, that my Clean PR is 115, and my jerk PR is 95, so if I’m wind up scaling, I want to still be in sync with what Russell has for the gym to do.
    So, if anyone has seen the board and the 11.3 WOD as Rx’d and scaled, could you please let me know? Thanks!


  7. Erin Atkins says:

    Worked on my cleans at open gym today with the attempt to somehow magically achieve a 25# PR in time for WOD 11.3. Thanks to the guys at open gym for all the tips for improving my form. Unfortunately my head is in the way. I still managed a 10# PR for a power clean (applause), but I am still 15 pounds off from the workout weight. Having a hard time not beating myself up over it. I’m very frustrated, and I really don’t think I can do the WOD weight Rx’ed. Cue the violins.

    • DaveC says:

      Don’t know if this will help, but my plan is to try it Rx’d (and somehow magically overcome a 30# max jerk-to-Rx delta, haha) and see what happens. It’s largely a mental thing for me too, btw. Then I’ll probably come back Saturday and do it scaled just restore some sense of accomplishment.

    • Eric Hedges says:

      Erin look at the positive you increased your Power Clean PR by 10 lbs. thats is huge! Great job!

      • Erin Atkins says:

        Thanks guys. This is why I love this community. You guys are very supportive and encouraging. Means a lot.

  8. Rich C. says:

    12:13 rx’d DL weight & reps but scaled HSPU to 12-9-6 reps. I 100% agree with Tye that greasing the groove works. I’ve never done this many HSPUs at one time before and even though the scaled rep scheme was difficult I’m really happy with the results!!

  9. Jason says:

    Open WOD today during open gym. This scared me yesterday and today I felt more confident. Mental preparedness can’t hurt! 1 round + 1 squat clean. This was a 25# PR for me over my Clean & Jerk, a 10# PR on jerk – so don’t let the weight scare you. Just pick it up and make it happen. Glad to still be doing these as Rx’d. Hope the next 3 allow me to continue!

  10. Josh Kennedy says:

    14:48, 205# DL.

  11. Patrick says:

    11.3: 16rds.

  12. Carson says:

    Hell yeah! Set a new PR with Clean & Jerk: 110lbs! Completed the CrossFit Open WOD 11.3. and did as Rx’d: 6 full rounds plus 1 clean. Would’ve been 7 rounds, but I smacked my chin on the jerk and wound up slamming my teeth into my lower lip, LOL. Well worth it to set the new PR!!

    Many thanks to CrossFit San Diego for letting me drop-in this week!

  13. Karen says:

    22+1 rounds. Posted 22 even to the Open site because the last rep was questionable – I didn’t stand the clean up before time was called but had finished the squat and was heading up.

  14. Ben says:

    I attempted WOD 11.3 today. I tried several times but I just couldn’t catch 165 lbs. I could sort of clean it up there, but when I tried to get under it, I felt like a ton of bricks were coming down on me.

    So I did it scaled, and managed to get 1+1 reps. I could catch it, but when I tried to jerk it my arms were like noodles and I just dropped it. I’m a little disappointed that I won’t be ranked on the website anymore, but I knew that would happen eventually. I just wish I had been able to stay in the running a little longer.

  15. Dean says:

    11.3 14+1. Not happy at all. I’m gonna have to take it and post it tho. Oh well. Good job to everyone else who PR’d and good luck to all who do it one Sat!

  16. James Stranahan says:

    11.3 scaled 3 rounds