Thursday, 08 July, 2010

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Three rounds for time of:
Lunge 100 feet, holding a 45 pound plate overhead
25 KB swings, 2 pood
NASA’s “foremost” mission?

Question of the Day:
How much Fish oil do you take daily? What brand do you like the most, and do you feel any better when you take it?

43 responses to “Thursday, 08 July, 2010”

  1. Russell says:

    Squeezed in a quick Heavy day during the 4:30 class today, sorry for the distraction. First day I could workout in my own gym in 3 days!

    Max Bench- 245 pounds. (Match PR)- went up way easier than last time. I’ll have 255 next.
    Max Front Squat to a 9″ box with a two second pause in the bottom (well below parallel). – 300 pounds.

    Had to stay tight and skip the pause on the 300 but it was still a little harder than a normal front squat.

  2. Larry Lowe says:

    7:40 scaled with 1.5 pood. Need to lock down my abs with everything going overhead to prevent arching my back.

  3. Russell says:

    As I’m sure many of you have noticed, we haven’t been following the CrossFit.com Main-site for the last few days. In case you were wondering, this is mostly so that we can get behind by about a week or two on the Main-site schedule so that we can be better prepared for our classes when difficult or logistically challenging workouts come up.

    Main-site programming is one of the best representations of good CF programming, because it is well varied, and consists mostly of good couplets and triplets mixed in with heavy days. The stuff we are going to be doing for the time being is our own creation, but it will follow the same format as the main-site and work just as well if not better for all of our fitness goals.


    • Daniel says:

      I was wondering. Today’s Mainsite is one we haven’t seen in awhile, but fun.

      A little observation I’ve made about Mainsite vs. Non. It probably means nothing. When I worked out at Crossfit VB, which does not follow Mainsite, the owner/head trainer said that was because they have so many people lifting heavy weights, that Mainsite didn’t challenge them enough. She sad they did a lot more heavy lifting and less metcons on average.

      Then I took a look at their leader board. Max Deadlift in the gym was only 455. Fastest Fran I believe was 2:55. Many other metrics were also a little low in comparison to the elites in our gym which up until the past few days has followed mainsite.

      Lately however, I’ve noticed a lot more challenging programming coming from Mainsite. I attribute this to the up coming games however. Last year in the run up to the games, the programming changed slightly. There was the 10K which alluded to the 7K trail run, and there were a few other oddities in the programming around the run up to the games that made me think they were trying to prepare athletes for the events.

      I know this doesn’t mean much, if anything, except that it reinforces my belief in the mainsite programming.

      That being said, if Mainsite programming is superior, what happens when the programmer, Coach, or whomever, leaves or dies? Will Crossfit programming die with them? Maybe Crossfit Headquarters should offer some sort of Cert training on programming theory and methodologies.

    • Russell says:

      Daniel I think what you are noticing recently isn’t related to the games, it’s related to the ridiculous improvements in abilities of the worlds best athletes. Mainsite programming has always claimed to be something that would challenge the abilities of the world’s best. The Worlds best just keep getting better.

    • Kerri says:

      The only question I have about going to our own programming Russell is this… (I know MANY CF gyms do not follow mainsite, so I’m sure it’s been asked before).

      In relation to keeping our journal and marking and documenting general strength/time/rounds improvements, will the WODs be recurring in our local programming like mainsite (aside from the Girls/CFT/5Ks, etc) does, so we can see our improvements in the same WOD over time? I think that’s the only thing I’ll miss; being able to look back on ‘the last time’ and seeing if/how much I’ve improved.

    • Aaron says:

      Doesn’t Russell’s post say we are doing our own programming for a week or two?

      “…this is mostly so that we can get behind by about a week or two on the Main-site schedule so that we can be better prepared for our classes when difficult or logistically challenging workouts come up.”

      I’m interpretting this to mean we are not going away from main site programming permanently.

    • Kerri says:

      Good question Aaron…that’s the reason I asked, to make sure I understood the change, and what it means long term.

  4. Jason Terry says:

    in reference to the article and the questions of the day – I’ve already ranted on FB about NASA so I’ll skip that one – and I take one big ass pill of fish oil daily and feel no different except for burping sushi all day!

    Looking forward to the workout and following Larry’s advice about lock down on the abs!

  5. Aaron says:

    10:37 scaled with 1.5 pood.

    1.5 pd felt more like 2 today. Felt really weak the last couple days, I’m chucking it up to not getting enough sleep and not eating my 2 block snack before bed.

    Regarding fish oil, not sure the brand, mg per capsule or EPA/DHA ratio per. I’ll have to check the bottle after work but whatever it is I take 10 total daily, 5 with b-fast and 5 with dinner. As I don’t currently have any heart problems, arthritis or bad cholesterol I can’t say for sure what positive effect the fish oil is having. However, it maybe a placebo effect, but when I’m taking them regularly I feel more alert during the day and overall healthier and energized…but that is always in combo with sleep and eating right.

  6. Russell says:

    you want to look for the EPA/DHA in mg. then figure out how many grams you should be taking from that. I like to see everyone on a minimum of 5g.. I’ve recently upped mine to 7.5 grams per day in the presence of stress and lack of sleep i’ve been having, and feel much much more recovered after workouts and noticeably better in general.

    • Aaron says:

      I was informed it’s Member’s Mark, aka, Sam’s Club special

      900mg = 647 EPA/253 DHA per capsule

      10 per day yeilds 9g, well above the recommended 7.5g for my weight.

      Now if I could just get to bed before 11.

  7. Tasha W says:

    You know, I never really paid attention to how much EPA-DHA I was getting because my prenatal comes in two bottles – the regular vitamin chocked full’a stuff and an add’l EPA/DHA supplement. I just looked it up and it’s only:

    Omega-3 Fatty Acids
    (from fish oil) 440 mg
    EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) 240 mg
    DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) 200 mg

    440mg only = .44g EEK!!!

    Makes me think I’m probably STILL not getting enough & may need to take an add’l supplement…. Katherine, how much did you take when you were preggers & doing CF?

  8. Russell says:

    Katherine took about 5-6 grams per day when I remembered to give them to her. She couldn’t remember take them unless they were handed to her… pregnancy brain!

    And I meant to say I just upped my dose to 9.5 grams. I WAS at 7 grams.

    • Tasha W says:

      Yeah, I know pregnancy brain well….. I locked myself out of my house this morning – with NOTHING in-hand. Fun times. I can’t believe I never looked at the damn label & realized how little it was. I just thought, “Cool, it’s got an add’l supplement so it must be good.” Stupid consumer….

  9. Susan says:

    I take Nordic Naturals that I bought at Ruth’s. I see they are available on line for a better price. Taking just 2 of the 1000mg capsules seemed to help me with a more positive frame of mind. 2 capsules have 650mg of EPA and 450mg of DHA, so are you saying I should be taking 10 capsules per day? Big plus also is NO fishy taste.

  10. Barry S says:

    Normally Thursday is a rest day for us, but I missed Monday, so had a makeup session today!

    Decided to do one y’all did earlier this week:
    15 min AMRAP
    20 thrusters
    30 DU

    3 + 10, 65#

  11. Kerri says:

    My fish oil has 647 EPA/253 DHA.
    And I take 9 a day-3 at each meal.

    I’ve been taking them so long now, that I don’t even know what effect I’m supposed to feel from them. I have, since we talked about it at a nutrition class a few months ago, paid closer attention to the EPA/DHA, and if I’d stayed with what I used to take, I would’ve been taking 27 each day. So, I’m glad I started reading the labels. No fish burps, no adverse side effects, so, I just keep on taking them.

  12. Daniel says:

    I took, 5 Grams today in response to this discussion. I usually forget to take any.

  13. Craig Herr says:

    Fish Oil

    I take Nature Made from Costco 1200mg (I don’t burp fish JT u should try them) I take 7 pills in the am & 7 at dinner. Russell calculated how many I “need” and I think I am bout 5 or 6 short a day, trying to work those in my lunch plan. I am not sure how I feel either but I think I am more alert and recover faster.

    today 3 rounds 6:08
    100 feet lunges with farmers carry-16kg kb in each hand
    15 95 lb cleans

    • Robert S. says:

      I take this brand, also. The 1200 mg on the front is not the actual epa/dha though. The total epa/dha is 720mg. I take 6 3x a day. Which is wayyy over the 8g recomended for my bodyweight. For some reason I thought I was only getting 8g, but this may have been calculated from my old brand.

  14. Jake Naumcheff says:


    2 pood kettlebells suck

    I take the triple strength fish oil from GNC or the Nordic Naturals liquid form that you can find at Earth Fare or Ruth’s Naturals. I take 16 pills a day if its the kind from GNC.

    That gets me around 10 grams a day and I weigh 185. So a little more than the recommended .5g for 10# bodyweight formula. If I stop taking my fish oil for more than 2 or 3 days my right knee starts to flare up and give me some problems when I squat

  15. Tasha W says:

    So, those who eat junk food are considered “normal” while those who pay
    attention to the building blocks they put in their bodies are now
    “malnourished”? Cue the creepy “Twilight” music please…


  16. Robert S. says:

    Press 1rm- 130# pr

    Front Squat @ body weight, 30 seconds
    Rest 30 seconds
    Bench Press @ body weight, 30 seconds
    Rest 30 seconds
    Sprint 100 meters
    Take rest of minute to rest. 

    160# on both lifts
    FS: 17
    Bench: 23
    Total reps: 40

    Note to everyone, if you stop doing squat therapy, your squats will start to suck again.

  17. Emily D. says:

    Just switched brands to something from Costco that has a decent (around ~700) epa/dha value…but it gives me nasty fish burps…so only using it until this bottle is gone and going to something else. The stuff I took before was more like “fish urine” (as Jeff B would say)…super low epa/dha value..can tell a big difference when switching to a more potent brand.

    I can tell a huge difference in muscle soreness, etc when I forget to take it and I seem to “drag” around a little more as well.

    I have only been taking 3 at bfast and 3 at lunch…..looks like I need to up mine a bit.

  18. Kerry says:

    For those of you with fish burps, try putting your pills in the freezer and taking them frozen. Never had a problem after doing this.

  19. Jason Terry says:

    i’m still sweating and it’s 3:30! This sucked much worse than I expected. Now i’m really starting to remember how hard crossfit always was. 12:35 with 25# OH first two rounds, 15# for last round of lunges and 16Kg swings in all 3 rounds. The good thing is the flavor of the month at DQ for blizzards is Pecan Pie!!

  20. Sam’s are Fishy to me. Target brand wasn’t fishy but small doses so I had to take a lot. I love Nordic but expensive.

    Today was my first attempt back! After 4 weeks away I really have to take it easy! I underestimated how hard it’s gonna be to bounce back after baby.
    Finished 2 rounds.

    • tracey says:

      You did just fine. You freakin had a baby a few weeks ago!!!! Take your prenatal and walk with baby. We will scale as needed. You are my hero! 🙂

    • Tasha W says:

      Seriously, girl! 4 weeks! Don’t set the bar so high for the rest of us, heehee! Congrats again!

  21. LeshaS says:

    As rx’d for Round 1 (#35 OH and 1.5 pood KB’s) but I was on my toes too much with the KB’s, so Rounds 2 and 3 were with 1 pood KB. 13:11. Ouch.

  22. Karen says:

    Apparently I need something for my eyes, ’cause I picked up a 25lb plate instead of the 35lb plate I had planned to do the workout with. FYI – still sucked!

    10:07 with 25lb and 1.5 pood KB.

  23. Dennis B says:

    Pretty sure most of you already know this, but just in case. Make sure you do the sewer water test as described by Dr Sears to ensure you are using a quality fish oil tab. Most of the ones listed above are good.

    Take about 10 -15 fish oil tabs and drain the fluid into a shot glass and put it in the freezer for several hours 4-6. Once time has elapsed put a toothpick in the oil. Stick the toothpick in the now cold fish oil. Ideally, the toothpick should go in easily without much resistance and the fish oil should have a gelatin-like texture. What it should not be is hard like a rock or turn to a solid state. If it does it is sewer water.

  24. Maranatha says:

    I have always taken fish oil, but recently I started taking the recommended .5 g/10 lbs bodyweight (Nordic Naturals liquid @ 5.5 grams/day). Back in March, my doctor prescribed Medrol for inflammation of my hip flexor, but it gave me zero relief. Since I have been taking 5.5 grams of EPA/DHA per day, the pain in my hip flexor is almost non-existent and I noticeably recover much quicker from my workouts. I can’t stress how important it is to use the .5 g/10 lbs bodyweight formula!

  25. tracey says:

    10:14 as rx’d

  26. Ron Wood says:

    11:32 – did round 1 rx’d then dropped to 1.5 pood for round 2 and 3. Pulled muscle in back with improper KB swing form. Hoping it will just go away. Sounds like I need to OD on fish oil.

  27. Kerri says:

    OH lunge as rx’ed
    20kg Kb (1.25pood?)

    STILL feeling the lower back soreness from Diane on Tuesday-but I guess it’s perfect timing for DOMS!! Add in soreness from yesterday’s Thrusters…..Yikes!

  28. Tyler says:


    Tried to catch Jake the whole time but it didn’t happen.
    I take GNC triple strength Fish oil. I take 10 pills a day for roughly 9 grams. Just started and I feel great after wod’s.

  29. Mandee Miller says:

    13:28 as rx’d

  30. Katie says:

    9:26 with 35# plate carry and 16kg KBS.