Thursday, 10 Mar, 2011

Posted by Mandee on March 9, 2011   |   27 Comments


8 minutes of Partner-assisted Hamstring stretch, followed by Muscle-up practice


Four rounds for time of:
7 Muscle-ups
225 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
Walking Lunge, 30 steps

Post time to comments.


5 minutes of instructor-led glue/ham stretches

Weightlifting and Kids” with Dr. Jon GaryCrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Thanks to everyone who has come to our Yoga classes so far, we hope you have enjoyed them. These first few sessions will cover a lot of the basics, so be prepared for them to get tough come next week!

27 responses to “Thursday, 10 Mar, 2011”

  1. Eric Hedges says:

    Looking to get a large workout bag. Do you have a HSV Crossfit one with the logo on it? Also do you have a section on the website for T-Shirts you sale?

    • KLowe says:


      Truck proof….doubles as something to sit on for competition day. Acceptable to stickers. Makes you look really cool.

      • Kerri says:

        It’s also likely to make you look like a 70’s porn star; especially if you’re wearing shades, a pageboy hat, sporting ‘the’ stache, and the mysterious 70’s jive music following you everywhere you go!!!

        • KLowe says:

          sweet…..that means it’s working

          • TashaW says:

            On thing is, those cases must have holes in them – cause every time I’m around Kevin’s, his stuff is all over the room instead of inside the case…..

          • Larry Lowe says:

            There is a small bomb inside that detonates sending all contents to the outside. That’s the way KLowe rolls 🙂

            You should have seen the room we shared in college for a few semesters… It was scary. We aren’t the most organized Type-A’s in the world.

      • Ben Jarrell says:

        I have a pelican case for my synth. Never would have thought to use it as a gym bag!

        • KLowe says:

          Thats because I’m normally in an insane hurry and that back of my truck is always filthy. Chuck the Pelican Case in the back. Waterproof and mud-proof. Contents all nice and dry. Plus it makes for nice thing to sit on and stand on during CF competitions.

          …..and it really makes you look cool.

  2. Justin says:

    13:58 scaled to 4 muscle ups per round. I’ve been avoiding muscle ups for a while because my wrists have been hurting, but these went a little better than expected.

    Today is also 2 years to the day since I started crossfit. First wod was crossfit total of 725.

  3. Tye says:

    15:10 RX’d

    Congrats on the anniversary Justin, that’s an extra 100 points towards your band.

  4. Josh Kennedy says:

    3+12. Scaled deadlift big-time, scaled the muscle-ups too. Won’t bother with the details of all that. Good 0600 crew as usual today

  5. Courtney Meyers says:

    Congrats Justin! Hate that your anniversary had to be the one day I abandon the 0600 class!!

  6. Larry Lowe says:

    17:29 and I scaled to 4 muscle ups and after the first round I dropped from 225 to 205 on deadlift.

    it’s nice to know that Russell is 2.5x the man I am.

    6:55 is ridiculous

  7. Tye says:

    I agree, 6:55 blows my mind.

    What’s the latest on the CSA venture? Haven’t heard any updates and I think it’s been about a week?

  8. Penelope says:

    3+12; scaled mu transitions, 165# rds 1-3, 155# rd 4

    Congrats Justin!

  9. Robert S. says:

    15:05 rx’d

    Congrats Justin! I have to correct Larry though. His press
    Is 725 now. His Deadlift is easily over 1000.

  10. Will Blankenship says:

    16:59 scaled

    Substituted MU progressions x 7. It’s very frustrating that I’ve basically lost my muscleups.

    Russell time, I think it was 6:55, is freaking crazy!!!

  11. Rich C. says:

    17:20 scaled to MU transitions

  12. Steve says:

    14:47 225# all four rounds; scaled to muscle-up transitions. Question from a newbie, is Russell competing in the crossfit games this year? I’ve noticed he has been doing the main site wods lately and his scores are usually one of the fastest times, if not the fastest..i.e…this wod with a ridiculous time of 6:55.

    • KLowe says:

      His times are always un-humanly redonculous! Ever since the start.

      CFHSV will be very well represented by Russell at the games this year.

  13. KLowe says:

    My lack of MU practice is evident. Had about 5 or so misses which wasted a lot of time. Still if I did everything perfect at full speed I think I could muster up a 9 min something. Russell’s 6:55 is something I just can’t figure out how he did it. Insane!

    Fun WOD with Jake today. Finished neck and neck with some late lead changes.

  14. Patrick says:

    That BS, Handstand Walk couplet is still kicking my arse. Farted around with active recovery/deload.
    5/3/1 deload 40%(5)-50%(5)-60%(5)
    Squat: 115-145-185
    Press: 75-95-105

  15. Dean says:

    20:49. f-ing worthless. My muscle-ups were gone after the 3rd round, they were a lot stronger during “McClusky”. I probably lost 2 or 3mins on the last 3 MUs for round 3 alone. meh.