Thursday, 14 July, 2011

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Group med-ball toss followed by the band assisted hamstring stretch



Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
145 pound Deadlift, 20 reps
20 Push-ups
145 pound Deadlift, 10 reps
10 Push-ups

Post time to comments.



Spend 5 minutes with a trigger point ball to the calves and triceps!


Warming Up With Rory and Nick” at Aspen CrossFitCrossFit Journalpreview video [wmv] [mov]

“Do Over” from Triangle CrossFit (NC)


The yoga class for tonight is cancelled!

QOD: CrossFit has announced that all athletes participating in the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games must wear a Reebok uniform in order to compete. Do you like the idea of a uniform in CrossFit? Or do you think it takes away from athletes representing their gym and other sponsors?

30 responses to “Thursday, 14 July, 2011”

  1. Eric Hedges says:

    I wouldnt care what I had to wear if I made it to the games. I’m sure those sponsored by other companies might have issue.

  2. Patrick says:

    Making the athletes wear Reebok clothing… Okay, if I were games material, I might not have a problem. Sort of an “I kinda like this shirt and these shorts” but I, the athlete, get to choose. But, a Uniform? Big difference to my rebellious mind. That’s being dictated to “you will wear this shirt and these shorts”.
    For me, the sport of CrossFit is an individual sport. I like the individual athlete being able to choose their attire.
    Remember Drew Shamblin at Sectionals 2010 competing shirtless in khaki pants and VFF’s. Like he just woke up threw on yesterdays clothes and showed up to kick ass. It was awesome. I like awesome.
    A “uniform” not so much.
    Hell, if a games competitor showed up to compete in a prom dress and tiara they should be allowed.
    Not a fan of CrossFit HQ selling The Games to Reebok. I understand that business is business and in the long run corporate sponsorship and exposure on a bigger stage may benefit CrossFit.
    But a Uniform… a small piece of my CrossFit soul just died.

  3. Greg Scarpa says:

    I guess I’m going to do skullcrushers to replace pushups. Need to keep those triceps strong while staying away from pressing exercises besides dumbbell flyes for shoulder stability.

  4. Place Sponsor Logo Here says:

    WOD: 25:42 Feeling Tue’s track wod and not looking forward to tonight’s. Completed round 5 after 25min cut-off.

    QOD: Uniforms = Epic Fail.
    I get the corporate aspect. Reebok is giving a lot of money and wants their logo front and center. I get that. But I think corporate sponsorship is a slippery slope. One of the biggest appeals of Crossfit is the community, the fitness counter-culture and grassroots vibe. I just don’t think CF needs Reebok for exposure and growth, you can look at the growth of CF affiliates in the last 5-7 years and the new businesses it’s created and helped grow (AF, Rogue, 2POOD, etc.). Another odd thing is the statement HQ released on why competitors have to wear uniforms. “Having numbered uniforms is essential to give fans the ability to track the competition.” Really? I thought that’s what bibs and numbers were for? Why not come out and say what it is, CF sold out to Reebok and this is what comes with accepting a ton of money.

    And I’m with you Patrick. How cool was it last year watching the Games and the different athletes representing their gyms and seeing exposure to companies like 2P, Skins or AF? I know I was checking out the various affiliate and company websites. And what happens to these companies and the athletes they are sponsoring? Now their contract is null and void because Reebok signed them to a contract for the Games? Next thing is Reebok franchised CF gyms and athletes at next year’s Games looking like branded cars of NASCAR. Let’s hope not, but it will be interesting to see how this partnership plays out.

    Another topic for debate, perhaps for another QOD, is with the requirement of uniforms at the Games that opens the debate: Is Crossfit a sport, a training methodology to compliment your sport of choice or both?

  5. Tye says:

    Back Squat 250(3)-265(3)-280(4)
    Todays WOD: 19:07 RX’d, DL’s unbroken, pushups not so much.

    QOD: I’d wear whatever the heck they told me I had to wear. I don’t like the idea of crossfit selling out, but you can’t change it now. That said, nobody will have a shirt on (except maybe Austin M.) so it’ll just be a pair of shorts for the guys with a number on them I assume, pretty harmless. For sponsored atheltes, it sucks, but everybody HAS to do it, so I’m sure they’ll figure something out (headbands, compression gear, ect.)

    For the ladies, I can totally understand their concern with the sports bra having to be Reebok. Are they really expecting Kristen Clever and Sam Briggs to wear tight little shorts too? Good luck with that.

  6. Tasha W says:

    26:27, scaled to 80#. Afternoon classes, drink your water!!

  7. Matthew says:

    4 rds 26:13 #135
    DL is not my strong pt

  8. Justin says:

    21:39 rx’d
    Every day I hate running just a little more.

  9. Larry Lowe says:

    lower back is inflamed and tight again. I aggravated it last week doing something. It’s not completely debilitating, but it does lock up on high volume workouts.

  10. Jamie says:

    3 rounds at 25:25.

    Thought coming to 0600 would be better than the 1630 class today. Glad I did.

    I hate running more than anyone in the world.

    Great work everyone!

  11. Josh Kennedy says:

    Taking my frustrations out on that med-ball. Thank goodness Jake did not post the photo of me doing that to my kids!

    21:45 scaled today, scaled to 135#. Lot of complaining about running around the box today…running = crossing the earth’s surface on your own feet at speed = ultimate functional fitness movement!

    QOD: this is a controversy? Puh-lease.

  12. DaveC says:

    The purist in me would like to see the athletes wear whatever they want since Crossfit tends to run against the grain. Then again, those guy’s and gals stand to put a lot of Reebok’s money in their pockets at the end. I wish Reebok’s sponsorship was a bit more altruistic and allow the games to be the games, but it is what it is. As long as Reebok refrains from blatantly making the competitors walking billboards, really not a lot different than say the NFL guys wearing Nike or Addidas uniforms. Be interested to know is Reebok making uniforms to Crossfit’s specifications or is Crossfit accepting what Reebok wants out there.

    • DaveC says:

      Oh, and I’m dreading this WOD today, might even sit it out if the weather is as miserable this afternoon as it was yesterday. I don’t want someone’s “Cool Down” to be: “Drag DaveC’s corpse in from the back side of the running track, 1 rep.” 🙂

  13. GarrettD says:

    QOD: If you look at some of the other major individual “sports”, you’ll see that there are not many instances where uniforms are required. Golf? Triathlon? I think it’s a bit of a sellout by HQ. I understand the reasoning behind it, but I don’t have to like it. These people achieved their accomplishments 100% before Reebok and Crossfit could be used in the same sentence. It’s very disappointing to see them take the individuality out of such individual achievements.

  14. Robert S. says:

    25:36 rx’d

    Finally feel like I’m adjusting to the nutrition tweaks.

  15. Jake says:


    Dead Lift 4 heavy TnG
    10 burpees AFAP
    rest walk 3 min actively x 5


    3 heavy hang power clean TnG
    20 Double Unders AFAP
    rest walk 3 min actively x 5


    Row Sprints:
    25 sec max effort
    Rest walk 2:35 x 5

    Calories per round

    Felt great today. Happy about the hang power clean @ 225 for a triple. First time I’v completed a solid 3 consecutive days of training in about 6 months.

    If I get a chance to sit down without any distractions today I’ll actually answer my own QOD.

  16. Ben Jarrell says:

    I dislike the uniform requirement. I understand that the athletes who made it to the games aren’t going to complain, but it still doesn’t seem right. Especially the bit about the ladies’ sports bras.

    I don’t have a problem with uniform necessarily, but it would be better to have uniform guidelines than to force people to wear Reebok gear. If Reebok stuff had been suggested (Hey guys, our sponsor spent a lot of time, money, and effort on this so do them a solid and try their gear) rather than forced, I don’t think people would have been upset.

    Also, the justification about it being necessary for spectators to follow the action just reeked of paternalism and condescension. We are all big boys and girls who understand what a big corporate sponsorship entails. Everyone knows what is happening here, so lets not pretend otherwise.

  17. Meghan says:

    Today’s was a gut buster! 23:45 rx’d. Pushups were rough…

    QOD: seems hilarious that CF games are requiring uniform. It would be like the NYC marathon requiring all elite competitors be decked out in Adidas since that is their main sponsor. Crossfit at its heart is an individual sport–just you against a clock. A uniform requirement seems to detract from that.

  18. Josh McGuire says:

    20:41 ex / running…….damn
    I think i could’ve ran faster if I could’ve just thrown up. Wanted to real bad.

  19. DaveC says:

    3+400+15 at the cutoff, deadlift scaled to 115. Really wanted to complete at least 4 rnds, but as usual the pushups stopped me dead in my tracks. And my deadlift is pretty weak. So’s my running. Guess the deck was pretty stacked on that one, huh? Next time …

  20. Kerri says:

    4 rds +400 m run rx’ed in 25:57-seemed to get stuck on the run…. Not even close to a ‘pace’ it felt like….can’t even say I would have liked to be able to finish the WOD. I was just glad the time was UP!

  21. Mac says:

    4 rounds + 400m run + 10 dl rx’d @ 25:00 I was slowed up by the pushups for sure. I am still surprised at how weak I am there. Great area for improvement. I was glad this was over but i wish i would have knocked out the rest of the dl’s and pushups just on principle.