Thursday, 16 Sep, 2010

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Team showdown:
In two equally sized teams, a movement from the following list is picked by the first team (chosen by a coin flip):

Bench press
Rope climb
Dumbbell push-press

A second coin flip decides who chooses the priority or parameters of the workout (as task priority, time priority, or 1RM)

A third coin flip decides who chooses the final details of the workout (as in reps, loads, and time)

Each team then goes head to head in that workout. The winner takes a rest while the losing team takes a lap! Rinse and repeat with a different challenge. Go for a minimum of Four challenges.

How animals made us human

Technique vs. Intensity

You think air travel is uncomfortable now? Just wait a bit.

23 responses to “Thursday, 16 Sep, 2010”

  1. Russell says:

    Today’s workout is a little confusing in it’s description, so let me give a few examples. Basically it is an excuse to offer up short, simple challenges that each team can compete against each other with.

    For example:
    Movement- Row
    priority- time
    Workout- Max total team meters rowed in 5 minutes. only half your team can work at a time.

    Movement- Bench
    Priority- task
    Workout- get a team total for a 1RM bench. 7 minute cut-off

    Movement-prowler push
    priority- time
    Workout, as many laps down and back with the prowler for every person in your team in 90 seconds. total the laps for the entire team as your score..

    so basically this is just you guys getting to be creative and calling the shots for once! have fun and go hard!

  2. Kyle Mosier says:

    Looks fun! I’m looking forward to it.

  3. klowe says:

    Just registered for the “strongman steeplechase” in Chattanooga Oct 9th. 3-4 event CF competition.

    Details here http://www.getbuiltchattanoogacrossfit.com/details/

  4. Emily D. says:

    Did anyone find a silver necklace with a diamond charm on it yesterday?

    Tracy Roberts thinks she left it in the bathroom while she was changing and she went by this morning and couldn’t find it 🙁

  5. Russell says:

    Emily, I was there this morning for the 6am and didn’t see it when I opened. I’ll look again in a little bit.

  6. Tasha W says:

    This sounds like so much fun! It kinda makes me want to NOT be pregnant anymore cause this is the kind of WOD I love. I feel bad for the team who gets me this afternoon…. can I get a handicap, or something? 🙂 7 more weeks!

    Hope Tracy finds her necklace! KLowe, wish I could be there in October cause y’all know I love to cheer you guys on, but that’ll be too close to my due date for travel, I think. I’ll be cheering you on from afar!

  7. Justin says:

    Fun stuff this morning. We ended up doing rowing for calories, max reps on bench at 135/75, max prowler pushes in 90s, and some crazy medicine ball toss run that Larry concocted. Substantially more enjoyable than the previous two days workouts.

  8. Aaron says:


    Articles like this absolutely drive me up the wall and make my head want to explode. Or maybe I’m missing the point of the article and someone can clue me in. I’m all ears.
    But I hate these debates because I think its comparing apples to oranges, generalists to specialists. Does running alone make you fit by the Crossfit definition? Of course not. But you have to consider the individual’s goals and that individual’s definition of fitness. Will adding Crossfit to you endurance training program make you faster and stronger? I 100% believe so. But those of us that solely focus on Crossfit are striving for ultimate GPP. We want to be in the best “general” fitness we can be in; prepared for anything life is going to throw at us, right? Crossfitters are generalists. Elite runners, ultra runners and triathletes are specialist. To compare body types of elite runners, ultras runners to crossfitters is ridiculous to me. Specialists like these runners don’t care if they’re “skinny fat” or how many HSPU’s they can do or what their Fran time is, all they care about is getting faster and improving in their skill. They don’t care that they are one dimensional, so to call them out for it or compare their definition of fitness to ours seems lame. Why not debate more comparable issues or fitness philosophies like Crossfit vs. Gym Jones (to disclaim here, I know nothing about Gym Jones. But it looks and sounds like their fitness philosophy is comparable to CF). I don’t know, I guess this article leaves a bad taste of “elitist” in my mouth because it sounds like its picking a battle with runners. It would be like me running into Fleet Feet and proclaiming they’re not as fit as me because they don’t Crossfit and then challenging them to a hand-stand push up competition. On a side note, I have been challenged to a HSPU competition by Vincent, the bartender at Amendment 21, twice. But only because he challenged me after learning I did Crossfit. We are tied 1-1, he got me last time by 2 but it was Friday night and I think the wod that morning involved HSPUs. And yes the bar was packed and I could have beat him if I would have kipped but I wanted to let him have his bar back…for now. 🙂

    • Patrick says:

      I read this article and didn’t find it quite as distasteful as you. The author obviously has an ax to grind, but I don’t read it as the us v. them article. I’m sure he’s a trainer or affiliate owner that get daily questions about cardio. I think he’s trying to make a case for GPP, which is not on the average Joe’s radar when he/she decides to “get in shape” on new years day. The default “get in shape” option for most people is to start running. The get in “really good shape” is to run a marathon. I read this as a fairly balanced argument for another option.
      I can appreciate the author’s comment about the endurance athletes phenotype. Last year while standing around waiting for my turn to start (800s of over 1000) the swim at Mountain Lake Tri I got plenty of time to check out the competition. They did not, by and large, appear particularly “fit”.
      The average Joe, when he/she starts a “get in shape” program really wants to look good naked. An admirable goal. Unfortunately, endurance training is not the most effective means to that goal.
      Just my $.02

  9. Katie says:

    Fun team WOD today. Ladies’ class did:

    Row 2000m as a team for time, only 1 team member
    can row at a time.

    125 bench press for time, only 1 team member can go at a time. When you.are not spotting or lifting you must be in a plank hold. 45-55lbs.

    Push Prowl, as many times accross the back of the gym in 2 mins, 1 at a time.

  10. Robb Dempsey says:

    135# bench press max reps
    Nate-26, Sam-18, Robb-18

    1.5pd KB Swing for 1 min, total reps
    Nate-30, Robb-30, Sam-?
    30sec tie breaker Nate-16, Robb-15

    225# DL 10 reps for time
    Nate-29s, Robb-33s, Sam-36s

    Bodyweight Prowler – 4 laps for time
    Robb-36s/210#, Nate-37s/145#, Sam-1m2s/245#

  11. Jake Naumcheff says:

    This was fun. I did this with Patrick and Gus. We went against Cole, Howard, and Dean.

    1RM Bench- 295# for me. I think Patrick got 255# and Gus got 165#??
    Rope climbs- First team to have each person get 2 rope climbs wins
    Push-ups- AMRAP 3 minutes. I got 105 Patrick got 106 and Gus got 36
    Wallball toss- First team to get 50 wall ball shot passes to their partner over the pull-up bar wins.
    Tie breaker- Prowler Push-Max laps in 1 minute. I got 7. Patrick got 6. Gus got 5.

    Great job on the programming Russell

    • Patrick says:

      The 255# Bench Press was a 1RM PR for me. Think I might have had a more in the tank. Slade made the comment “that Bench is almost as much as your Squat” It’s kinda sad.

  12. Tasha W says:

    Mom WOD – 3 rounds, 200m run, 20 step ups, 20 WB’s (8#)


    Had to walk the last two 200m cause after the first one, had some major tightness in my belly.