Thursday, 19 May, 2011

Posted by Mandee on May 18, 2011   |   14 Comments

Warm up-

3 minutes of 5 pvc pipe front squats, 5 hollow rocks, 5 handstand kick-ups


Skill work-

Handstand and handstand walk drills



Three rounds for time of:
95 pound Front squat, 21 reps
Handstand walk 40 feet
30 Glute-ham sit-ups
Handstand walk 40 feet

Post time to comments.


Cool down-

Spend 5 minutes with a foam roller on the lower back


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14 responses to “Thursday, 19 May, 2011”

  1. RyanP says:

    Zappos.com has Inov8’s back in stock.

  2. Josh Kennedy says:

    14:50, scaled the handstand walk to 2 wall-walks per set (8 total). Kyle and I agree that those sucked! GHD situps got very hard at the end, front squats OK.

  3. DennisB says:

    TYE what is your e-mail your link does not work from the blog

  4. Ron Wood says:

    14:10 scaled GHD situps to butterfly situps due to hip flexor issue

  5. Will Blankenship says:

    Another charity 5k…


    I won’t be going, as I’ve got local friends that still need help, but thought some may be interested.

  6. Yesterday
    5 min. AMRAP

    3 Deadlift 275#
    7 Push-press 115#



    Overhead Squat 95#


    Both of these went well. Short time domains tend to be something that I have trouble with mentally. Felt like I was able to push through that breaking point a little bit. Today WOD was the last 100% effort I will have before Regionals.

    My Homework is done. Now it’s time to cash it in.

  7. KLowe says:

    “Workout 1 For time:
    1000m Run
    30 Handstand push-ups
    1000m Row

    Workout 2 Thruster Ladder –
    Athletes will have 20 seconds to take a barbell from the ground, then perform one Thruster at a specified weight. They will have 10 seconds to transition to the next barbell. Their result is the highest successful thruster. Men’s weights in lbs: 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245, 255, 265, 275, 285, 295

    Women’s weights in lbs: 105, 115, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185

    Workout 3 21-15-9 reps for time of:
    Deadlift (315 lb / 205 lb)
    Box jump (30”/24”)

    Workout 4 For time:
    100 Pull-ups
    100 Kettlebell swings (53 lb / 35 lb)
    100 Double-unders
    100 Overhead squats (95 lb / 65 lb)

    Workout 5 “Amanda” 9-7-5 reps for time of: Squat snatch (135 lb / 95 lb) Ring muscle-up

    Workout 6 For time:
    20 Calorie row
    30 Burpees
    40 Two-hand dumbbell ground-to-overhead (45lb / 25lb)
    50 Toes-to-bar
    100 foot Overhead lunge (45lb plate / 25lb)
    50 foot Sprint

    • Larry Lowe says:

      These workouts are great for Dennis since they don’t contain running, double unders, or box jumps…

      Looks like a good set of WODs.

      Are the team wods out?

      • Karen says:


        Team Workouts

        Workout 1

        For time:
        4 X 750m Row
        50 Handstand push-ups
        4 X 750m Row

        Teams of 4 (2 men, 2 women)

        Workout 2

        Thruster Ladder, same rules as the individuals. Teams of 2 (1 man, 1 woman). A team’s result will be the sum of the highest successful thrusters by each athlete.

        Workout 3

        21-15-9 reps for time of:
        Deadlift (285lb / 185lb)
        Box jump (30”/24”)

        Teams of 2 (1 man, 1 woman). The man performs the entire workout then tags the woman who does the entire workout. Total time is the result.

        Workout 4

        For time:
        250 Pull-ups
        250 Kettlebell swings (53lb / 35 lb)
        250 Double-unders
        250 Overhead squats (95lb / 65lb)

        Teams of 4 (2 men, 2 women). Team will complete this as a chipper, with one athlete working at a time. A team must complete all of the Pull-ups at the rig, then complete all of the Kettlebell swings, then all of the Double-unders, then all of the Overhead squats. There is no set rotation needed among the athletes. A team’s result is their total time to complete this chipper.

        Workout 5

        Team “Amanda”
        9-9-7-7-5-5 reps for time of:
        Ring muscle-up
        Squat snatch (135lb / 95lb)

        Teams of 2 (1 man, 1 woman). The man does 9 muscle-ups, then the woman does 9 muscleups. Then the man does 9 squat snatches, then the woman does 9 squat snatches with a separate barbell, etc. The pattern continues until they both have completed the couplet. A team’s result is their total time to complete the couplet.

        Workout 6

        For time:
        20 Calorie row
        30 Burpees
        30 Dumbbell ground-to-overhead (45lb / 25lb)
        30 Toes-to-bar
        100 foot Overhead walking lunge (45lb plate / 25lb)
        150 foot sprint

        Teams of 4 (2 men, 2 women). All four athletes perform the entire workout. The first athlete enters and completes the Row. When that athlete has completed the row, they move on to Burpees, and the second athlete may begin the Row. This pattern continues, in order, through all of the movement. No athlete can begin their next station until the athlete ahead of them is clear from that station. A team’s result is the total time for all 4 members to go through the workout.

  8. Tracey says:

    Let’s do this CFHSV!!!!