Thursday, 21 Oct, 2010

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Three rounds for time of:
20 L-pull-ups
30 Toes to bar
40 Burpees
Run 800 meters

Graham Holmberg 32:15, Kim Malz 32:44.


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U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Forrest Nelson Leamon, 37, assigned to the Foreign-deployed Advisory and Support Team (FAST) Echo was killed October 26th, 2009, while on a counternarcotics mission in Western Afghanistan when the helicopter he was in crashed. He is survived by his wife Ana, his son Luke, his parents, Sue and Richard Leamon, and his sister Heather.

To Belt or not to Belt? – Russell Berger

Every woman’s done it

4 responses to “Thursday, 21 Oct, 2010”

  1. tracey says:

    BOX JUMPS! Forever is there new name.

  2. TashaW says:

    I giggled out LOUD at the article!! I have heard this same sentiment from SO many of my friends about this issue – ESP after I have this baby! I mean, anyone who has been in class with me in the last few months has seen me yell to Russell (or Tracey or Jake) as I was running toward the bathroom, “Gimme two minutes, gotta run pee!” just before we’re all ready to start cause I’ve been afraid I was gonna lose it during a WOD. 🙂 BTW, thanks for waiting around on me, guys, & thanks for sharing this link – so awesome of her to share her pain!!

  3. Patrick says:

    Interesting Article. Like the author, I’d figure this more of a problem of the mature, parous, “older” clients. Not so much those that haven’t had children. Anatomically it makes sense that jumping and hopping would cause mild urinary incontinence, I just didn’t realize the magnitude of the problem. I’m not making jest, I just found this article interesting and I admire the authors candor.
    Feeling beat up after CFT yesterday, so scaled the WOD.

    WOD: 1/2 Forrest
    10/15/20/800m runs

    Thanks Ryan for the push at the end. Really needed the motivation of being chased on that last round.

  4. Dennis says:

    I would like to add that I know a girl that had this urinary incontinence problem due to box jumps and jump roping. She went to the urologist and had a surgical procedure performed and she said it fixed it and it was well worth it. So if it is real bad that may be an option. Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive! OkieDB Out