Thursday, 25 Feb, 2010

Posted by Mandee on February 25, 2010   |   32 Comments

Five rounds for reps of:
1 min Wall ball shots, 20 pound
1 min 15 foot rope climb
Run 400m

Start each round exactly six minutes apart. Your rest period is whatever remains after the run.

Post total reps and ascents to comments.

Question of the day- What are your absolute most and least favorite movements we use in CrossFit?

The Fairtax

32 responses to “Thursday, 25 Feb, 2010”

  1. Justin says:

    139/12 as rx’d

  2. Tasha W says:

    Another great pic of Amanda looking strong! We had a GOOD workout this day. Congrats on the Grand Opening today, girl!!

  3. Kyle Mosier says:

    I didn’t fair so well with this one. I may have a touch of a bug that my family is dealing with right now. I only got 72/6 as rx’d. I started doing the Zone the RIGHT way this week rather than jerking around with guesstimating and cheating. It’s going pretty well so far.

  4. Robb Dempsey says:

    80/6 as rx’d

  5. Aaron says:

    72/6 through 3 rounds before I had to get back to work. Which sucks because I love these kind of wod’s. Didn’t help that I have some kind of sinus funk and feel like crap.

  6. Craig Herr says:

    139/8 as rx’d

  7. Russell says:

    As Rx’ed – 154/19

    Wussed out on the fourth round and only got 3 rope climbs. Also found a good trick- Wear tight socks or skins, then duct-tape the part of your leg where the rope cuts into your calf. This way you can not only prevent chaffing but you can slide down really fast on the way down and not burn anything.

  8. Russell says:

    Most favorite CF movement- Muscle up
    Least favorite CF movement- Wall-ball shots

  9. Katherine Berger says:

    I may not be able to actually DO CrossFit at the moment, but I can at least answer the question!

    Favorite- The Snatch
    Least Favorite- Wall Ball Shots and Thrusters (It’s a tie}

  10. Mandee Miller says:

    78/5 as rx’d

  11. tracey says:

    Least favorite- CLEANS… no surprise!
    Favorite- OHS Squat and Thrusters(except for the clean portion)

  12. Daniel says:

    132/10 as Rx’d

  13. Daniel says:

    Most favorite – Thruster, I know crazy, but I love its completeness. Whole Body Workout in one movement.

    Least Favorite – OHS/Snatch and yes its just because I can’t do them.

  14. Craig Herr says:

    Least Favorite Over Head Squats
    Favorite (tie) between double unders & box jumps

  15. joe c says:

    104/10 as rx’d

  16. Robert S. says:

    113/5 as rx’d

    I thought I may have been unsure about my least favorite movement, but today set it in stone. Wallballs = suck

    Favorite is probably Back Squat.

  17. Robert S. says:


    I haven’t taken much time to get very in depth into the fairtax system. However, with the knowledge I do have about it, I feel like it is the way to go.

  18. Josh says:

    138/6 What an eye opener. Need to get my ass back in gear and eating better.

  19. Barry S says:

    Tried a body weight Cindy, subbing SDLHP w/40# dumbells for the pullups. Also, started with 400m on the treadmill barefoot, since I haven’t run in forever…treadmill running bites, & I wussed out at 8 + 5 @ 20 minutes. Missing the group motivation!!!

  20. Russ says:

    64/3 Not so good, but better than I expected after a knee strain this past weekend. Should have pushed myself harder.

  21. Jake Naumcheff says:

    rope climbs sucked

  22. klowe says:

    Most frustrating day ever….Woke up with plans to do this WOD at lunch. Ate properly, hydrated, was getting in the pre-WOD zone. The walk-ins and emergencies just didn’t friggin’ stop today. 6:51pm and I’m still at work. Nothing irritates the shit out of me more than not being able to WOD when I have been planning on it. It is my stress relief, my mental break, my time to just hang out….it is literally my mid-day “prozak”.

    Just reading all yall’s posts and about how fun it was is just pissing me off more. I’m soooooo burned out right now it is not even laughable.

    Maybe I’ll get to WOD tomorrow? With my luck it will be Barbara or something.

    Favorite – Snatch
    Least – WBS with Box Jump a damn close second

    • Larry Lowe says:

      That is the sacrifice of running your own business. I had to skip my afternoon workout and troubleshoot a system from 5-9pm in 34 degree weather with 40 mph wind. Very, very cold. I’ll try to do something tomorrow before I fly home.

  23. Zak says:

    Favorite – Power Clean
    Least – Burpee

  24. Larry Lowe says:

    Favorite – pullups
    least favorite – tabata anything

  25. Patrick says:

    Feel your pain KLowe…couldn’t get a WOD in today either.

    Favorite: HSPU and Press
    Least: Muscle Ups (only because I can’t get one) but I really hate Thrusters.

  26. Katie says:


  27. Emily D. says:

    Least fav: anything that requires weight to be over my head…I suck at that.
    Most fav: Double unders