Thursday, 26 May, 2011

Posted by Mandee on May 25, 2011   |   17 Comments

Warm up:
Partner assisted hamstring stretch. Followed by 3×10 rebounding box jumps. Pick a height that you can rebound 10 straight box jumps without stopping or pausing on the ground.

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Deadlift (315lb / 205lb)
Box jump (30”/24”) 

Search for what you want to cook…avoid what you don’t want

17 responses to “Thursday, 26 May, 2011”

  1. Josh McGuire says:

    This looks awesome!!!

  2. DaveC says:

    Could someone remind me what time the evening class is tonight? I want to think 5:30 was the only one. After Wilmot then thrusters last night, I desperately need a good lower body pummeling 🙂

    • Jamie Flynt says:

      Yep, 5:30.

      Is it bad that one day I hope Russell’s WOD is :Eat All Star Breakfast at Waffle House?

      Good luck to everyone who are competing!

      • Jamie Flynt says:

        Well, Jake’s new email states no 5:30 class today but one at 11:30.

      • Josh McGuire says:

        I want to do the Waffle House WOD too!!! Maybe Saturday… ha

      • DaveC says:

        Oh, I’ve got a list of “Home WODs” saved up for whenever the Nutrition Challenge is over. They’ll be to “Epic Meals” as Crossfit is to Zumba. But the AllStar sounds awfully good too! 🙂 Thanks for the schedule change heads-up.

        • Josh McGuire says:

          I’m sorry this is too funny. The food WODs should be for time for sure. 3 rounds / buffet….20 minute time limit 🙂

  3. Michael K says:

    Warriorschool HMAC will still be taught this Saturday from 1130am to 1pm @ XFit HSV. If you are still interested, feel free to show up, we would love to have you!

  4. Hey guys,

    I just sent out an e-mail letting everyone know but in case you didn’t get it. We will NOT be offering any evening classes today. So no 4:30 or 5:30 class this afternoon. However, we will be opening up the 11:30 for today. I am sorry for any confusion or problems this might have caused. The rest of the schedule in the previous e-mail I sent out is still correct


  5. Ben Jarrell says:

    Ugh, I was going to try to come to the 11:30 class today but a client walked in the office at the last minute. This one looked fun!

    • Josh McGuire says:

      I used the word “awesome” above….I wouldn’t call it that now. I probably wouldn’t use fun either LOL.

      315LB deadlift / had to scale to 24″ box jump as much as I hated to.

  6. Ron Wood says:

    8:42 scaled to 225# DL but did the 30″ box jumps

  7. Robb says:

    5:19 scaled to 185# and 24″

  8. David McMillion says:

    7:34 205# and 27″ wall at home.

  9. steve price says:

    Would have been nice to have done the WOD with you guys today. “Grace” WOD at the fire station: 135# clean/jerk-4:51 It would have been good to have had crossfit twenty years ago when I was 24.

  10. Eric Hedges says:

    Hate I missed this one as well… sounded dreadful.s

  11. Greg Scarpa says:

    185, 24 inch box at 8:30.