Thursday, April 4 2019

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“TeamMate LumberJack 20”

For Time:

Part A ROW 200m Part B Run 200m

20 Alternating Deadlifts   275/185lbs   MRX 225/155

Part A Run 200m Part B ROW 200m

20 Synchronized Kettlebell Swings   32/24kgs   MRX 24/16

Part A ROW 200m Part B Run 200m
20 Alternating Overhead Squats   115/75lbs   MRX 75/55

Part A Run 200m Part B ROW 200m

20 Synchronized Bar Facing Burpees
Part A ROW 200m Part B Run 200m
20 Synchronized Chest to Bar Pullups   MRX Pull-ups

Part A Run 200m Part B ROW 200m
20 Alternating Box Jumps Overs   24/20″
Part A ROW 200m Part B Run 200m
20 Synchronized Hang Squat Cleans   115/75lbs   MRX 95/65
Part A Run 200m Part B ROW 200m

**Each Athlete gets one bar and must adjust weights from deadlifts to OHS/Squat Cleans**

12 responses to “Thursday, April 4 2019”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    A rare glimps of The Godfather of CFHSV. Joe ain’t just standing over Jada as he bench presses, he’s deciding wether to let him live or not. He brought NASA to Huntsville and sent men to the moon on his own dime for his own research. He is a walking accredited University that’s grants diplomas to very few. He started the NHL. He’s the unofficial mayor of this great city and nothing passes or moves until he says so. He can bench press a house and out run a clock. CFHSV, you’ve caught a glimpse of a living legend and my very life is endangered for posting his pic. God bless ya Joe

  2. Mandee says:

    There he is! King of the 7AM…Mater of the masters…A true ambassador of not only our gym but also our city.
    Joe is so motivated he usually starts before we can say “GO”. He is so slick he sometimes does his own WOD and we don’t even notice. But above all, he is truly such a kind, caring, wonderful man. He brightens our mornings and CFHSV just wouldn’t be the same without him. Much love to you, Joe! 😁

  3. JasonH says:

    These two gentlemen, well, what else, they’re awesome!

    Joe, I’m still trying to work out that corner thing we were just talking about…

  4. @Cj.vk says:

    I ❤️ Joe.

    • @Cj.vk says:

      17:56 w/ Slammin’ Sammy (RX for Sam, I scaled the run to bike and box jump overs to step overs)

  5. Amanda Howard says:

    I love this so much! 😆 Joe and Jada, two of my favorite people right there!

  6. Fleming Sharp says:

    Love this! I was honored recently when Joe let me in the 7am class!😂
    These two are awesome!

  7. Bradley says:

    Love seeing Joe in the mornings. He is one of a kind who always keeps you laughing. Keep showing up and showing out!

  8. Travis H. says:

    Looks like Jada is still working to out lift Joe’s bench press PR. I’m sure Joe didn’t let that happen!

  9. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    Partnered with Catnip Courtney, scaled some stuff but didn’t others.

  10. Josh Kennedy says:

    Among the many greats of leaders in Huntsville and Tennessee Valley, Joe Ritch is on a very short list of the most influential and impactful. Just about everyone of us owes an aspect of our current standard-of-living in this great city to his vision, tenacity, and leadership in bringing major aspects of DOD, FBI, NASA, and other high-tech activities to the city. I’d bet we can attribute a trillion dollars of local revenue (that is not hyperbole) in the next half-century to his efforts on behalf of the entire metro area and Tennessee Valley.

    And oh by the way, a seasoned and dedicated Crossfitter!!

  11. Michael Little says:

    Just Joe, holding the rig up for Jada.

    14:56 Rx 💬🎶💻

    Partnered with Mo, couldn’t keep up. Good shit.