Thursday, December 27 2012

Posted by Mandee on December 26, 2012   |   14 Comments



A. Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1 E2MOM

B. Complete the following in any order or method you would prefer for time. The only prerequisite is all reps must be accumulated to complete.

25 OHS 135/95

30 horizontal ring rows

35 WBS 20/14

40 KBS 32/24


14 responses to “Thursday, December 27 2012”

  1. Josh Kennedy says:

    (Soon to be) Vintage photo of Dean wearing the VFF!

  2. Eric says:

    Epic pic

  3. AP says:

    155/15:18 (scaled OHS to 115)

  4. Carson says:

    125(PR)/18:15 (scaled and outside the time cutoff)

    This was kind of brutal.

  5. Tracey says:

    Deadlift 205# x 2 then 175# 8×3
    CFHSV wod B. 13:02 Rxd ( horizontal ring rows were in sets of 4

  6. Kerri says:

    A. 125
    B. 16:40 Rx’ed-horizontal ring rows are of the devil!!

  7. Josh Kennedy says:

    A: 185 straight thru, 2sec pause at bottom, arse-to-grass depth
    b: 13:12 Rx’ed, false-grip ring rows to work the grip strength a bit.
    Solid coaching by Mr. Hand today. Alas, he has not been introduced to “Mr. Hand” from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and the importance to 80s pop culture, so here is a video clip to give him a start, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9huSs0g67c

  8. Jeremy says:

    11:45, way scaled. (First workout in a month due to a minor surgery) + (first workout with OHS) = OUCH!

  9. Dean the machine morse says:

    Felt good, great WOD today! Good coaching from Mr. Hand and great class size today!

  10. Girl Jamie not Boy Jaime says:

    145 (PR)/ 18:35 scaled
    Partnered with Mandee(isel) who killed it.

  11. Mac says:

    a. 230 pr
    b. 7:54 rx

  12. Stacey says:

    Great yoga class tonight, Claire!! 🙂