Thursday, February 11 2016

Posted by Mandee on February 10, 2016   |   14 Comments

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EMOM x 5 minutes: 1 power snatch to 1 squat snatch (60-70%)

rest 3 minutes

EMOM x 5 minutes: 1 power snatch to 1 squat snatch (70-80%)

rest 3 minutes

EMOM x 5 minutes: 1 snatch, power or squat (80-90%)

B. For Time:

15 KBS 24kg/16kg  RX+ 32kg/24kg  (55 and over 20kg/12kg)

500m row

15 KBS

rest 3 minutes

For Time:

30 KBS

500m row

C. Grip/Core Development:

400m single arm kettle bell carry, switch hands as needed: 20 KBS penalty for setting down KB


This Friday, February 12th at 515pm! Choose your skill level, sign up on MBO, then show up ready to THROW DOWN! 

Our regular 515pm and 615pm classes are canceled on Friday. 

Check out Mason Dixon’s menu for next week. FEb 15

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14 responses to “Thursday, February 11 2016”

  1. Mandee says:

    Looking good JD! Keep up the hard work! 🙂

  2. George C says:

    Look out! JD in the house!

  3. Kobra says:

    Nice JD! Keep rockin’ it dude!

  4. Nathaniel says:

    My man JD!! Get em JD! Always working hard

  5. Matt says:

    That looks like 2010 CrossFit Sectionals standards right there. Chin breaking the vertical plane. Nice work!

  6. Eric says:

    6:21 rx+

    I predict some low 5 minute to sub 5’s
    Great coaching today Mandee 0600 was getting after it today.

    JD, brother you are always the picture of good form and hard work!
    Keep it up!

  7. Calvin says:

    C.145# squat
    D.6:16 RX+ (2:54-3:22)
    E.2pood no swings

  8. BPrice says:

    95/125/155, 7:21 RX

    Snatch PR, thanks for the great coaching Mandee!

  9. Duke says:


  10. Mimi says:

    A: 65-75-80 all power snatch
    B: 7:11 rx
    C: completed with no swings
    Nice pull ups JD!!!

  11. Justin says:

    5:40 rx+ (2:48/2:52)

  12. Josh Kennedy says:

    7:20 Rx+
    That was a LONG 400m farmers walk

  13. Mac says:


    5:38 rx+