Thursday, February 21 2019

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“Teammate Terrible Twos” by DB
2min AMRAP: (1st min P1 Works; 2nd min P2 works)
Barbell Burpee to Deadlift   185/125   RX+225/155   MRX 155/105
2min AMRAP: (1min P1; 2min P2)

Air Squat Box Jumps   24/20   RX+ 30/24   MRX 20/18

2min AMRAP: (1min P1; 2min P2)

Burpee to Toes to Bar

2min AMRAP: (1min P1; 2min P2)

Kettlebell Swings   24/20kgs   RX+ 30/24   MRX 20/12

2min AMRAP: (1min P1; 2min P2)

Row or Assault Bike for Calories

REST 2min

**REPEAT all above one more time for Total MAX Reps**

The AMRAPS are one straight after another until complete for the 2min Rest



YOGA is canceled tonight.



The first WOD of the CrossFit OPEN is released TODAY!!

Tune into games.crossfit.com at 7PM for the live announcement!!

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9 responses to “Thursday, February 21 2019”

  1. Mandee says:

    That’s virtuosity at its finest — doing the common, uncommonly well. Kasey demonstrating the “CrossFit handshake” beautifully, and no doubt working hard like she always does! Kasey always brings a smile and a great attitude too — keep showing out, stud! 😁

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Heck yeah Kasey! Love seeing someone give attention to the details of a movement to create quality in that movement. Making something look simple is difficult. Nice work as always Kasey!

  3. Bradley says:

    Kacey showing that picture perfect air squat. Keep working hard and showing out stud!

  4. Lewis says:

    Kacey! That squat tho! Awesome co-worker and the person who talked me into doing CrossFit!

  5. @Cj.vk says:

    378 rx w/ “Trill Will”

  6. Justin says:

    398 rx with Brent

  7. Michael Little says:

    349 With Matt (drop-in from LA).

  8. Employee of the Month says:

    Looks like Thrill Will had to carry a mustache-less Cj.vk in this partner workout.


  9. Jeremy M. says:

    6:30pm Garage:
    (Today’s wod, solo)
    R1 – 17/17/12/31/17 = 94reps
    R2 – 19/19/12/32/18 = 100reps
    Total = 194 reps, RX w/Echo Bike
    Then 5rds of:
    12 kipping ring dips
    20 butterfly ab-mat sit-ups
    – Kacey is one bad gal! From UAH to CFHsv and everything in between, Kacey is tough, dedicated and just one straight BA! Keep it up friend!