Thursday, February 4 2016

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Thank you Wendy Wiggins for the amazing photos of our CFHSV Team at The Big Nasti this past weekend!



A. In 15 minutes, achieve a 20RM back squat

rest 2 minutes, then:

1 minute max reps back squat 95/65 or 75/45

rest 2 minutes, then:

1 minute max air squats

B. 8 minute AMRAP of:

4 bar facing burpees

8 HSPU  RX+ 4″ deficit  (55 and over 4″ rise)

4 thrusters  115/80  RX+ 135/95  (55 and over 95/65)

8 ring dips  RX+ strict ring dips  (55 and over bar dips)

rest 2 minutes, then:

4 minute AMRAP of:

4 bar facing burpees

8 HSPU  RX+ 4″ deficit  (55 and over 4″ rise)

4 thrusters  115/80  RX+ 135/95  (55 and over 95/65)

8 ring dips  RX+ strict ring dips  (55 and over bar dips)

*pick up exactly where you left off*

Score = total rounds plus reps


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NOTE: Yoga is canceled this week. 

34 responses to “Thursday, February 4 2016”

  1. Duke says:

    Since today was national signing day. I think this crew is a 5 star.

  2. BWM says:

    Wow! You all look awesome!!

  3. Michael Mcclung says:

    Fantastic pics!!
    What a group. Great job….

  4. Mimi says:

    I can only imagine what it would be like to be half as strong as any of you!

  5. Nathaniel says:

    I had first row seats to witness these phenoms do what they do and it was a show! Wendy Wiggins is always capturing CFHSV’s best moments and sharing for us all to relive. Thank you Wendy!! You’re GOOD 🙂

  6. Naomi says:

    Such a strong group of athletes! Way to represent CFHSV!

  7. Mandee says:

    Can’t thank you enough Wendy for all the awesome photos! And a big thanks to our team’s world class coach Nathaniel for keeping us all in line, coaching us up, and helping us all to perform our best! Also, thank you to Dennis for assisting us with extra programming to help our athletes be prepared and ready! Great work by all! 🙂

  8. Tracy says:

    Amazing pictures of amazing athletes! 🙂

  9. Emerald says:

    So proud of each and every one of you! My favorite is Mandee’s utter joy in all of your attempts! Perfectly captures the support system we have here at CFHSV, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that atmosphere.

    Keep it up y’all!

  10. Bradley says:

    Those are some awesome pictures Wendy. Great to see the performance of all these stellar athletes.

  11. CoachDB says:

    CFHSV is the epitome of CrossFit and camaraderie. Great pics and a great job to all athletes, coaches, and members for all you do on a daily basis. Thanks Mandee

    20RM Back Squat = 255lbs – Took all I had. Smoker, legs shaking and all. To think I was considering 275lbs, good thing I didn’t.

    WOD RX (115lbs, regular/kip HSPU and Ring Dips) = 4rds+ 16reps (4rds and 4burps, 8 HSPU, 4 thrusters)
    HSPU and dips are what put the whammy on me. However, they are getting better, somewhat pain free, but a long way to go.

    Get some CFHSV and keep on CFing CFHSV Style!!!

  12. Dani says:

    Exceptional! My homies.

  13. Nathaniel says:

    A. 16 reps @ 295

    I went for a 5lb PR. I knew early on that it was gonna be rough.

    B. 33 reps @ 95

    C. 60 air squats

    D. 5 + 1 rx +

  14. Kobra says:

    A. 240 x 20 (10# PR)

    B. 27 @ 95#

    C. 56 Air Squats

    D. 5+8 RX+

  15. Mandee says:

    A. 20 reps @ 195 (5# PR)
    B. 32 reps @ 65
    C. 54 air squats
    D. 5 + 2 RX+

  16. Calvin says:

    Great pics!
    A.225×20 (should of went up about 10-15#)
    Forgot to write my score down on the next two.
    D.3+6 RX+

  17. Matt says:

    A: 315×14(ego trip but a PR nonetheless)
    B: 20
    C: 33
    D: 3+4 RX

    Great day working out with Steve a Price!

  18. Bradley says:

    A. 225 x 20 (10# PR)
    B. 27 @ 95#
    C. 46 I think
    D. 6 Rx

  19. Steve Price says:

    A. 315 x 15 lower back got a little fatigued

    B. 33 reps @ 95

    C. 43 reps

    D. 3 rounds @ 135#, scaled to pile push ups and strict bar dips.
    I must admit the accumulative effect of all of this broke me down.

  20. fleming says:

    An amazing team right there! Love all your pictures Wendy! Congrats to this team of awesome athletes!

  21. Rob L says:

    Awesome pics, awesome team. I think I saw every single person on the team right back on it the Monday after the competition. Your results in the competition were awesome, but your collective work ethic is what’s really impressive.

    Proud to say I get to workout along side of these folks!

  22. Kyle O says:

    Wendy always manages to capture the most embarrassing facial expressions. She does a great job and I’m always thankful for her support of CFHSV.

    A: 365 x 20
    B: 31@95
    C: 44
    D: 4+12, regular HSPU, 135#, strict ring dips

  23. Eric Hedges says:

    A. 250×20 reps
    B. Don’t remember #95
    C. No clue
    D. 4-17reps RX’d

  24. Jeremy Millich says:

    3:15 Class:
    A: 250#x20 (PR, last year only did 185×10 bc knees were jacked up)
    B: 32 reps@95#
    C: 51 reps
    D: 4 rds, RX+ (the only thing worse other than the wod was my deficit HSPU form)
    – What a great collage of CFHSV’s strongest! I actually mistakened this group of warriors for The Avengers! Deriously though, this team is an excellent example of strength, grit and class!

  25. Andrew says:

    Home gym:
    A. 315×13
    B. 31 @ 95
    C. 48
    D. 5+10 RX+

  26. Jonathon says:

    20reps @ 225
    27reps @95
    52 air squats

  27. Justin says:

    5+13 regular hspu/135/strict ring dips

  28. Heather C says:

    Great photos of some amazing and STRONG athletes, Wendy!