Thursday, February 9 2017

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A. Snatch Balance to OHS and Squat Snatch – E2MOM x 20min

1 Snatch Balance to 4 OHS@75% —— 2 Squat Snatch @75%

1 Snatch Balance to 3 OHS@80% —— 2 Squat Snatch @80%

1 Snatch Balance to 2 OHS@85% —— 1 Squat Snatch @85%

1 Snatch Balance to 1 OHS@90% —— 1 Squat Snatch @90%

1 Snatch Balance or 1 OHS@95% —— 1 Squat Snatch @95%

B. “Bar MU Amanda”

For Time, complete:

9 – 7 – 5 reps of

Bar Muscle-Ups  (MRX Burpee C2B Pull-Ups)

Squat Snatch 135/95  (MRX 95/65)

**Can substitute 1 Power Snatch to 1 OH Lunge (each leg) for each rep of Squat Snatch**


C. Core Development

Accumulate 1min GHD Sit-Up Static Hold (straight out)

Accumulate 1min Hip Extension Static Hold (straight out)




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32 responses to “Thursday, February 9 2017”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Some dedicated CF ladies right there. A true display of power and grit!! Get it, friends!! Glad I get to WOD with you!

  2. Haley says:

    Dani is one super sweet, strong, smart, and beautiful woman!!! Keep kicking butt and staying smart Dani! love seeing that happy smiling face when I get the chance.
    Carrie!!! doesn’t get much stronger or fiercer than her. Watch out afternooners bc this morning lady is a beast! Keep crushing it Carrie.

  3. Rob L says:

    My better half and partner in crime! Love your persistence, determination, and constant push to make everyone around you better. I love you my Dani 🙂

  4. Mandee says:

    Oh gracious! These two are animals and bring their A game every day! Dani and Carrie looking like the strong, determined, hard working CrossFitters that they are! Keep it up you two studs 🙂

  5. Fleming says:

    Two top notch ladies and athletes right there! Enjoy when I get the chance to see you two in action!

  6. KOBRA says:

    Crazy CrossFit Ladies! Beast it up you strong two!

  7. Nathaniel says:

    These two bring life to the deadlift. Dani and Carrie are everything CrossFit is about. Keep showin up and showin out studs

  8. Jenn B says:

    Dani!!! ❤ so strong and such a sweetheart. So encouraging during a workout and even more so outside the gym. You are amazing.

  9. Tracy says:

    Dani! Carrie!
    Looking strong & focused. ?

  10. MH says:

    Carrie!! She lifts heavy everyday! So lucky to have you as a friend! ?

  11. Bradley says:

    Those are two hard working, bad to the bone ladies. They are also great people as well. Keep it up Dani and Carrie!!

    SB to OHS: 175(1 to 4) – 190(1 to 3) – 205(1 to 2) – 215(1 to 1) – 225(PR Snatch Balance)

    Snatch: 165(2) – 180(2) – 195(x) – 195 – 205(x)

    4:29 Rx

  12. SheaW says:

    Love both these ladies! Setting the bar high every day!

  13. Courtney says:

    Woooo hoooo I wouldn’t wanna be on the business end of that barbell. Y’all too fierce for me.

  14. BP says:

    Two of my favorite ladies in the whole gym!

    A. Whew.
    SB->OHS: 135/135/135/135/185(OHS)
    Snatch: 105/135/155/165X/135

    B. 11:17 RX

  15. Marisa says:

    How am I just seeing this now?!! Fierce ladies that I love!

  16. Mel D says:

    Dani is such a strong and fierce athlete with a kind, sweet soul. Love when we workout together and love even more hanging out outside the gym.
    Carrie! Miss seeing you and grabbing an occasional drink after a workout like we used to and I hate we never get to workout together! Keep up the strong work!
    Great pictures of 2 awesome CrossFitters!!

  17. Jamie cherrypicker says:

    Can’t say enough about these two. Nothing say CFHSV more than Dani and Carrie!

  18. Zee says:

    Two amazing BEASTS right there! Awesome pictures ladies!!!

  19. WWW says:

    Two of the best at CFHSV–love both of y’all!!

  20. Clair says:

    Love this picture of two awesome ladies always pushing themselves to be better!
    A. SB/OHS-65/70/70/75/80
    Sq Snatch-65/70/70/75/80
    B.9:22 scaled wt to 70# on sq snatch
    Struggling with a tight low back and it was good to get back in the gym!
    Super fun 7:00 a.m. class and great coaching as always, Mandee!

  21. Dani says:

    I feel super lucky to be featured beside Miss CFHSV herself, Carrie!!! She can do anything. She’s courageous, bold, determined and kind. I am always learning from her.

    I’ve had days where I thought I’d never be able to pick weight up off the ground again, and yet here we are! Thankful for the ability to move and celebrate all that CFHSV has taught me to do with my body. 🙂 thanks to all my friends too who showed some love <3

  22. CoachDB says:

    Rock Solid Strong Ladies that know how to get down CFHSV Style! Great display of it in action.
    Congrats on the PR Bad Brad 225 is snatchtastic.

    WOD Made the best out of what I had and the time.
    4 RFT
    400m Run
    15 OHS 25lb bar

  23. Matt says:

    2 great ambassadors for our community.

  24. Mandee says:

    A. Snatch Balance to OHS: 125(1 to 4) 140(1 to 3) – 155(1 to 2) – 165(1 to 1) 180(snatch balance)
    Squat Snatch: 115(2) – 125(2) – 135 – 140 – 145
    B. 5:29 RX
    C. Completed

  25. Jeremy M. says:

    6:35pm Open Gym:
    A: E1:30OM for 9 rds, 3 single sqt snatches
    B: E2MOM for 5 rds,
    10 cal on assault bike
    8 bench press @165#
    5 OHS @115#
    – Dani and Carrie are two of CFHSV’s greatest! Always pushing the envelope! Always super friendly!!!

  26. Brian A says:

    A. SB>OHS 135,145,155,165,175
    Snatch 145,155,165,175,185

    B. 4:58 RX

  27. Justin says:

    Dani and Carrie are awesome
    9:28 rx

  28. Shana says:

    A: 115/120/130/135/140

    B: 5:02 RX

    These 2 ladies go hard every day! Keep up the strong work Dani and Carrie!!!

  29. Mac says:

    A couple of great athletes and even better people. Keep it up!

    Worked out at home

    5:24 rx

  30. TZ says:

    190; 9:30 rx

  31. Mitch says:

    A = 205
    B = 6:53 RX