Thursday, January 23 2020

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Clean & Jerks   E2MOM

3 Cleans – 3 Jerks – 3 Clean & Jerks

2 Cleans – 2 Jerks – 2 Clean & Jerks

1 Clean & Jerk – 1 Clean & Jerk

“Team Mork and Mindy” by DB

15min AMRAP:

P1 = 5 Ground to Overhead

slap hands
P2 = 1 Round Cindy

slap hands

P1 = 1 Round Cindy

slap hands/switch 

P2 = 5 Ground to Overhead

slap hands

*continue pattern; alternating/take turns one works, one rests*

Loads =   135/95   RX+165/115   MRX115/75

Cindy = 5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups, 15 Squats

1 Round = 5 G2O & 1 Rd Cindy

Core Development

25 Renegade Rows = In Plank Position Perform one Dumbbell Push-up then a DB row w/each arm = 1 **moderate weight DBs

50 Butterfly ab-mat sit-ups





Come support our CFHSV Team this Saturday at The Big NASTI! (North Alabama Supertotal Team Invitational) Ten of CFHSV’s strongest athletes will compete for the 2020 Title! 

Where: CrossFit Protocol, Decatur
When: Starts at 9AM! (should be finished by 12pm)

Melody Adair, Kyle Otte, Mary Helen Saunders, Heath Sharp, Jill Crosby, Brent Brewer, Stephanie Ortega, Dustin Adair, Jamie Flynt and TJ Smith!

9 responses to “Thursday, January 23 2020”

  1. Mandee says:

    Kathy! I love this woman so much and I’m so proud of all the hard work she has put in and all the gains she continues to make! Keep it up, Kathy! 😊

  2. Mimi says:

    It’s my second favorite mother!!! I’m so proud of you, Kathy! Day in and day out, you show up and keep everyone laughing while you make your gains! Love you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Rick says:

    Way to get after it Kathy. Proud of you!

  4. Nathaniel says:

    Kathy has the right attitude and shows up and that’s why she’s continued to improve in all areas. She’s a hard worker in and out of the gym and gives her all in anything she decides to do. CFHSV became a much better gym when she walked through the door. Keep it up Kathy 😊

  5. Justin says:

    9+5 rx solo

  6. Sam W says:

    13+19 RX+ w/ PD

  7. Suzanne VanDyke says:

    Kathy is an inspiration! She encouraged me and keeps me motivated!

  8. Patty Miller says:

    This lady is amazing! She’s smart, beautiful, funny, loyal and truly my closest friend. I adore her and I’m so proud to call her FRIEND. The best cook, the best mother, and the best person I know. Keep cross fitting Kathy, you make our gym a better place and a lot more fun. I love you. 💜

  9. JJ Millich says:

    A: Clean and Jerks –
    PC – 185(3)-205(2)
    SJ – 185(3)-215(2)
    C&J – 185(3)-215(2)-225(1)-240(1)
    B: 8+24, RX (solo)