Thursday, January 30 2020

Posted by Mandee on January 29, 2020   |   9 Comments



Bench Press & Dips (ring or bar)   E2MOM

10 Bench Press – 10/8 Dips
5 Bench Press – 10/8 Dips
10 Bench Press – 10/8 Dips
5 Bench Press – 10/8 Dips
*Can start with Bench or Dips, 2min for each*

10min AMRAP:

5 Sumo-Deadlifts   275/185   RX+ 315/215   MRX 205/135
10 Barbell Push-Ups
5 Deadlifts

10 Toes to Bar or 10 GHD Sit-Ups
5 Over Bar Burpees

Core & Chest Development

25 Barbell or Banded Good Mornings

25 DB Bench Press
25 Reverse Rower Tucks
25 Band Pull Aparts across Chest

25 Reverse Hypers




REMINDER: Nutrition Class THIS Saturday, February 1 at 10AM!

Free to all CFHSV athletes and family members.

9 responses to “Thursday, January 30 2020”

  1. SARGE says:

    All day Holladay! Pull-ups, ctb, bmu, ttb- doesn’t matter. Chris owns the pull up bar! Great crossfiitter, even better friend- keep it up bro!

  2. CJ VK says:

    He too rough.

  3. Nathaniel says:

    Every dang day is a Holliday! Chris is as skilled an athlete you’ll find at CFHSV. Whether it’s gymnastics or moving the barbell he makes it look smooth and natural. He works hard and has fun doing it. He happens to be a top notch guy too which really matters and ends up making CFHSV a better place for all of us. Thanks for making CFHSV a better place buddy

  4. Mandee says:

    Cool pic of a stellar athlete flying high on the pull-up bar, showing off some of his skills! Chris has been a fan favorite since he walked through our doors. An incredibly nice, humble, and friendly guy who works super hard and is a well-rounded, CrossFit stud. Thanks for being you, Chris 😁

  5. Duke says:

    Man I’ve made so many friends at Crossfit Huntsville. I first met Chris at a wedding party before he ever joined Crossfit Huntsville. I remember going home that night and thinking man that guy was so nice. Now I know why. Cause we family. Holiday is one of those Hampton cove boys. That’s how I describe y’all. They don’t come any better than Chris. Have a great day buddy.

  6. Misty says:

    Chris! Dang, this guy is just a rock solid athlete. I don’t think I’ve seen anything this guy can’t do! Not only can he do it all, but he makes it all look easy. Always kind and gives a smile… such a well rounded person and glad he’s chosen CFHSV as his home!

  7. BC says:

    That’s our over 50 friend from the old man section of the gym! I wish I had his commitment to nutrition and fitness and mobility. What we can’t figure out is how his hair still looks the same at the end of every wod?

  8. JJ Millich says:

    A1: Bench – 185(10)-215(5)-195(10)-220(5)
    A2: RingDips – 10/set across
    B: 5+1, RX @275# w/T2B

  9. MH says:

    5+21 RX+