Thursday, July 1 2021

Posted by Mandee on June 30, 2021   |   6 Comments

1 Power Snatch to 1 Hang Power Snatch   E2MOM x 3 sets
1 Power Snatch   E2MOM x 3 sets
1 Hang Power Snatch   E2MOM x 3 sets

3min AMRAP:
6 Power Snatch   95/65   RX+115/75   MRX 75/55

6 Box Jumps   24/20   RX+ 30/24   MRX Step-Up ok

rest 3 minutes

3min AMRAP:
6 Hang Power Snatch
6 Burpee Box Jump Over

rest 3 minutes

3min AMRAP:

3 Power Snatch
3 Box Jumps
3 Hang Power Snatch
3 Burpee Box Jump Overs



4th of July Weekend Schedule

Saturday, 7/3: All regular classes, OPEN GYM CANCELED

Sunday, 7/4: All classes canceled. Happy Independence Day!

Monday, 7/5: All classes canceled. 


6 responses to “Thursday, July 1 2021”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Jimbo grinding it out as usual. Jimbo hasn’t been with us long but he’s made a big impression with his work ethic, humility, and encouragement to those around him. This dude handles the suffer and suck of a wod like a veteran. He’s a high quality and character guy and I’m glad he found us. Keep it up my man!

  2. Mandee says:

    Jimbo jumping like a pro, putting in work and showing out. Jimbo is super hard working and consistent in his training. He’s been a great addition to CFHSV, and he gives his all every time he walks through the door. He’s also friendly and kind to everyone. Stay after it, Jimbo! ?

  3. Hal says:

    A. 165 hps

    B. 3+1 / 2+2 / 2+5 rx+

    C. Gun season in side gym

  4. Mandee says:

    A. 130 hang split
    B. 4+3 / 3+4 / 3+6 RX+

  5. Misty says:

    Jimbo! So awesome watching this guy knock out those DUs! One strong dude who always works hard to the end and gives his all. Great guy who just keeps getting stronger and faster every single day!

    A. T
    B. 3+3 / 2+9 / 2+10 rx+

  6. BP says:

    3+63 RX