Thursday, July 21 2022

Posted by Mandee on July 20, 2022   |   8 Comments



Pause Deadlifts   E3MOM

5 sets X 5 reps

(1sec Up, 2sec pause at Top, 3sec Down)

Team WOD

16min AMRAP:

Partner 1 – 11 Calorie Row or Bike
Partner 2 – Low Plank Hold
Partner 2 – 11 Calorie Row or Bike
Partner 1 – Low Plank Hold
Partner 1 – 11 Deadlifts   185/125   RX+225/155   MRX 135/95

Partner 2 – Deadlift Hold

Partner 2 – 11 Deadlifts

Partner 1 – Deadlift Hold

Partner 1 – 11 Toes to Bar

Partner 2 – Bar Hang

Partner 2 – 11 Toes to Bar

Partner 1 – Bar Hang

** Athletes must slap hands to switch/start**

Deadlift Development & Stretching

11 Left Leg Left Arm One Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts

11 Back Extensions
30sec Butterfly Stretch x 2
11 Right Leg Right Arm One Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts

11 Hip Extensions

30sec Straddle Stretch X 2

8 responses to “Thursday, July 21 2022”

  1. Adela Faust says:

    Awesome! Beautiful! This lady is dedicated, sweet, and strong! We miss see her in the 9:15!

  2. Mandee says:

    Kiley is a great person and a CrossFit stud who has been showing out since day one. She’s sweet and friendly with a genuine smile and a positive attitude. She’s made big gains through a combination of consistency, hard work and natural athleticism. Always impressed with what Kiley can do and how well she moves. Looking forward to seeing her continue to shine 🤩 Keep it up, lady!

  3. Nathaniel says:

    Lookin like a bad a** CrossFitter Kiley! And it makes sense that you would because that’s what you’ve become. Kiley has worked hard with a positive attitude since day one. She’s sweet but she’s got a gritty way about her when it’s time to get it done. She doesn’t back down from a challenge but instead shines. Always enjoy a kind and friendly word with Kiley and admire and respect the way she goes about her business. Keep it up young lady 😊

  4. Clair says:

    Great picture, Kiley! Enjoy having you in 7:00 a.m.
    3+5 rxd with Suzanne!

  5. Bo says:

    Look at that sexy lady I get to call my bride. Got me a new screen saver today.

    A: 185
    B: 3+1 rx w John
    C: GHD’s and HE’s

  6. Nathaniel says:

    7am open gym at CrossFit orange beach with mandee and mark. We tested a future CFHSV wod :

    8 rounds even

    Rest 2min


  7. Damian says:

    A. 185
    B. 4+11 Rx (solo with 30 second holds)

  8. Kim G says:

    A. 105
    B. 3+2 rx (solo)