Thursday, July 27 2017

Posted by Mandee on July 26, 2017   |   10 Comments


Team WOD #1 (In Teams of 2-3)
            15 min AMRAP:
-15 KBS  24/16kg   RX+ 32.24kg   Partner A
-15 KBS  Partner B
-90ft Bear Crawl   RX+ 30′ Handstand Walk   Partner A
-90ft Bear Crawl RX+ 30′ Handstand Walk   Partner B
-15 Partner Passing WallBall Sit-Ups

             Rest 3 Minutes
Team WOD #2 (In Teams of 2-3)
      For Time: 
-400m Run  Partner A
-400m Run  Partner B
-15 Synchronized Hand Release Push-ups
-400m Run  Partner A
-400m Run  Partner B
-200m Run  Partner A
-200m Run  Partner B
-15 Synchronized Hand Release Push-ups



REMINDER: Free Open Gym this Saturday, July 29th at 11AM to all CFHSV athletes! Coaches will be there for assistance, guidance and feedback.


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10 responses to “Thursday, July 27 2017”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Claudia in all her glory! She’s one hard working bad to the bone CrossFiter! Keep it up young stud!

  2. Mandee says:

    A young CrossFit rockstar who knows how to put in the work! Keep it up Claudia! ?

  3. BP says:

    0600 w/ Justin
    A. 6+30 RX
    B. 7:55 RX

  4. Clair says:

    Fun morning partnering up with Patty and Karen!
    A. 5+5
    B. 12:00
    Thanks for the coaching, Bradley!

  5. Steve Price says:

    Very small 11:30 class today!

    Teamed up with a beast of a man (Sam 58 yrs young), two men in their fifties gettin it done.

    A. 4 + 32 Rx

    B. 13:43 Rx

  6. Bradley says:

    Looking good Claudia. Keep working hard!

  7. Mimi says:

    Teamed up with Summer for a 3:15 sweat fest!
    A: 5+30 rx
    B: 11:11 rx

  8. MH says:

    6+6 RX+

    Teamed up with my favorite dude Kyle

  9. Jeremy M. says:

    6:15pm Class:
    A: 6+32, Scaled (All RX, 53#KB & 35#KB)
    B: 8:18, RX
    – Teamed up with the stud himself, Britton! He’s a great friend too!
    – Awesome class Mandee/John!

  10. Andrew DeeOhDee says:

    A.) 5+30 Rx+

    B.) 8:54 Rx
    With Laura! ??????

    C.) Gymnastics cond
    3×9 UB ring MU