Thursday, March 17 2016

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“The Feast of Saint Patrick” by DB

For time:

800m Gaelic Get Away Run

17 Green Goblet Squats  24/16kg  RX+32/24kg  (55 and over 20/12kg)

17 Irish KB swing  24/16kg  RX+32/24kg  (55 and over 20/12kg)

1000m Isle of Man Row

17  GHD Shamrock sit-ups  (55 and over ab-mat sit-ups)

17 St. Patrick Power Snatches  95/65  RX+ 115/80  (55 and over 75/55)

80 Dublin Double Unders

17 Pull-ups for St. Patrick   RX+ chest to bar

17 Romano-British back squat thrusters  95/65  RX+ 115/80  (55 and over 75/55)

400m Shannon Sprint

17 Black & Tan box jumps  24″/20″  RX+30/24″  (55 and over step ups okay)

17 Guiness Ground to Overhead  95/65   RX+115/80  (55 and over 75/55)


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15 responses to “Thursday, March 17 2016”

  1. Mandee says:

    Andrew!!!! This guy can do it all, AND he’s one of the nicest guys around. Keep it up dude! 🙂

  2. George C says:

    Andrew! As strong as he is nice. Keep up the great work my friend!

  3. Kyle O says:

    Andrew is a stud athlete and super nice guy. Glad to know him! Keep up the great work!

  4. Duke says:

    Andrew is a super nice family guy. Always enjoy seeing any of the Hand boys…

  5. Mimi says:

    Andrew looking super smooth as always!
    Happy St Patty’s Day CFHSV!

  6. Nathaniel says:

    This Hand is gentle but he knows how to make a fist and strike when it’s WOD time. Absolute stud athlete and as good a person as you’ll find at CFHSV. My man 🙂

  7. Kobra says:

    It takes a special kind of person to push yourself when no one else is around. This dude gets it done. If you don’t see him at the gym, you’d likely find him breathing hard and lifting heavy in his garage. Keep up the dedication and hard work, my friend!

  8. steve price says:

    Andrew!! The essence of Power, Agility, and Speed. Always enjoy being around this great guy. Maybe one day, some of what he’s got will rub off on me!

  9. Jeremy Millich says:

    There’s the man himself, Andrew!! What a tremendous athlete and great friend! Anytime I get to wod with this guy, it is a pleasure!

  10. Josh Kennedy says:

    31:59 Rx+
    The brothers of the Hand clan always give me a smile, try are gonna do great things for our community

  11. Tyler says:

    Anyone know the cut off time on this WOD?

  12. Dani says:

    Super nice, super humble, superman. He also has the quickest HSPU I have ever seen, and does this awesome “no place like home” heel kick during double-unders. I can’t mimic his moves, try as I might. 🙂

  13. Jeremy Millich says:

    1:30 Open Gym:
    20:55, RX
    – this one snuck up on me!

  14. Mac says:

    21:46 rx+