Thursday, March 21 2019

Posted by Mandee on March 20, 2019   |   9 Comments



For Time:

1000m Run
42 Kettlebell Swings   24/16kgs   RX+ 32/24   MRX 20/12

30 WallBall Shots   20/14lbs to 10/9′   MRX 20/10 to 9′

18 Toes to Bar
800m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings
15 WallBall Shots
9 Toes to Bar
600m Run
15 Kettlebell Swings
9 Wallball Shots
7 Toes to Bar
400m Run
9 Kettlebell Swings
7 WallBall Shots
5 Toes to Bar
200m Run

Flexibility Development

2x30sec Couch Stretch or Modified Couch

2x30sec Head to Floor Straddle Stretch




The final Open WOD, 19.5, will be released tonight at 7pm! Tune into games.crossfit.com for the live announcement! 

9 responses to “Thursday, March 21 2019”

  1. Maggie says:

    That’s my best friend!! If you can’t call this girl a friend you’re missing out! She’s the most loyal, hilarious, wonderful person I know. Keep being amazing Trace! ♥️

  2. Nathaniel says:

    My homegirl Trace bangin out some Barbell Push Ups. She’s been CrossFitting at CFHSV from way back when and still shows the consistency to maintain that fit life. Keep walkin the walk and talkin the talk Tracy 😊

  3. Mandee says:

    Tracy quietly rocking out in her spot, doing her thing likes she’s been doing for years. This lady is a total rockstar, in the gym and in life. Beautiful inside and out! She’s the kind of friend everyone deserves but few are lucky enough to find. Luckily for us, she’s that kind of friend to so many 😁

  4. BP says:

    Tracy is the best

    24:39 Scaled to 🏍

  5. Bradley says:

    Look at Tracy rocking out some beautiful barbell push ups. Tracy is the best. She can brighten up your day just by showing up. Keep being you stud muffin!!

  6. Justin says:

    Back corner superstar. Like those shoes Tracy
    24:43 bike

  7. Mimi says:

    Never underestimate this woman.
    She will kick your ass.
    Love you friend!

  8. Sam W says:

    27:27 RX+
    Tracy is so awesome!

  9. Michael Little says:

    29:30 scaled
    30lb wallball