Thursday, March 24 2022

Posted by Mandee on March 23, 2022   |   13 Comments



Pause Bench Press   E3MOM

5 x 5

(3 second pause in bottom/on chest)

Team WOD

3 Rounds For Time: (15min cap)
Partner 1 – 200m Row

Partner 2 – High Plank Hold
Partner 2 – 200m Row

Partner 1 – High Plank Hold
5 Synchronized Barbell Push-ups   MRX Push-ups

10 Synchronized Hang Cleans
10 Alternating Thrusters

BarBell =   95/65   RX+135/95   MRX 75/55

Core & Chest Development

2 sets 10 reps Parallette Shoot Through
2 sets 15 reps Weight Plate Bench Press

2 sets 20 reps Band Pull-Aparts




Good Luck to our Individual Quarterfinal Athletes who start their online competition today at CFHSV! 

** Alex Ankron ** Mo Araiinejad ** Bailey Bentley ** Griffin Blake ** Adam Callis ** Sean Freeman **

** Bradley Futch ** Jake McLendon ** Christian Shirey ** Mandee Stearns ** CJ Van Kampen ** Matrice Woods**



13 responses to “Thursday, March 24 2022”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Allison! Way to own that DB! Allison is one of those athletes that could show up at any class or open gym but the point is she’s gonna get her work done for the day. She has an incredible work ethic and holds herself to the highest standards. She’s also a longtime member and friend at CFHSV. Her consistency over the years has been motivating and encouraging to see for myself and others. She’s a ‘lifer’ and we’re lucky she found CFHSV. You rock Allison😊

  2. Matt says:

    Bad to the bone!

  3. Devonne Ford says:

    My girl Allison! Awesome person!! Awesome supporter! Always encouraging you when are ready to give up! Love seeing you and WODING with you!

  4. Mandee says:

    Allison looking strong and working hard as always! This lady is such a dedicated athlete who is consistent in both her training schedule and her top level effort. She has worked so hard over the years, always striving to do things the right way and probably being a little too tough on herself at times as well. She’s a longtime member and friend, and it’s so awesome to see her continue to focus on her health and fitness. You’re awesome, Allison! Keep it up!☺️

  5. Kathy Shelton says:

    Bad to the bone, indeed! Allison works hard and always encourages others to give it their best. Looking good Allison.

  6. Beth says:

    Allison is a hard working and focused athlete who pushes herself to the limit. She charges forward determined to meet her goal. She is also a motivator who encourages others to reach their potential during each WOD. Keep killing it Allison!!!!

  7. Hal says:

    A. 165 across

    B. 😀 rx+ (started w/ Michael S but he pulled a muscle and had to drop off)

    C. Complete + GHDs

  8. Bo says:

    A: 135 across
    B: 8:18 rx w Raaen

  9. steve price says:

    Once upon a time a 55 year old and a 42 year old teamed up 😂😂
    Sy & Steve Rx+ 12:46

  10. CJ VK says:

    2022 Individual Quarterfinal WOD 1: 170 reps rx

  11. Lupo says:

    165 across all sets
    10:37 rx+ w/ Zach

  12. Kim G says:

    A. 65# across
    B. 12:01 rx, row with Suzanne!

    Allison is as sweet as one can be! She’s also determined and committed to her health, fitness, and family!! I’m always excited when I see her face!!! Keep rockin’ it, Allison!! 💪🏼

  13. Duke says:

    8:34 rx with Melissa

    Much respect to the people who did todays quarterfinal wod. Hurt me to even watch.