Thursday, May 10 2018

Posted by Mandee on May 9, 2018   |   24 Comments

By 2014, it was clear that CFHSV was outgrowing the facility that had seemed too big just a few short years earlier. An outdoor rig was installed, and overflow from the biggest classes enjoyed throwing down outside. Behind the scenes, options were being discussed and plans being made of how to handle a packed gym. But CFHSV athletes were not deterred, and they continued to show up and show out in classic CrossFit Huntsville style.  In late July, CFHSV sent its first Masters athlete to the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games. And by late Fall, concrete plans were in place to renovate a building just up the road and move CrossFit Huntsville to a bigger, better facility. By early 2015, CFHSV athletes were aware of the upcoming move, and patiently awaited the unveiling of their new home. And after many months of waiting, in late October our new CFHSV home was open for business. Although the building behind the Matrix was hard to leave, our new facility was an upgrade in every way, and CFHSV athletes quickly settled in without missing a beat or a workout. 



DeadLifts & Strict Dips(ring or bar)   E2MOM

7 Deadlifts – Strict Dips 1-15reps

6 Deadlifts – Strict Dips 1-15reps

5 Deadlifts – Strict Dips 1-15reps

4 Deadlifts – Strict Dips 1-15reps

10min AMRAP:

10 Deadlifts   135/95   RX+ 155/105   MRX 115/75

5 Hang Squat Cleans
10 Handstand Push-ups OR 10 Shoulder to Overhead

Core & Shoulder Development

2 sets Evil Wheels 10-15reps
200m Overhead Plate Waiter Walk
2min High Plank Hold with 1 Push-up every 10sec



CFHSV 10 Year Anniversary Celebration this Saturday, May 12th! Hope to see you all there!

Reminder: We will be closed Sunday, May 13th in honor of Mother’s Day

24 responses to “Thursday, May 10 2018”

  1. MH says:

    Oh Yeah! Class of 2014! This has been the best 4 years. I just love crossfit Huntsville!

  2. Charlie says:

    Can’t believe how far I have come since 2014. I was looking for something other than going to the gym and lifting weights. I was diagnosed with pre diabetes and needed to find something that would help me get fit and off medication. I heard about crossfit and thought I would give it a try. I truly believe that decision save me, I am no longer diabetic and off my medication. I just want to thank all the coaches and athletes for the great community at CFHSV.

  3. Daniel Lynch says:

    Class of 2014 also! No regrets

  4. Nathaniel says:

    Dang so many memories!

    The old gym was awesome and we had to reconfigure that bad boy each day. We and y’all helped move, drag, and rearrange equipment to meet the needs of each day. Heck, we would reconfigure that gym after the strength portion to make room for the wod. One team one fight everyday!

    Loved that outside rig and the relief it provided for those massive afternoon classes. Also enjoyed hand picking folks to move their butts out there. Pretty much the same people…Jaime Day, Slade, Hand, Junk Yard, Kyle O….all the ugly dudes.

    That field and track will be forever missed along with dodging coyotes and their left behind markings on the track.

    Dennis Berry at the Games is a life long memory and experience. I think I cried in the stands at the beginning of each event he was in. Also my first year as a Games Athletes Coache’s Husband. Think about that. The importance of that role. I was the husband of a coach who coached a Games athlete. Not many of those. I would later go on to carry out the duties of that role twice more. You’re welcome Mandee and Dennis.

    And then the dream and execution of unveiling the home we now throw down in. That was an awesome and exciting day for CFHSV’s community.

    • Jamie Cherrypicker says:

      Shout out to everyone who burned their hands on the pullup bars. And to all the coaches who had to keep track of every athlete who ran either the parking lot or the track (to the island and back). And to anyone who accidentally hit whatever it was on the wall (fire alarm light?) with the wallball in the two person spot between the rigs. And to anyone who lost their keys (Slade) in the pile that grew daily. And to all the ladies who waited for one of the three stalls to open up before the WOD. And to the milk man. And to that storage building in the back that housed who knows what. And to anyone who ever had to wait for one of the 9 rowers to open up. Ya’ll know who you all are.

      • Nathaniel says:

        😂 Yep to all that 😆

      • Regina says:

        And to Nate for always working in some comment about the defibrillator in each of his briefings.
        And to everyone who worked out among the cottonwood tree fluff 🙂
        Oh I do miss that track, that gym, and the outdoor rig!

  5. Allison says:

    Class of 2014 also. My Crossfit began as a Christmas party bet. No regrets.

  6. Josh Kennedy says:

    To this day when we have a WOD with kettlebells, I go looking for Dennis’ KB that he left behind. A little extra motivation in using his equipment….

  7. CJ VK says:

    A1. 205(5) across
    A2. 4 strict bar dips across
    B. 4+12 Rx (HSPUs)

  8. Justin says:

    Amazing how quickly CFHSV outgrew the gym behind the matrix. Lots of great memories there.

    10 strict ring dips
    5+2 rx+ hspu

  9. Brian A says:

    I’m very happy to be part of the class of 2014 and the 507 (and counting) classes I’ve been a part of. CrossFit HuntSVille is a great community to be a part of. I proud to be a part of it. I.m looking forward to the next 10 years.

  10. Regina says:

    In 2014, I was raising 2 kids under 2 by myself and trying to maintain some athleticism by running on my treadmill. I drove by a gym one day and saw some dudes running with wallballs and wanted to try it. I went to one of their “friends and family” wods (similar to our 101 wod). I ran 2 miles to get there, because I was “in shape” and didn’t think the wod itself would be enough of a workout. I about died during the workout and then had to run home afterwards. After that, I did some research on Crossfit and found CFHSV, and I realized I knew Mandee and Nate, and from there I was convinced. I had been through a lot of stress the few years prior to joining and had dropped well under an ideal weight, but Dennis’s programming and nutritional suggestions helped me to get back to where I needed to be. I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years…I am still learning and struggling, but improving myself and my fitness every day, and I look forward to seeing everyone in the gym as much as getting a workout. I love this gym and all you guys!

  11. Sam W says:

    5+7 Rx+ HSPU

    CFHSV became my new home gym in 2015. I remember showing up to observe a class to make sure all the high remarks I was told were true. My expectations were exceeded in every way the second I walked through the door at the old building. I had met Mandee and Nate twice before, but I didn’t recognize Nate- that dude used to have hair believe it or not! I knew they were extraordinary people, but I didn’t realize how amazing and genuine the entire gym was. Keep on keeping on CFHSV!

  12. Matrice says:

    This is where the journey began for me at CFHSV. At first, I really didn’t know what to expect until I seen Dennis on my first day of 101. I thought to myself “if I can look that good at that age” this has to be the thing for me. Not knowing much about what CF was beside lifting heavy weights, I was still completely sold! I was also new to HSV, so actually coming to a place that felt like a home away from home was great. The CFHSV family was always so supportive at many different levels. Many people used to always say “you will get it”, and some of those things I still don’t know how to do! LOL! I remember the track with the animals that lived really close. I remember making sure I was not in first place EVER on the track so the people ahead of me could scare all of the animals away and get the spider webs before I got to them. I remember waiting in line for the bathroom and giving tissue to my neighbors. There was also a nice body mirror in the bathroom that I looked at after WODs to see if I was Swole like Nate said I would be on Bench days. There were a lot of great memories! When I didn’t believe in me, I could always come to the gym for a boost in confidence. I will never forget the words of Dennis “Check your EGO at the door”, and I have to remind myself of that sometimes. This was a great time of my life, and if I was to do it all over again I would choose CFHSV every time.

  13. Bradley says:

    A1. 305-325-345-365
    A2. 10 strict dips each set

    B. 6+11 Rx+ with HSPUs

  14. Kathy S. says:

    In 2014, I had a friend who talked a lot about crossfit, so without much thought, I did a google search for places to crossfit in Huntsville and found CFHSV. Based on my 5 minutes of research, I immediately decided to join (this is how I make most of my decisions). I could not even wait for the next 101 class, so I signed up for the individual 101 with Nathan (who, by the way, is smarter than he looks). I did not have any major health problems to overcome and really did not have any goals in mind, other than exercise and maybe slowing some of the effects of aging. But wow! I was addicted after the first week or two and have never lost my love for it. I love walking into the box and seeing familiar faces and watching new people join and develop. Crossfit is great for body, mind and spirit and I truly believe that CFHSV represents the best of crossfit.

  15. Mandee says:

    A. 210(7) – 225(6) – 240(5) – 255(4)
    5 strict ring dips Unbroken
    B. 6 + 7 RX+ with shoulder to overhead

  16. DUKE says:

    8 strict ring dips
    4+17 RX
    Accessory completed

  17. Jeremy M. says:

    6:15pm Class:
    A1: 275(7)-315(6)-345(5)-365(4)
    A2: StrictRingDips – 10/10/10/10 (unbroken)
    B: 5+20, RX w/ hspu
    – Awesome class Mandee/Brian!!! Good looking athletes of 2014/15!!!