Thursday, May 23 2019

Posted by Mandee on May 22, 2019   |   18 Comments

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of our friend and fellow CrossFit Huntsville athlete Linda Anthony. Linda and Milton joined our CFHSV community many years ago, and both together and individually they added so much to our mornings. Linda became a regular in our 815am and 915am classes, and made a positive impact on so many of her fellow classmates. She will be deeply missed, and she will always be remembered as a valued member of our CFHSV family. 

Visitation for Linda is today, Thursday, May 23rd from 9am-10am at Berryhill Funeral Home. There will be a memorial service to follow. 



Deadlift Pyramids    E2:30MOM 

7 – 5 – 7

4 – 2 – 4

13min AMRAP:

13 Deadlifts   225/155lbs   RX+ 255/175   MRX 185/115

3 Over Bar Burpees
1 Rope Climb

13/11 calorie Row or Assault Bike

Core Development

2 sets x 15 reps Each Leg (1 Leg 1 Arm KB Deadlifts)
2 sets x 15 reps Hip Extensions
50 Flutter Kicks

25 V-Ups





Saturday, May 25th: regular schedule

Sunday, May 26th: closed

Monday, May 27th: “MURPH” at 9AM

(all other classes canceled; we will NOT have childcare)

18 responses to “Thursday, May 23 2019”

  1. BWM says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. Linda was a great lady! The heavens are brighter with this sweet lady shining down on us! God Bless your family! We will miss your smiling face at 8:15!

  2. Sabrina Prichard says:

    This news makes me so sad! She was such a sweet lady! I know she is with her Savior now but she will be missed.

  3. Nathaniel says:

    Linda became my friend. She was full of fight and humor. She served everyone around her…always giving. I’ll remember and cherish our time together. She is perfect now

  4. Mandee says:

    Oh sweet Linda. Linda was one of kind. She wahs funny, caring, quick witted and loyal. And she was so proud and happy to take steps to improve her health and her life, and CrossFit was one of those steps. She probably thanked us more than anyone else ever will, but truly she didn’t owe any of us a thank you. She did all the hard work, and the physical improvements she made were inspiring. Rest In Peace, sweet Linda. You will be missed and always remembered ever so fondly ?

  5. @Cj.vk says:

    Hate to hear of Linda’s passing. We shared plenty of laughs at 815 and 915 classes.

    275 / 305
    315 / 335

    1 round rx


    6 rounds 15cal hard/5cal easy on the bike.

  6. Bradley says:

    I am so sad to hear about the passing of Linda. It was always a pleasure to have her in the morning classes. She always had a smile on her face. She came so far in her CrossFit journey and worked so hard. Linda, you will be greatly missed.

  7. Misty Capps says:

    I will never forget sweet Linda! She always made a point to speak to me as soon as she saw me and she always had nothing but kind words. I was impressed with her every single time she walked through the doors. She pushed herself daily and was always proud to tell me about her most recent trips to the doctor with good results. I will always remember her sweet smile and funny comments. She truly brought a smile to everyone’s face! Rest In Peace … forever and always you will be missed!

  8. Haley says:

    Sweet Linda you are missed, but I know you are bringing your joy to others now. Linda was one of the happiest and funniest people at CFHSV. I enjoyed each time she walked into the gym with a smile and that fierce personality. Milton our hearts go out to you and the family.

  9. Matt says:

    In the profession of counseling it is frowned upon for a counselor to accept gifts from their clients. You might imagine that this could create a “boundary” issue between the helping professional and their clientele. “Why can’t I show up late for my sessions, what’s wrong with me spending the night at your office…..remember I brought you that present?”

    The dilemma regarding the issue of gifts in the mental healthcare world is that when you have a helping professional who actually “helps” their clients, the clients feel an overwhelming natural feeling of gratitude. We all know how it feels to be helped, unexpectedly, without even asking. Because of this feeling of gratitude, they often want to show their appreciation with gifts.

    Some helping professionals are good at the “art” and others competent with the “science” of helping people who suffer with addiction and other mental health issues. You might say that the ones who are good at the “science” are great rule followers. They fill out the forms, they usher people out in time to lock the doors “on time,”they count the money correctly, they establish heathy “boundaries” at all cost.

    I have come to believe that the ones who are good at the “art” are great at exhibiting and promoting unconditional, positive regard for others. They have felt your pain, they have experienced extreme challenges, and despite oppositional and defiant behavior, they still keep loving others.

    These separate approaches can be at conflict within a counselor. Occasionally you find a person who is good at both the art and the science.

    This is how I remember Linda. Linda helped me counsel and treat people who suffer from mental health issues, primarily referred by the criminal justice system. Linda was naturally good at the “art” of helping others. She pushed herself to become good at the science.

    You see, she cared so much about people that they wanted to give her gifts…..and they didn’t usually have the money to spend on gifts. So I’d show up at the office and there would be a Wal-Mart sack of freshly picked tomatoes hanging on the doorknob. In the early days people would bring cake and donuts for graduations from my program. But that changed as Linda changed. You see, Linda started doing CrossFit. Nate and Mandee were able to influence her enough that she started doing the Zone diet. Amazing! And because of Linda’s experience with CrossFit, she couldn’t wait to share it with others, including our clients. Not a day went by that Linda didn’t tell me about some of you folks at CFHSV. She was so impressed with how “nice” you were.

    Linda and Milton were the greatest clinical employees I ever worked with. They studied and prepared for every session as if it were a graduate school project. But most importantly they shared their gifts…..their art of empathy with those less fortunate. I could not expect the clients to respond unnaturally. The cool thing is that Linda learned to respectfully decline gifts by asking clients to donate to charities or by doing something in their community.

    There were former clients at her memorial service today. One guy said that he got his little boy back because Linda wrote a letter to the judge. What an amazing gift.

    I’ll miss Linda. I’ll try to honor her by being more dedicated to the art. I’ll try to respect her by checking on Milton. I’ll remember her every time I walk through the doors of CFHSV.

    She might say, “Matt, today is a gift, that’s why they call it the “present.”

    RIP Linda Anthony

  10. Katie A says:

    I was so sorry to hear this news about Linda. Mornings are not the same without her! She was funny and kind to be around; I wish I had had the chance to get to know her better.

  11. Lindsey W says:

    If y’all didn’t have the pleasure of knowing sweet Mrs. Linda, you were missing a precious light in your life. She always shared in everyone’s victories and cheered everyone on. Everyone needs a cheerleader like Linda in your life!! She and Milton both were and still are a driving force behind my motivation. I always tell myself if Linda and Milton can do it, I can at least try it too! I will never forget celebrating with her when she hit her 15# goal. She was so excited I think she told everyone in the 815 and 915 class that she had hit her weight loss goal. Sure will miss seeing her and hearing that contagious laugh!!

  12. Tricia Hall says:

    I have missed Linda at CFHSV recently and will continue to miss her. I did not have the opportunity to know Linda well, but I love what I saw when she would come into the gym. Linda had the cutest personality, always made me laugh, and had the best attitude. She was a devoted, loving wife and truly a special person. You didn’t have to know her well to see that. Rest In Peace sweet Linda.

  13. Fleming Sharp says:

    Linda touched everyone she came in contact with at crossfit Huntsville. Her dedication to Milton and to improving her health was so inspiring. Linda had such a happy heart and positive attitude always. She will be greatly missed and my prayers go out to Milton and the rest of her family. What a wonderful lady!

  14. Margaret-Anne Crumlish says:

    Linda was an inspiration. She came in to class ready to work. When she and Milton would drive up you knew your class was going to have a special energy. Heaven has gained an amazing angel. May God bless Linda’s family and surround them with peace.

  15. Wendy Pearson says:

    Linda you will be missed!!! You & Milton were such an inspiration to us all. You worked hard, never gave up and always did it with a smile. Rest In Peace sweet Linda!

  16. Adela says:

    Linda was a wonderful person who encouraged others in our CFHSV family and community. She had the guts to walk in our Box and train with the best athletes in the 9:15. She was impressed by all of her fellow classmates, but she inspired all of us. I am proud to have been her WOD partner! She is missed and will be remembered.

  17. Kim G says:

    I will miss Linda’s smile and sense of humor. She had a nurturing and dedicated spirit to the people and things she cared about and her presence will be greatly missed! ❤️

  18. Wilma Jackson says:

    I loved when we were in the same class. I am not sure our nutrition goals were on point. I remember us trying to figure out if a whole pint of halo top ice cream as one serving was still healthy. I think we both laughed and decided it was. I feel so blessed that our paths crossed. I will miss you.