Thursday, October 21 2021

Posted by Mandee on October 20, 2021   |   14 Comments



In 15 Minutes establish a:

1RM weighted C2B Pull-up; Weighted Pull-Up (chin over bar) 


1 set Unbroken Max Reps Strict Pull-ups 

(perform in order listed)

*Compare to 2 Apr 21*

For Time: (18min cap)

600m Row or Run or 1.5k Bike

60 Pull-Ups   RX+ Chest to Bar   MRX Ring Rows

400m Row or Run or 1k Bike
40 Pull-Ups   RX+ Chest to Bar   MRX Ring Rows

200m Row or Run or 0.5k Bike

20 Pull-Ups   RX+ Chest to Bar   MRX Ring Rows

Flexibility Development

Spend 3min on Banded Shoulder Stretches

2x30sec Couch Stretch
2x30sec Head to Floor Straddle Stretch

Spend 3min on PVC Shoulder Stretches

2x30sec Butterfly Stretch

2x30sec American Splits







CFHSV will be hosting Barbells For Boobs…

Monday, October 25th during all regularly scheduled classes!

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And don’t forget to wear PINK!

14 responses to “Thursday, October 21 2021”

  1. SabrinaP says:

    There’s my amazing friend! She is strong and beautiful and has a heart of gold. She has really been there for me and I am so grateful!

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Felicia lookin stoic in that front rack. Felicia might be as sweet as they come. She’s kind and thoughtful to everyone around and can light up the gym with her smile. Felicia goes hard when it’s WOD time and she’s got the skills to wear it out! She’s got great form and technique and trains smart. She’s approachable, coachable, and a treat to have in any class and she reps the 8:15 most often. Keep it up Felicia 😊

  3. Mandee says:

    Dang, look at that position! Felicia showing off that awesome front rack while looking cool, calm and collected. This lady is kind, genuine, friendly and so very sweet. She works incredibly hard and is consistent in training, effort and attitude. She moves well, has great form and technique, a beautiful smile to top it off. Stay after it, Felicia! 😄

  4. Hal says:

    A. BW / 35 / 8

    B. 2+7 rx+ ⏱

    C. Complete + GHDs

  5. Bo says:

    A: 13 / 53 / 10
    B: 15:27 rx (row)

  6. Jason Morgan says:

    17:22 Rx+

  7. Mandee says:

    13:22 RX+ (bike)

  8. Justin says:

    10:35 rx bike

  9. Regina says:

    Felicia is so thoughtful and kind, but she’s also stronger than she gives herself credit for and can take a wod down any day of the week!
    16:07 Rx

  10. Bradley says:

    14:32 Rx+ run

  11. Kim G says:

    It’s always a good day when I see Felicia walk through the door! She is humble, full of joy, and has the kindest spirit! However, don’t let that sweet smile fool you- this woman can move some weight. I wouldn’t be surprised if she cycled a few muscle ups when no one was looking! She also has a precious family and is an amazing friend! ❤️

  12. Bailey says:

    15:45 rx+ run

    Felicia looking strong and focused! She is so kind and always shows up and works hard. Keep up the awesome work Felicia!!