Thursday, September 15 2016

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A. Bench Press: 5 sets of 5  1-1/2 reps  E3MOM

B. 15 minute AMRAP of:

20 pull-ups  (MRX 10 pull-ups)

40 double unders  (MRX 30 double unders)

400m row  (MRX 300m row)

20 push-ups  (MRX 10 push-ups)

C. Core Development:

25 hollow rocks

1 minute high plank hold

25 hollow rocks

1 minute low plank hold



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12 responses to “Thursday, September 15 2016”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Jeremiah! Awesome addition to the 6am crew! Pure grit!

  2. KOBRA says:

    There’s one half of Team America! It’s usually cool in the mornings, but Jeremiah brings the heat!

  3. Mandee says:

    Looking strong Jeremiah!! Keep up the good work dude! 🙂

  4. Nathaniel says:

    Don’t hurt ’em Jeremiah! It’s just a game! Mr. Jeremiah brings his A-Game every day. Keep it up!

  5. Bradley says:

    Jeremiah is one strong dude! He brings the pain every day.

  6. BP says:

    There is the pretty half of Team America! Takes copious notes and puts in hard work each morning.

    A. 225(3)-205 the rest of the way
    B. 2+18 RX. Finally decided to quite scaling # of DUs. Grinded through and pleased.

  7. Clair says:

    A.75# Picked the perfect weight
    B. 2+52 Rxd
    Tough WOD! Thanks for the coaching and encouragement, Nathaniel. Make it a great day CFHSV!

  8. Nathaniel says:

    A. Bench Press : 200lbs across ( only 4reps on 4th and 5th sets )

    B. 4 + 12 rx

  9. KOBRA says:

    A. 200 – 185 – 185 – 185(4) – 175

    B. 4+44 RX

  10. Matt says:

    A: 240(5) 240(5) 240(3) 225(4) 200(5)
    B: 2+7 RX (First time linking 6 consecutive kipping pull-ups) Thanks for the push on that “Process” Kodi and Dave. Happy to see so many people working on weaknesses and developing skills just after 1130 class.
    C: Complete

  11. Justin says:

    205 across

  12. Jeremy M. says:

    6:30pm Open Gym:
    Today’s rep scheme, 5sets E3:30MOM, bench press + back squat:
    Bench press – 185# across (no spotter, 5-5-5-4/1-3/1/1)
    Back squat – 225# across (5-5-5-5-5)
    – Jeremiah always bringing his A-game! Good dude too!