Thursday,07 Jan, 2010

Posted by Mandee on January 6, 2010   |   7 Comments

20 minutes of Gymnastic skill work-
L-sit transition to Handstand
Inverted ring hangs
Front / back levers

20 minutes of Olympic lift skill work-
Clean progression
Jerk progression

5 minutes of recovery stretching and foam roller work

“Hand Rips, Causes, Treatment, and Prevention”–  the CrossFit Journal

You really “don’t have time” to eat right?

7 responses to “Thursday,07 Jan, 2010”

  1. tracey says:

    call me before you head to Jones Valley tomorrow. There may be snow and the world of Huntsville will shut down. We will get bodyfat done before Mon.

  2. Emily D. says:

    stuck at home on the boat…watching the snow pile up on top of the icy lake….just waiting for our heat to go out.

    I hate that I have to miss this one today!

  3. Robert S. says:

    Worked on handstands and L holds

    then row 500m 1:45

    C&J work 95,135,155. Worked on split jerk. Need to focus on getting a solid base under the weight on both the clean and the jerk.

    Glad I was able to get all of this done at the NASA gym during lunch before the mass exodus started on base and the MVA calls started coming in.

  4. z says:

    The yoga cool down was really good. Much needed after the wall ball workout today.

  5. Barry S says:

    100 burpees, 12:30 (I suck at these!!!)

  6. Patrick says:

    Sort of an active rest day.
    Handstands, Headstands, L sits, Levers skill work.
    Clean and Jerk progression with Josh.
    Mutted hip extension is my new nemesis.
    To be added to Muscle ups, Double Unders, Running, Box Jumps, Back Squats, Snatch…just to name a few.