Tuesday, 01 Mar, 2011

Posted by Mandee on February 28, 2011   |   30 Comments


10 minutes of Hip mobility work, followed by 3×15 stretch-band good-mornings Workout-


Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

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30 responses to “Tuesday, 01 Mar, 2011”

  1. Robb says:

    If anyone is looking for fresh veggies during the summer Dennison’s Farm is open for membership in it’s CSA. The sign-up/deposit deadline is March 11th.


    • Emily D. says:

      Here is another local one:


      It is a little pricier but it runs longer(18 week instead of 10). I have a friend that receives a bastet from these guys.

      • Robb says:

        nice! I like the fruit lovers share they have. Thanks for the link.

      • Katherine Berger says:

        Hey–if you guys are interested, and if you pick one of the farms as the better one, we could attempt to make CFHSV a drop-off location. I went to the Doe Run Farm website and see that this is an option. Of course, Holy Spirit is not that far away but…if we had lots of interested members, it might be nice.

        • Ben Jarrell says:

          I like that idea. One of the reasons I haven’t signed up for A CSA is that having to go to a drop off location would be hard for me to fit into my schedule. If CFHSV was the location, no problem.

      • stacey says:

        whats a bastet?


    • Kerri says:


  2. Aaron says:

    It was great working with the 0600 crew again this morning!


    Need to work on keeping chest up. I seem to want to finish coming down by leaning forward instead of finishing the squat. Core strength prolly needs work.

  3. Matthew says:


    Great job to everyone this morning. Nice picture tye

  4. Justin says:


  5. Katherine Berger says:

    Also, just a reminder that GUYS NIGHT is THIS THURSDAY at 630 at Plamor Lanes. Email us if you would like to come!

  6. Will Blankenship says:

    Since the POD (pic of day) is of the benchpress – cool pic, Tye – I thought this vid would be fitting…

    225 x 49

    Not exactly to CF standards, but impressive nonetheless.

  7. Penelope says:


  8. 295-315-335-355-365(1)

    Seeing as how I haven’t been able to load my spine really heavy since before December I’m extremely happy to see these numbers.

    Klowe and Russell both threw some serious weight around today.

  9. Carson says:


    145 was my previous one rep max, so needless to say I know my numbers have changed the next time CF Total rolls around. Need to work on form…and hopefully figure something out about why my knee is so jacked up and how to fix it. Squats would be a lot easier without worrying about my form and my knee.

    Good work everyone!

  10. Jason says:

    Our City Lumber Home Center booths at the HOME SHOW are looking great. Come see us this weekend at the H/MCBA Building Home and Remodeling Show at the VBS. Fri, Sat, Sun…..Anything for building or remodeling – we can do!

    Oh yeah – 155,175,185,195,205(1),185 – last 5×3 was 175 max but still not PR material.
    Good training day and everyone worked hard

  11. KLowe says:

    335 to start. Finished with 385

    Got 395 twice but failed on rep 3 because Matchbox 20 came on the radio. Impossible to heavy squat with that crappy-assed office music playing. I blame Matchbox 20 for my failed lift…..and for making such s#@tty music.

  12. Rich C. says:

    215 matched my previous 1RM…still need more explosiveness out of the hole though

  13. Russell says:

    365 x 3

    Then I tried to put 375 on the bar, really put 365 BACK on the bar because I can’t do math, and only got 1 and failed to hit depth on the rest. Very glad to be having this problem as normally I go too deep and get stuck.

  14. AJ says:

    Hey guys! Phil did a good bit of research on the area CSA options and found that the above mentioned Doe Run Farm seems to be the best option (for us at least) and I wanted to point out one thing for you all to consider. If you are eating paleo obviously there will be items you won’t want. The program offers what they call a “swap box” at each location where you can trade items you don’t want for items you do…if we were to make CFHSV a pick-up location, I’m concerned that the swap box will be full of corn and beans and there will be nothing to swap. Thoughts?

    • Tye says:

      Maybe they would be willing to work with us on that if we can provide enough customers and an extra drop off location. I would think that would be worth pursuing, and I would agree based off of what I looked over Doe Run seems to be the best option.

  15. Patrick says:


  16. Ben says:

    I did a PR today at 165 lbs, which may also be a PR for any lift since I started at CFHSV. Considering that 6 months ago i could barely handle a squat with a PVC pipe, i am really proud of this number.

    A few weeks ago, a long time friend of mine down in Birmingham sent me a facebook message asking what this CrossFit thing was all about, and I excitedly told him about how Crossfit had worked for me. Today he went to his first session at an affiliate down there, and I’m trying to be encouraging, since if his experience was anything like my first few days, I’m sure he is sore as hell. I hooe he sees that it is worth it.