Tuesday, 02 June, 2009

Posted by Mandee on June 2, 2009   |   21 Comments


Five rounds for time of:
40 pound Dumbbells split clean, 15 reps
21 Pull-ups

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21 responses to “Tuesday, 02 June, 2009”

  1. Russell says:


    should have had sub-10:00. had 21 pull ups left at 9 minutes but grip was like soft-serve.

  2. Ryan P says:

    16:49 with 16kg kb’s

  3. Clint says:

    17:50 rx
    Did 21 of KB Split Cleans oh well maybe cost me a minute still felt pretty slow doing this.

  4. Slade White says:

    As Rx’d 16:33 with 16kg kb’s. Realized I was pulling with my arms too much on the first set of split cleans when I was already spent for pullups. Made some adjustments on grip and it got better. Still wasn’t splitting very deep and pullups were hit and miss on height.

  5. Daniel says:

    21:50 I think. Kinda lost count, but if anything I did a few extra.

    Elbow problem flared up in the 5th round probably because of declining form, but I pushed through anyway.

    Took it slow in the gym by myself. Should have worked in with the group to work beside someone who would push me. Still felt good though. I was beat afterwards, just not rolling on the floor tired.

  6. klowe says:

    10.49 – split clean form was crap but the weight was moved.

    Still just tired from everything else…………….

  7. Robert Montgomery says:

    21:12 With 40#DB’s and 10#vest… Stripped the vest after round 1. Wanted to quit really bad after round 1 and almost did but decided I didn’t want to have to live with quitting a workout. This kicked my butt today, don’t know why, just felt weak and slow and out of breath the whole time. Probably overtraining…. Anyway, felt good to push through and finish…

  8. Larry Lowe says:

    19:07 with 40# dbs. my legs were loaded up from Kelly yesterday.

  9. Craig Herr says:


    Five rounds:
    Run 400 meters
    30 Box jump, 24 inch box
    30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball (Left arm only)


    *First workout since Hoover Ball over two weeks ago. Took time off to try to heal this stupid tendon tear and the the crushed toe joint from Hoover ball. Did this workout in the 95 degree heat and it was not pleasant but the punishment I needed and deserved. I hope to be back to normal sometime in 2009 but it sure does not sem like that is going to happen. Back to lots of legs, sit ups and double unders tons of fun!!!!!

  10. Slade White says:

    Craig! Glad to hear you’re still alive. One armed Wall Ball Shots…..doesn’t sound like fun……

  11. Hudson Slater says:

    17:39. Way worse than I thought I would do. The cleans were more like deadlift curls. Grip strength was gone halfway through the first round.

  12. tracey says:

    I will start my breast implant fund ASAP… a double D would make ring pull ups and “chest to floor” push ups WAY EASIER! my forearms were nomb after 3rd cycle.

  13. tracey says:

    OH! i forgot 29:50…. it was a painful half hour. 🙂

  14. Justin says:

    Too much fun over the weekend for me to be worth anything today.

  15. Garth says:

    19:02 at the Bally’s in Boston
    Got out of work too late to make it to CF Boston.
    That was the worst pull-up bar I have ever used. It was like using a bar coated in butter. Had to do chin-ups without kip to even hold on. Grip could just not hold on with kipping.

  16. Karen says:

    21:45 as rx’d.

  17. Zak says:

    17:22 as rx’d. This was my first WOD in over 2 weeks. My pull-ups felt terrible and my lungs felt like I had inhaled fire at the end.

  18. Katie says:

    Had to do pullups 2 at a time the last 2 round b/c of grip.
    Technique sucked on the split cleans.

  19. Hudson Slater says:

    Ran Huntsvill CC 5k. 22:17. PR by 39 seconds

  20. J.D. says:

    24:06 as rx’d. Still noting discomfort & some weakness in my upper forearms, courtesy of the muscle-ups & “Kelly”… did I mention I HATE wall-balls? Gonna rest today and see if I can let my tendons & ligaments cool-off a bit. Found myself grunting & groaning a lot on this one. You know you sound bad working out when Russell says it sounds “like two pit-bulls fighting”. I think they were actually just chewing on my arms…

  21. Mandy says:

    19:42, jumping pull-ups