Tuesday, 05 Apr, 2011

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Muscle-up practice and skill-transfer exercises.



30 Muscle-ups for time

Post time to comments.

Compare to 100326.



2 x 25 slow and controlled  ab-mat sit-ups


(If you just did 30 MU for time with our Benchmarks class recently, you can still come to this class and work on your technique and possibly learn some new tricks for developing a stronger strict muscle-up if you already have one!)


Big Fat UPDATE! As of now, three of our athletes are in the top 60, meaning they are currently contenders to make it into Regionals!

Russell Berger Region Rank: 6 of 1063

Dennis Berry Region Rank: 49 of 1063

Jake Naumcheff Region Rank: 53 of 1063

On top of these three, we have  Tye Abell, who is only a few places shy of qualifying, as well as Kevin LoweTracey Rauer, and Mandee Miller Stearns, who are close enough to pull it off over the next 4 events! PLEASE continue to support these athletes by coming to our Open competitions at the gym!


(And as a side note.. when Dennis Berry qualifies for the Masters competition- he will CRUSH it.)






55 responses to “Tuesday, 05 Apr, 2011”

  1. Justin says:

    Mandee is number 129 in region.

    • Courtney Meyers says:

      Wow, I didn’t realize she was 129 in our region. That’s awesome. Way to represent for represent for the girls, Mandee and Tracey!!!

    • Russell says:

      Mandee is currently listed as 174 ,which is still pretty amazing and puts her within reach if she crushes the next few workouts. Sorry Mandee! I thought all of our athletes were listed in order of rank, but as it turns out it is listed by order that you registered. It just so happens that our highest ranking athletes registered first so this threw me off. If you guys notice anyone else who is higher than I am noticing, let us know!!

      • DaveC says:

        Crossfit Huntsville the TEAM is tied for 16th in the Southeast Region at last check.

      • Justin says:

        It looks like, amazingly, they screwed up the leaderboard again. There are currently ~40 women with scores only for one workout who are rankend higher than she is.

        • Tye says:

          I noticed that I went from 68th to 89th I think, and it looks like Dennis and Jake also fell. No idea what’s going on, and don’t really care anymore. I’ll just keep hitting these workouts as hard as I can and let it all fall where it may.

          • Courtney Meyers says:

            Guess the site is normal again..Tye, you’re back in 68th and Mandee’s back in 129.

  2. Eric Hedges says:

    I did my first muscle up today!! Thank God for small accomplishments! BTW scaled the entire workout.

    • Justin says:

      Congrats. That didn’t take long.

    • Erin Atkins says:

      Congratulations, Eric!!

    • Dennis says:

      Great Job Eric, your base of strength is serving you well. Nice to see how well you are transitioning to a beautiful blend of the ten general physical fitness skills. Keep hitting it hard. Great job again.

  3. Matthew says:

    9:52 Rx’d

    Great job Eric! Several with thier 1st muscle up this morning. Awesome 0600 class today! Great job to Larry for getting on the board this morning and great job to Mandee to represent in our region!

  4. Larry Lowe says:

    Solid work from 0600!

  5. DaveC says:

    A bit off-topic, but I’m looking for a team that’s looking to add a member, or anyone interested in joining up for a new team for the nutrition challenge. Most of my usual accomplices seem reluctant about this one. In a pinch Russell, will you take a one-person “team”?

    • Mandy McMillion says:

      My husband and I need a third person, we’d love to have you. When does it start? I need to sit down and make sure I know all the details. I can’t seem to keep up with the happenings. Today I sat down to submit my open score from Saturday’s workout only to discover the deadline was Sunday. I feel like crying, I was so proud of my time. (7+13), really good for me.

      • Erin Atkins says:

        FYI- lots of people haven’t been able to submit their scores, including those who tried to submit on Saturday or Sunday. I’ve emailed the games (because I’m in the same boat), and I have yet to hear anything. If you look on the site, many people are having the same complaints, so I’m hoping they will allow us to submit scores at some point. Just thought I’d share.

      • Russell says:

        One of the rules of this competition is that you can’t be on a team with someone you live with! If you and your husband want to participate we can certainly get you both on a team though.

      • Kerri says:

        Mandy, (Mandy’s husband), and Dave….I’m going to join a team for the Challenge. Any takers? Just know that I’ll be in Israel for 9 days in May, and it may be harder for me to journal/eat completely clean while away; but, I’m going to DO MY BEST to keep it clean and stick with it.

        • Mandy McMillion says:

          Kerri and DaveC (I’m not sure we’ve met, hi there!) I’m in if you two are. Kerri, I am really hoping this contest will get me where I need to be because I need some major help in the consistent diet department. I can’t make any promises either, but I’ll do my best. Nothing like a little friendly competition to get me there! I was twisting the hubby’s arm to get him on board, so he’ll be relieved. I’ll let him know if he’s still interested to let you know Russell so you can help him find a team.

          • katherine berger says:

            Way to go guys on getting together and making things happen! I am so impressed! If anyone ends up needing another team member….I am available…though I am nervous! I am a paleo-ish zoner most of the time but do have some major ice cream binges once a week! haha!

          • Emily D. says:

            Season and I need another team member…..although I am in the same boat as Kerri…going out of the country for a week but doing the best I can 🙂

          • DaveC says:

            Great, Mandy, I’m in. Not sure if we’ve met either, but perhaps we can take care of that Thursday night if you’re going to be there for the kickoff. Sounds like there’s enough “stray” folks to put together a couple more teams to make sure no one is left out.

          • Kerri says:

            Mandy/Dave…. I put my name on the board tonight. So, if this has been declared a team, by golly get your names up there! 🙂

        • DaveC says:

          Mandy or Kerri. If yu get there before me, feel free to put my name up on the board. Otherwise, I’ll try to remember to put it up there tonight.

  6. Tye says:

    Thanks to everybody that made it out to Buffalo Wild Wings last night despite the rain.

    Still working on our next event. I’m thinking either a shooting range trip, rappelling trip, or overnight backpacking trip for the first weekend in May. Thoughts?

    • Kristi Simmons says:

      DANG!! I want in on guy’s night…we never get anything that fun to do.

      • katherine berger says:

        Just so you know…we had a box in the gym for several months asking for ideas for women’s night and only one person made a suggestion 🙂

        If you would like to do any of the mentioned ideas, let me know! Stacey P and I are all about some shootin’!

    • Chris says:

      My vote is for a backpacking trip!

    • KLowe says:

      1/2 day Kayak down the Flint River (after a Saturday qualifier event?) Rent Kayaks from NAK on 72.

      Peak time will be in about 3-4 weeks. Everything should be in bloom. It is very beautiful, relaxing, and a hellova lot of fun.

      I can get this party started!

      • GarrettD says:

        I’d do that. All of the above sound good though.

      • Tye says:

        I was thinking about that for later summer when it’s balls hot, but heck, we can do it twice as far as I’m concerned. Make it happen KLowe. Saturday May 7th, I’m pretty sure the open will be over, but we can wait to get started until 1 pm so folks can get their WOD done.

      • Tye says:

        Scratch that, make it the 14th. Whistle Stop is the 7th and we’ve got 3 members participating in the BBQ comp.

        • Chris says:

          Can I put in a request for the next weekend? Dean and I are moving apartments the weekend of the 14th. If not its not a big deal, I’d just like to go.

      • Josh says:

        I put my vote in for kayaking. Also, I think I know of a fun half day hike we could try, maybe couple it with a frothy beverage establishment afterwards.

    • katherine berger says:

      Thanks for all the hard work Tye! You have done an awesome job of getting involved and making guys nights a huge success! And Kristi is right, we have some learning to do!

  7. Larry Lowe says:

    I just got my genetic sequencing results back from 23andme (www.23andme.com) Very interesting! Lot’s of data to go through. I can share info if anyone is interested in having their DNA sequenced. Big debate out there right now about this. I am a proponent of information, no matter what it tells you.

    • Tye says:

      Larry, is this basically telling you what your origin or origins are ancestrally? If so, yeah, I’d like to learn more, hopefully you’ll be at 0600 tomorrow.

      • Larry Lowe says:

        This service tells more than where your genes originated. It tells if you have genetic markers for certain diseases, drug resistance, as well as traits (heightened bitter taste receptors, baldness, muscle type, etc.) Lot’s and lot’s of data.

  8. Robert S. says:

    12:08 rx’d pr.

    Happy with the pr, but I have a much better score in me. After allergies
    kicking my butt, and pulling an all-nighter at work I’ll take it.

  9. stacey says:

    MU progression

  10. KLowe says:

    6:26 @ 80%ish

  11. steve says:

    scaled: 10 rounds of:(4 strict pullups,4 dips)

  12. Katieg says:

    Ran about 3-4 miles in the neighborhood today.

    Tye – what about a hike? Josh and I took the kids on the Water Line trail that starts near the Burritt Museam up on Monte Sano. It is only about 1.2 miles and ends at 3 caves, but it is a helluva descent. We won’t be bringing the kids next time, or the dogs! But it was a beautiful day and might make for fun guy time. I know Russell used to do those hikes last year. Anyways, just thought it might be a good idea.

    As for girls ideas… maybe when it gets a tad warmer we could have a pool lay-out day! My kind of relaxin’!

  13. Cole Cubelic says:

    9:11 scaled

    350 bench just to keep Justin off

  14. Carson says:

    Dropped in with CrossFit San Diego today:

    WOD: 3 rounds for time
    10 power snatch (115/75)
    5 muscle ups
    5-10-15 shuttle run

    So I would have something left for WOD 3 of the Open…
    Scaled to 55# power snatch
    10 false grip ring rows plus 15 seconds of ring holds (with a band)
    5-10-15 shuttle run
    Finished in 10:38.