Tuesday, 06 Oct, 2009

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Rest Day

How Can Anyone Afford CrossFit?

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14 responses to “Tuesday, 06 Oct, 2009”

  1. Garth says:

    This is a subject that definitely strikes a cord with me. I did CrossFit for almost two years on my own without an affiliate. I believed in the methods and saw the results from doing the main site WOD on my own. In other words, I did not need the competition or the structure to get me to follow the concepts and show up at the gym. I visited affiliates as I traveled to other places and was always jealous — mostly for the camaraderie — I overlooked the skill development benefits on short trips. Tampa, where I was before HSV, only had one legitimate box. Not having the experience of a regular box, I had a tough time justifying a 45 minute (each way) drive plus $150 a month just to do a WOD. I had a tough time seeing all the benefits outweighing the extra time and cost when I was getting WODs for free.

    I consider myself pretty lucky to have moved to a much smaller town but found a box located on my way home from work. This was all the impetus I needed to change from the solo CF’er to a member of a community. Now that I have been at it for six months in this environment, I will have a tough time if I have to go back to being a solo CF’er. I could go on about why I think belonging to an affiliate is great, but I think everyone here subscribes to that concept or they would not be here either.

    The posts on the CF Forum had some common themes. I will highight two of the most common:

    1) The bootstrapping affiliate owner defending himself and $100-$300/month rates due to all the risks and costs of getting started. To him, my favorite quote was: “If you want to live in a free market world, you are going to have to accept that at some point small and large businesses compete exactly the same way, with value judged by the consumer, not by the business. Every small business owner, whether it’s a Crossfit affiliate, a guy running a gym full of Hammerstrength machines, a bakery, whatever, is taking a risk when they make their venture. That’s the nature of small business. Charge more if you need to charge more–but don’t get upset if someone decides to take their business elsewhere because they can’t afford the higher prices. It’s not a personal attack against you, it’s a financial decision.”

    2) People who compare CF rates to personal training and how CF box membership is a lot cheaper than regular personal training. While there are some at our box or other boxes that might want to and can afford 2x/week personal training, most of our members would not do this (e.g. no perceived need, too expensive, no value). I do not think weekly personal training costs are an accurate comparison. I will steal again from the forum for a much better comparison. “More realistically, our monthly fees are more comparable with the fees charges by a good Jiu Jitsu school, gymnastics school, Dancing school ect. We are offering quality group training not equipment rental. Most of the confusion regarding high membership fees is based on this misunderstanding.”

  2. Clint says:

    Crossfit is more expensive than a traditional gym, but Crossfit is absolutely not traditional.

  3. Courtney Meyers says:

    run 800m
    15 left leg/right leg pistols
    25 sit ups
    12 LL/RL pistols
    25 sit ups
    9 LL/RL pistols
    25 sit ups
    run 800m

    19:46 rx’d

  4. Mandee Miller says:

    run, pistol, sit up workout

  5. Katie says:

    Been wanting to make-up Angie… 23:28 with unanchored situps

    …like an idiot I did not realize that splitting it up into 25’s was scaled…

  6. klowe says:

    This article is one of my favorite subjects to discuss and a reason why I hate the “established fitness industry” as a whole. I’ve done the whole “body building” thing. I’ve read the magazines, bought the supplements, joined the globos (and their IRON-CLAD contracts), and lived the life. Truth is….it is all a sham. Globos actually build their business plan on selling contracts and expecting their “clients” to not show up past the month of January when the New Years motivation wanes. The supplement companies are just dishing out overly processed and unrecognizable “food” for a huge amount of money, and the magazines are all rehashed pipe dreams aimed at insecure adolescent males trying to get big. It is an industry built on lies. Bottom line….they sell a contract, supplement, or product and are DONE with you. They could care less….but it is also not their job to care and they should not be held accountable for not caring. It is the illusion of “health” that is sold that pisses me off.
    …now back to the discussion point….
    It may cost about 50 dollars a month for a traditional globo (i’ve paid 30 – 110 per month over the years). You are basically renting the equipment. Their is no training, no accountability, no method, and ultimately no sustainable improvement. Unfortunately with CrossFit still in its relative mainstream infancy people still just see a bunch of sweaty people in a “gym” and still don’t see the value of the produce….HEALTH.
    I have always viewed my monthly CF payments as an investment in my health, sanity, knowledge base, my social network, etc, etc. I have learned and know I will continue to learn something every time I walk through the CF door. There is really no known limit to what can be taken away from it.
    Basically it comes down to this.
    Globo -vs- CrossFit is not an apples to apples argument. As CF continues to change and educate the masses and CF continues into the world of mainstream….the “high cost” of CF will quickly become a moot point. The results don’t lie.

    Like everything in life it ultimately comes down to a personal choice of what is “right” for you….but once again….the results don’t lie.

  7. klowe says:

    OH yeah….I signed up for the Monte Sano 9.4mile run on October 25th (a Sunday morning). I plan on adding a lot of running over the next three weeks. If you are at all interested in trail runs or Stregnth plus running WODS let me know. I plan on doing most of this during the lunch time class or in the AM.

  8. Robert Montgomery says:

    Kevin, I think I’m going to sign up for this too.

  9. Kerri says:

    Scaled as Russell set it: 800 m run, 50 squats, 25 sit ups (x3), 800 m run. 17:43
    Wow, my lower back was KILLING me on the 2nd run. Pistols in their perfect form….gonna be a tough one to master.
    Guess they go on the CF ‘To work on’ list…..Gotta love it. CrossFit; it’s the great equalizer!!

  10. Krista says:

    Scaled 800 m run, (50 air squats, 25 situps) x3, 800 m run. 17:10
    Got the nauseated feeling with both runs so I knew I was giving it 100%.

  11. Jakub Sikorski says:

    21-18-15-12-9-6 and 3 rep rounds of:
    Power clean 95 pounds
    Back extensions

    13:05 as Rx’d

  12. zora says:

    I will do the Monte sano trail run.its going to be beautiful weather. At mountain best time of year for long run.
    Tune-up race is really important for long run.
    Tune-ups are done tow to three weeks before a event and should be shorter than your target race,but run at full effort.
    Run 4.5miles two weeks before a 9.4 miles.

  13. zora says:

    Its 9.3miles
    I can’t do crossfit this month but I will be back I already miss it its best training group I ever been with fantastic results.

  14. LeshaS says:

    run 800m
    15 left leg/right leg pistols
    25 sit ups
    12 LL/RL pistols
    25 sit ups
    9 LL/RL pistols
    25 sit ups
    run 800m

    Scaled with no KB. Used ring to balance (and more times than I care to count, help pull myself up that last bit). 22:05