Tuesday, 08 Feb, 2011

Posted by Mandee on February 7, 2011   |   25 Comments


Partner-assisted hamstring stretches, followed by 3 minutes of- 5 skin the cats, 5 strict pull-ups


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95-pound Thruster

Post time to comments.


10 minute squat test- try to get farther than you did last time!

The Hazards of Nerd Supremacy: The Case of WikiLeaks” by Jaron Lanier, The Atlantic.

25 responses to “Tuesday, 08 Feb, 2011”

  1. RyanP says:

    Well…at least somebody listens to ryeguy when he speaks.
    Thanks dude!

  2. Tye says:

    Wow, in a way, I’m glad I’m still recovering from the Garage Games. After my last date with Fran on Jan. 8th, I swore off her for at least three months.

    Speaking of the Games, I’d like to say thank you again to Amanda, Matt, Tracy, Emily and Garrett for making the trip to cheer us on. It’s awesome to have that kind of support, and I really didn’t see that for any other affiliate. Just one more reason to love this awesome CFHSV Family.

    • Emily D. says:

      Glad we could all make the trip with you guys.

      Everyone’s performances were motivating and inspiring! I can’t wait to get this boot off and get back to normal 🙂

      Matt mentioned it below but we had strangers from OTHER affiliates coming up and asking us to cheer for them because we were so loud.

      Lisa Thiel won the RX’d women’s division and came to us on the first WOD and asked if we could cheer for her and watch her stuff because she didn’t have anyone there. We didn’t know she was going to be such a badass!! She was doing her last run up suicide hill (after smoking all the other ladies)and cupped her hand around her ears and was loving all the yelling. It was awesome!

  3. Kristi Simmons says:

    I was hoping this pic would make the site. I think it’s so cool…not knowing the WOD that day I was waiting for them to do a pull up…but they just kept hanging there!

  4. Courtney Meyers says:

    Just want to give some props to Mandee Miller Stearns who PR’d today by about 50 seconds with a Fran time of 5:09!!! Amazing work.

    Unfortunately, nausea trumped willpower after two rounds of Fran for me today. Major bust.

  5. Matthew says:

    4:23 as Rxed
    I think this was a two minute pr. I was happy and frustrated at the same time. I was hoping for a sub 4 min. and had 4 thrusters left at 3:24… I spent 40-45 sec to do my last four and had to do my last one twice for failure to lock out. All pullups were unbroken for every round. Thanks to Justin for counting reps this morning, it helped a lot. Great job to everyone at 6 am, several prs and several ppl experienced “fran” for the first time.

    Tye, it was a great weekend all together. You, Robert, Kevin, and Rich all represented CFHSV with class and sportsmanship. Strong work by everyone and we all enjoyed cheering ya’ll on. We had mult. folks tell us that we were the loudest and most spirited group there. We also had many others ask us to cheer for them as well. It makes me realize how blessed we are to have such an awesome group at CFHSV!

    • Patrick says:

      Awesome Fran time.

      • Matthew says:

        Thanks Patrick! It sucked during for sure, was ready to die afterwards and had the “fran” cough all morning. It was inspiring to watch Justin right before me for sure, he killed it

  6. Josh Kennedy says:

    Fran was unexpected this morning, but got lucky with Penelope as a partner this morning, told me to quit sandbagging. 7:29 PR

  7. Penelope says:

    7:23 (rx’d)

  8. Awesome job to everyone this morning! Justin turned in a solid sub 3 and Mandee was only 9 seconds shy of getting sub 5! Not to mention Eric, Daniel, and Bill who went
    Rx’d for their first time to ever do Fran! I couldn’t imagine a better way to start my morning than with you guys. Keep it up!

  9. Justin says:

    2:53 rx’d
    1s slower than last time. Everything unbroken last time, but this time I had to break up both thrusters and pullups in the round of 15 and pullups in the round of 9. I don’t think I warmed up enough this time.

  10. Will Blankenship says:

    6:23 rx’d

    15 seconds OVER PR. Chest congestion and constant phlegm drainage is really stomping my ass today, so I’m not too disappointed.

    Headache… nausea… delirium… I hate Fran!

  11. Jason says:

    8:25 but dropped weight due to my lack of regular attendance. Finally left gym at 1:30 still dizzy and not breathing well. Thanks to Ryan for the tip on Hyssop. Pearly Gates had drops and tea bags for less than $20 and I already am feeling better with my breathing. Drops under the tongue for 60 sec.

  12. RyanP says:

    You’re welcome,I’m having my cup of hyssop tea right now, Jason.
    7:27 rx’d pr from 12:38, y’all do the math. I’ve got Fran brain.
    Way to go lunch class. Dean really killed Fran today. Sam first time rx’d. Everybody worked really hard. Good atmosphere.
    Thanks Robert, I had no idea what I was asking for.

  13. stacey says:

    6:02 PR

    scaled to 45# and jumping PU’s…I went up in weight from last time..

    Everyone was awesome today at lunch class…

    special thanks to Robert for coming out on his off day just to yell at us!! really pushed everyone through it!

    ive got to get PU’s before FRAN comes up again!!

  14. Patrick says:

    Rx’d 5:18 (+28sec). Sometimes the Bar eats you!

  15. Ben says:

    I scaled reps and weight; 15-9-6, at 65# in 8:45.

    But I didn’t scale any of the pullups, so I feel like that is an accomplishment, even though the weight was less than I wanted.

  16. Dean says:

    Hey i finally get to post on here,

    3:43Rx’d. My old PR was 4:37 so Im pretty happy. Then I almost died. Thanks to Rob and Ryan for yelling at today, I have to admit by the 3rd round I wasn’t sure which of you were which. nice work on the PRs everyone!

  17. Slade White says:

    As rx’d 6:35