Tuesday, 09 Mar, 2010

Posted by Mandee on March 9, 2010   |   29 Comments

Five rounds for time of:
15 foot L-rope climb, 1 ascent
5 Parallette handstand push-ups
10 Overhead one-legged squats, 45 pound barbell

For the rope climb, begin seated on the ground. For the handstand push-ups, the ears should dip below hand level. For the one-legged squats, alternate legs.

Post time to comments.

Opportunity” with Zach Even-Esh from FilFest 2010, a CrossFit Journalpreview video [wmv] [mov]

Question of the day- What next? Those of you who qualified, are you going to do something different with your training? Those of you who just spectated, do you feel differently about CrossFit training now?

29 responses to “Tuesday, 09 Mar, 2010”

  1. Katherine Berger says:

    That is an AWESOME picture!!!

  2. Russell says:

    Yeah thank Tom for this one too.

  3. Robert S. says:

    Is there a way we can get copies of the pics people took?

    I plan on bringing a few cd’s with all of the pics Kristi took in this week if anyone wants a copy let me know.

  4. Kyle Mosier says:

    My wife sent her pictures to Tom yesterday. Not sure how he plans to get them to everyone.

  5. Kyle Mosier says:

    The WOD today was tough. I had to scale quite a bit: regular rope climb, HSPU with a box (OH strength sucks), and one legged squats without 45# BB. Almost got cut off for time, but finished in 24:49.

  6. Russell says:

    We are going to make all pictures public on flickr soon. What’s a CD?

  7. klowe says:

    QOD: I’m actually going to take a legitimate rest. After the Garage Games I got to eager and started to train about 36 hours after the Last GG WOD on that Sunday. I honestly believe that I never fully recovered from the GG’s due to being an idiot. Every WOD for the last month has been uncomfortable and just didn’t feel like I was hitting on all cylinders.

    Once the rest period is over I’ll be back to 3 on 1 off mostly mainsite stuff. I want to use weekends for a few 2-3 a-days to get used to the work load and recovery strategy. Double unders, box jumps, and running. I’ll be doing a lot of those.

    I trust our coaches and will pretty much follow their advice on how to prepare. I will just be smarter about rest. I have to keep reminding myself that rest is just as if not more important than the WODS.

    Fun weekend. Looking forward to the training.

  8. Kerri says:

    Alissa and Emily (maybe Tasha too) took care of pics for me over the weekend, and I jumped in and took tons when I was free….
    I can upload to the same flickr account (cfhsv?) or upload to my own…Looking forward to seeing the great shots Tom (and everyone else) got!!
    Spectacular weekend!!

  9. Kerri says:

    Check out the main site and comments about The Arnold video….I (Bama Girl) made a comment about the suckiness of her burpees-SHE NEVER LEFT THE GROUND (granted she had on a weighted vest, but still), and apparently, several, including competitors and judges thought the inconsistency was horrible at that Sectional event.

    Thankfully I felt like our judges did great, were consistent, and for the most part didn’t let anything near that obvious count as a rep….
    I bet Tracey and Kevin can chime in on the Burpee standards that we were required to meet this weekend…=o)

  10. Justin says:

    Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the event this weekend. Having everyone there to cheer us on was really motivating.

    I have a bunch of pictures that I am going to put on facebook tonight.

  11. Robert S. says:

    For those that haven’t seen them, my pics are on facebook.

    I may try to make a video on my Commodore 64 some and put it on VHS if anyone wants a copy of that, too.

    To echo what many have already said, thanks to everyone that was involved in making this event a HUGE success!

    • Aaron says:

      Crap! I would love a copy but all I have are SuperBetas. And there’s no way I’ll let you record over my copy of Big Trouble In Little China. Oh well, anyone up for a fierce game of Spy Hunter on my CalecoVision?

    • Robert S. says:

      Why the hell did I type a random some in that sentence?

    • Aaron says:

      I guess your PC forgot to run it checksome function…or is that a checksum function??? A C64 would have caught it.

  12. Mandee Miller says:

    regular rope climb
    parallette HSPU with ab mat
    pistols with PVC overhead
    25:00 min cut off
    4 rounds + 1 rope climb

  13. tracey says:

    Im resting until Thurs. and then only going to run and stretch. We leave Fri. for Disney…alot of sitting in a car.(sucky)
    I will start training after spring break and my Crossfit Kids cert. weekend.
    Im excited about the prep work for regionals…I got ALOT to work on and it should be another great learning experience.
    Thanks to everyone who came out to help and cheer all of us on!!! Thats what Crossfit is all about.:)

  14. Aaron says:

    Even though I didn’t qualify, I learned a lot this weekend and had a great time getting my ass handed to me by the big dogs. One thing I’d like to try to change to my training is to take an approach I’ve taken in the past towards training for triathlons. I’d like to try a periodization plan where I train hard for 2-3 weeks, including one day a week perform a two-a-day CF wod, 2-3 CFE wods per week and a CF Football WOD on a Saturday, then reduce the volume in the 4th week as an active recovery. I may try this approach through June 6 for the Eurocross 8k. Thoughts?

    Also, anyone have an opinion on weightlifting shoes?
    I’m currently looking at a pair of Pendlay Barbell 2010, http://www.pendlaybarbell.com/peba20sewesh.html

    • klowe says:

      Weightlifting shoes are a total NECESSITY for the serious CF athlete. As far as one brand over another. I have no opinion. I’ve only owned one pair.

      Get em!

    • Patrick says:

      Good shoe. My son and Ric Koler (another CF doc at Crestwood ER) use them. I like the Rippetoe shoe from Rogue, but they’re ugly. Looks like a geriatric orthopedic boot.

  15. Katie says:

    QOD: I am resting until Friday, maybe through the weekend, and then starting back with 3 on, 1 off. If the coaches advise so, I would also like to add in 2 or 3 a days to get my body used to that level of output. Last weekend was a shocker on my body. I am going to work on key skills that I lack, including MU’s, ring dips, HSPU and getting stronger overall. And finally, I am going to treat each and every WOD I do like I am competing, by putting forth a much higher level of intensity than I have in the past several months. I learned a LOT from sectionals, and I am excited to change my training to address my weaknesses prior to competing at Regionals.

  16. Jake Naumcheff says:

    I would like to echo what Justin and many other people have already said. Thanks to everyone who made this event possible and to those who came out and cheered us on. I assure you those cheers did not fall on deaf ears. Congrats to everyone who competed and to those who are moving on to regionals.

    QOD: I feel wrecked. Much worse than the garage games so I am planning on taking a week off and making sure that I have fully recovered before jumping back into training. After this week my training schedule will be focused around our athletes who are moving on to regionals. Many of them have to work out on their own and without anyone else in the gym. If you have ever had to do this then you know it is not fun. So when I can I will be trying to push them to the best of my ability.

    • Justin says:

      I also feel a lot worse than I did after garage games. The soreness in my legs is subsiding, but my lats and biceps are still painfully sore today. I think my pullup inefficiencies led to most of that soreness. I can’t fully straighten my arms without pain.

    • klowe says:

      I echo the bicep pain. Holy crap this hurts.

      Ironically….my legs feel fantastic.

  17. Russell says:

    As Rx’ed- 16:42

    The first round took me 6 minutes. The last took me 2 minutes. First round was a lot of failure on the 1 leg overhead squats and walking around staring at the bar angrily, last round was unbroken. Practice.

  18. Barry S says:

    Played catch-up from yesterday, with substitutions, based on what I could find at the Uniontown PA YMCA…
    3 rounds for time:
    400 single unders
    21 55# dumbell swings
    12 pullups (jumping after the first 3 in round 1)

    Congrats to everyone who participated / cheered the Games on! Very sorry to miss…

  19. dunnbball says:

    Scaled in 23:17

    5 rounds of:
    15 foot rope climb, not L
    10 Modified HSPU’s with box
    10 1-arm overhead squats w/20lbs

  20. Slade White says:

    Scaled with regular rope climb, head to ground HSPU, and Pistols