Tuesday, 10 Aug, 2010

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Five rounds for time of:
5 Muscle-ups
115 pound Overhead squat, 10 reps
15 Toes to bar
20 GHD Sit-ups

Chris Spealler 15:55, Kristan Clever 16:53 (95lbs), Laurie Galassi 18:03 (83lbs), Josh Everett 22:01, Pat Sherwood 22:45, Miranda Oldroyd 27:29 (83lbs), Tyson Oldroyd 27:37. Post time to comments.

a comprehensive snack list from Mark’s Daily apple

Mark’s take on the Zone dietWhat’s your take on his argument?

19 responses to “Tuesday, 10 Aug, 2010”

  1. Patrick says:

    I’ve followed Mr. Sisson’s “Daily Apple” site for several years. He’s a Paleo heavy weight and I agree with him most of the time. But, to be fair I haven’t read his “Primal Blueprint” so I can’t really give an opinion on his diet plan. (As an aside, I totally disagree with his argument against dairy.)

    Having tried Paleo, weight/measure Zone, Paleo/Zone both freestyle and W/M, and my current high fat Paleo/Zone(ish) proportions. I’ve learned a little about how diet effects my performance.

    I agree with one of Mark’s observations. W/M Zone is just too low fat for me. But, I’ve got a fairly low BF%. If I stay to Zone proportions and ignore fats, I recover better. I eat macadamia nuts by the handful and put butter on everything.

    I’m interested to learn if any of the CFHSV tribe has tried the “Primal Blueprint”.

  2. tracey says:

    Finally feeling human again. I just wanted to thank everyone who cheered and supported myself, Scott, and the other CFHSV athletes at Faction Games. It really means alot to hear your name being yelled out, when you feel like slowing down or stopping. I didn’t want to let anyone down, so I pushed on.
    I love our group of crossfitters! What a close knit family and friends. Honestly I was touched by all the support.

    Thanks again, Tracey

  3. Emily D. says:

    Wow….what a weekend!

    I can’t thank the CFHSV family enough for the support. I can honestly say I have never went that hard during a WOD. When I wanted to quit (and there were SEVERAL times) I had a large and rather rowdy group of people there to yell at me and tell me to suck it up…..pushed me to finish out those reps!

    I was telling Garrett…the last time I was in any sort of “athletic” competition of any sort was when I played basketball in the 4th grade(and I wasn’t very good)…so just being there and being able to do the WODS was a HUGE accomplishment for me. I didn’t scale and I didn’t come in last!! woot woot!!!

    We are truly blessed to have some of the best coaches around and I thank them for being there and pushing me on a daily basis…even when I am tired or grumpy 😉

    Thanks again guys and gals!!!!

    • Emily D. says:

      I got last on the 2 Pood workout…but they screwed me out of like 30 reps. It wouldn’t have helped me out in the standings but dang it those snatches were tough so I hate that I didn’t get “credit” for them.

  4. Russell says:

    Finally! – http://www.factiongames.com/faction_results.pdf

    Great work to all of our CFHSV competitors. I bet if we had a break down of top 10 athletes by affiliate we would clearly dominate across the board. Good work and way to represent!

    • Tasha W says:

      Those rankings are awesome!! WTG everyone that competed! It was a lot of fun & I just can’t say it enough…. CF people are the best people! I met so many awesome folks this weekend & it was fun to just be out there, absorbing the energy! You guys are all inspiring!

  5. Kyle Mosier says:

    Today’s WOD successfully combined nearly all of my weak areas and gave me a stark reminder of things I really need to work on. I only made it through 2 rounds+10 at the 20:00 cut off and that after scaling OHS and MU. I need to work on CTB pull ups and OHS in a BIG way!

  6. Penelope says:

    2 rounds + 30 at 20 min cutoff (10 CTB PUs, 10 Ringdips, 10 OHS – 45#, 10 TTB, 20 GHD per round)

  7. klowe says:

    Once again….had a great time at a CF event. The Faction Games were very fun in our own little insane “exercise in the brutal heat” type of way. If it were not for all the good people in the CF community there would have been NO WAY you could have talked me into spending two days in an open field in the August Memphis heat.

    CFHSV should be very proud. All of our athletes did very well and our gym demonstrated a great sense of “family” with several non competitors sacrificing a weekend to come support everyone and cheer us on. We as a gym and community did very, very well.

    Personally I learned a lot about myself and competition this weekend. I took what I learned from an interview with Pat Barber post double Helen WOD from the games. They asked him about his blazing Helen run pace and he essentially said “Screw it….I was going to set the pace. If they were going to beat me then they had to work their ass off to do it [SIC]” — or something like that. For every event my starting pace was way faster than for any events ever before. It is much easier to start out face and “pace down” as needed then it is to pace and then kick it into high gear — for me at least. This weekend it worked and I liked the feeling of “makin’ em work”.

    I also learned to not run with ear buds in during a race. I lost three spots in the 5k over the last 20 feet of the race. People were yelling at me telling me they were sprinting and for me to step it up but I simply did not hear them. It did cost me a clear cut first place finish over the weekend and it was a major lesson learned. NEVER AGAIN!

    Extremely proud of everyone that took the plunge into their first CF Games and those returning for more. Across the board I think everyone is committed to future competitions. I hope we keep adding competitors to the CFHSV list. Trust me on this….regardless of your age or perceived level of fitness….COMPETE!!! The games make you learn about yourself, the community is GREAT, and it is just damn fun!

    Thank you all for the encouragement and cheering. It certainly DOES help the competitor dig a little deeper when hearing your friends yelling you on.

    Awesome weekend! Great gym!

    Looking forward to February already!


  8. Emily D. says:

    Also…..they are posting some pics on http://www.teamfaction.com

    I saw a few of Jake and Tracey.

  9. Russell says:

    Kevin, I’m glad you decided that earbuds while running suck! If only you hadn’t had to learn the hard way! When I finally figured it out I was on a 5k race and threw my entire Ipod contraption into some bushes.

    (on todays Zone article)

    I posted this article from Mark’s daily apple because it is a perfect sample of what most arguments against the zone diet look like, and I think it’s important that everyone who follows our site get an understanding of how to consider this type of argument. (Especially considering most of us follow the zone diet to some extent.)

    So what is Mark’s argument? Well, he says the zone is too low in fat, too high in carbs, and he thinks that the reasoning that Dr. Sears provides for a 30-30-40% diet is “unfounded”. As Patrick pointed out, Mark is a big ‘Paleo” guy, a term that means most of his diet advice is based off of a theoretical notion of what our paleolithic ancestors consumed, and therefore what we are genetically designed to eat.

    Here are the problems I see with any type of evolutionary diet theory-
    1. In the absence of a time machine you can’t, and never will prove what we did or did not eat 40,000 years ago
    2. Even if we did know exactly what our ancestors ate, there is no way to prove that their diets were the perfect model of health, even for them.
    3. In order to accept a “Paleo” view of food as ideal, we need to also accept the idea that we have not evolved as a species in 10,000 years, something I doubt.

    But big deal, you can’t prove much of anything in science, especially when it relates to human beings. Proving the science behind the zone diet might be just as hard. The point is that the “theory”, narrative, and explanations of why a diet does or does not work is meaningless to us. We don’t need to know “why” a diet works, we just want to see ourselves getting fitter, healthier, and leaner, and that’s all the proof anyone should need.

    But Mark isn’t thinking like a scientist. This seems to be the problem with everyone who takes financial interest ( i.e. writing a book) in a specific non-zone diet. It’s obvious that Mark’s dislike of the Zone diet is at least in part due to it’s success. He even refers to “[Sears] business empire” in the Q&A section of his website. His immature jabs at Sears are a dead give away that obersvable, measurable, repeatable results (Science) are not what has formed his opinion.

    And why would it be? The most telling part of his article is this sentence: “Without the fat, most people are going to be hungry on this diet. I know I would be.”
    You can read this as ” I have never done the zone diet, or worked with people following the zone diet, so all of my generalized statements about it’s success or failure are pure guesswork”

    The bottom line is this- We should all be eating the quality foods that Mark wants us too. It’s hard to argue that fruits and veggies aren’t clearly better for you than grains and legumes. When you don’t measure and weight your food though, you aren’t doing science. I don’t know almost any elite athletes that follow the exact 30-30-40 ratio, but they started there, learned what worked for them, and dialed in their diets with precision (an effect that you cannot get when you just eat whatever you want).

    Saying that measuring and weighing causes negative results is pure ideology. The next time you read someone selling the idea that not knowing what you are eating works better than knowing, imagine doing CrossFit and never figuring out what weights were on the bar, and never running a clock to time your workouts. How much fitter would you get? Who knows?

  10. Patrick says:

    Scaled to 75# OHS: 4 rds + 10

    Lots of walking around, today I successfully leaned, sat or rested on each and every piece of equipment in the gym. Just couldn’t shut up that little whiner inside my noggin. Tweaked a hamstring during yesterday’s deadlifts and let the minor annoyance of having to really scale back the OHS weight completely deflate me. Funny how that happens. I’ve got to learn to embrace the scaling. Must embrace scaling. Must embrace scaling. That’s my new mantra.

  11. Garrett D says:

    I guess I’ll go ahead and echo what everyone else has said about this past weekend. We had an incredible showing of I think 12 athletes spread out through the different classes. We also had a tremendous amount of support that really did make a difference. We sure did sound like a mean bunch yelling at each other so much, but I know it certainly helped me dig deep and keep going. I somehow found that high gear that seems to evade me on my daily grind. Now that I know it’s there, I’ll be hitting it more often.

    I believe my attitude towards competitions has changed. It’s fun to be there competing no matter where you finish. Looks like I’ll be doing more of these in my future.

    My run kept me out of the top 10. I see that I’ll have to quit hating running if I want to do better next time. These competitions are a great way to highlight where you need to improve.

    On another note: I think all of the competitors from CFHSV agreed that our miserably hot workout conditions every day in the box really helped out this weekend. The only time I thought about the insane heat was after the workouts when I was trying to breathe. It never really was a factor during the WODs. We MUST set up a mister station somewhere outside the new place. Their mist tent was heaven once you were done.

    • Kerri says:

      I agree with Garrett; I’d say we were all fairly well adjusted to the heat. It seemed the hardest part after suffering through the WODs, was battling the sun that was beating down!!

      I heard from more than one judge in passing, or when talking with a couple of them; that CF HSV had a good showing!! Made me proud to be sporting the shirt!!

      Can’t wait for the next opportunity to represent!!

  12. Ron Wood says:

    3rds+4MUs@20min cutoff. Scaled to 65# OHS

  13. Mandee Miller says:

    3rds in 21:21, subbed 10PU/3RD per round for MU, everything else as rx’d

  14. Kerri says:

    3 rds completed: 20:51
    Subbed 5 straight-legged mu transitions (best I could), and rest as rx’ed.
    Felt good to get my muscles warmed up, but I could tell I was still fatigued.

    The 75# OHS gave me Faction Flashbacks….my shoulders/shoulder girdles are still pretty dang sore!!

  15. Barry S says:

    3 + 10 @ 20:00 cutoff, doing 10 m/u transitions, 45#, & mtn climbers for scaling

  16. dunnbball says:

    3 Rounds + 15 in 20 min
    Scaled to 45 lb OHS and MU Transitions