Tuesday, 10 Nov, 2009

Posted by Mandee on November 9, 2009   |   45 Comments

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One legged squats, alternating
15 Pull-ups

Post your choice of girls and rounds completed to comments.

45 responses to “Tuesday, 10 Nov, 2009”

  1. Karen says:

    “Cindy” 16 rounds + 5 squats. I guess that is supposed to be posted as 16 + 20. Groin muscle still a big issue with squats. Also stamina is a problem. Just doesn’t seem to be any gas in the tank.

    Thanks for pushing me, Aaron! Great to have to try to catch someone when they pass you!

  2. Aaron says:


    Back ‘atcha Karen! It was all I could do to try and keep just a few ahead of you.

  3. Krista says:

    Cindy scaled ring pulls instead of pull ups.
    12 + 9 push ups
    (still having issues with headache during workout)

    • Daniel says:

      Good job. Ring pull-ups are hard. They’d probably give me a headache too.

    • Daniel says:

      No PR today, but I didn’t feel like puking at the end of the workout. Probably why I didn’t PR. Good job to everyone who did break their record.

    • Russell says:

      Krista, you need to start doing real pull-ups in your workouts. I know you can do them, and if you don’t you will be stuck on the rings forever!

    • Krista says:

      I was planning on doing real pull ups today. I told Daniel last night that I was excited to do them today. I love it when I am able to do the WOD as rx’d. BUT when I got to the 11:30 class today, Josh told me that I had to do ring pulls because the pull up bar was full unless I wanted to go in a second heat. I would have been the only person in the second heat and plus, I didnt have time to wait. I have to pick up Tennison by 12:30. So, thats my excuse for doing ring pulls. Sorry.

    • Russell says:

      just another reason we need our new building done! 🙂

    • Russell says:

      I really hate when websites turn : ) into 🙂

  4. Mandee Miller says:

    15 + 10 (PR)

  5. JeffWomble says:

    16+1. PR by 2 rounds.

  6. Robert S. says:

    1st time doing Cindy.


  7. Hudson Slater says:

    20 even. PR

  8. Slade White says:

    16 rounds +13 It was kind of strange having an audience watching us today. We should have done a lot of screaming and acted ultra douchey. 🙂

  9. Larry Lowe says:

    17 rounds + 10

  10. Will Blankenship says:

    14 + 17

    I slowed down after my hands started ripping.

  11. Jake Naumcheff says:



    A little more than 3 rounds off my PR, I blame the past 2 WOD’s for ripping me a new one this cycle.

  12. klowe says:

    28+5 PR by 1+3
    -fighting terrible lower back cramping so me thinks on a fresh day 29 is possible

  13. Craig Herr says:

    17 rounds + 15 as rx (tried to do chest to bar on all pull ups)

    *Below my PR but not bad after doing Filthy Fifty yesterday. My hands and arms were shot today. Everyone worked very hard in the 7 am class.

  14. Jason Terry says:

    ugh, ugh, gasp, gasp, hmmmmmmmmmm, spit, breathe………….i hate Mary…….9 rounds plus 5 HSPU’s…………….PR

  15. Jason Terry says:

    ugh, ugh, gasp, gasp, hmmmmmmmmmm, spit, breathe………….i hate Mary…….9 rounds plus 5 HSPU’s…………….PR

  16. Robert Montgomery says:

    Really wanted to run in the rain today for some reason.

    So: Ran 1 hour 41mins and 55 secs and did not measure distance. Just enjoyed the run…

    Then went to fresh market to get some food and got some good stuff but also bought a container of gummy bears that I quickly ravaged…

    Pretty pointless and probably counter-productive workout day. Oh well… I got it out of my system.

    • Will Blankenship says:

      There’s something wrong with you, Robert. I wouldn’t put it past you to eat nails and wipe your ass with a pine cone just to see if it hurts.

      j/k… Good job, homie 🙂

  17. Amy Tankesley says:

    18 + 2 (PR) My hands are still not feeling too good. Im kinda getting used it. It seems like when they start to heal another spot rips. haha

  18. dunnbball says:

    1st time doing Cindy
    12 + 6 with ring rows

    Can’t wait ’til I’m strong enough to do real pull-ups!

  19. Russell says:

    27+10 (PR is 28)

    Good job kicking my ass at this one Kevin. I’m not going to be happy now until I hit 30…

    • klowe says:

      just makes me slightly happy….in the honor of competition that I can (temporarily) top you at something.

      Let me enjoy my five minutes of victory….i know to well that it is a fleeting moment in time…. now, where is that Guiness??

  20. Justin says:

    Cindy in the garage
    24+5 PR by 2+3

  21. tracey says:

    Cindy = 16 even(pr) first time doing it fully Rx’d. Last time I did 6 rounds Rx’d and finished with 8 rnds of ring row. IM PLEASED! I do know that if I could link my KPU’s, I would have gained atleast 2 more rounds.
    Next time I will get it. This is why I love crossfit:)

  22. Charlie says:

    Cindy as Rx’ed: precisely 14 rounds (give or take).

  23. leah says:

    jumping pull-ups
    16 rounds + 5 JPUs (PR)

  24. Barry S says:

    11 + 5 squats, ring pull ups

  25. z says:

    great work J!

  26. Kerri says:

    As rx’ed (that alone is a PR)- 10 rds +2
    Last week I get my first kpu after 5 months of CF, this week, my first WOD with pull-ups as rx’ed…..
    Things are FINALLY looking up!!
    It helped to have some kick a$$ girls right alongside me during this WOD. (I would say ‘right alongside me doing CINDY’, but that would’ve sounded kind of sketchy…)
    Now, just linking more than two at a time…..Maybe next week!

    • Amy Tankesley says:

      Hahaha yeah that would have sounded a little STRANGGE! You did awesome!! Congratulations on completing Cindy Rxd for the 1st time!!! You should be proud of yourself!!! YOU ROCK!!

  27. Katie says:

    15 + 1 pr