Tuesday, 13 Apr, 2010

Posted by Mandee on April 13, 2010   |   19 Comments

three rounds for time of
275 pound deadlift, 15 reps
20 ring dips
800m run

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  1. Tasha W says:

    Umm… this picture is PRICELESS!!! I laughed out loud when I saw it. 🙂

    Needed the laugh. I’m sick as can be with a full-blown, nasty sinus infection and it sucks cause I can’t take ANYTHING. Scratch that – I did take some Tylenol to try to kill the headache and pressure, but it’s not working. Looks like a killer WOD–have fun today, guys. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow!

    • Kerri says:

      Tasha, go look at Kat’s other pics on FB of Campbell…There’s one taken at this same ‘dining session’, and there’s literal meat splatters in mid air of the pic….it’s priceless, as Cam is a TRUE Paleo Princess!!

    • Tasha W says:

      I just checked them out!! Hilarious and awesome!! Campbell is a mess! What kind if camera do you guys have? That lens is pretty amazing!

  2. Justin says:

    18:01 as rx’d

  3. Karen says:

    Did Erin today. I must have lost my mind!
    18:54 as rx thanks to Josh pushing me EVERY step of the way. Thank you!!

  4. Larry Lowe says:

    27:57 as rx.

    Justin killed this one at the 6am class. DL were slow for me.

  5. Aaron says:

    Crossfit Endurance at the 11am. Forgot to keep count of total reps, none the less, very tough Anaerobic Endurance Strength & Conditioning WOD

    5 Total Rounds.
    30sec on,20sec off: Move from one exercise to the other in this order.

    Double Unders
    GHD Sit ups
    Push ups
    Seated Box Jumps. Sit on 12″ box ,Jump up onto the 30″ Box.
    Kettle Bell Swings 1.5 pood.

    Going back at 430 this afternoon to finish up the CFE Aerobic WOD:

    Goal is to use maximum effort for 2 min interval on C2 Row.
    2 min on 1 minute off x 6
    Cover as much distance as possible on each interval.

  6. JeffWomble says:

    31:06. Haven’t done ring dips in a while and it showed.

  7. LeshaS says:

    Scaled ring dips (however, I now able to stabilize, dip, and drive up just a tad whereas in the past, I haven’t been able to) w/ one tip-toe on box
    DL as rx’d #195
    2 rounds 20:24 before I had to leave early for work

  8. Emily D. says:

    In Fort Worth, TX….did Angie (minus pull ups) in my hotel room…..working out alone blows. Crossfit Fort Worth is about 10 min away but I am here without a car ….may have to cab it tomorrow or Thursday morning.

  9. Brad says:

    Looks like a killer wod. I am going to have to make this one up.

  10. Robert S. says:

    Firefighter Combat Challenge full course run on a modified course.


    I was going to do 3 full runs with rest as needed between each, but we caught a woods fire right when I finished my first run. I was sucking wind when I got on the truck.

  11. Kerri says:


  12. Patrick says:

    5/3/1 Press: 100(3)-115(3)-130(9)
    15-20min rest then today’s WOD
    Scaled to 255# DL and 800m row

  13. Barry S says:

    I say, keep these to show her date on prom night!!!

    Interesting day…warm up was 2 rounds of 400m run, 20 abmat, 20 air squats, followed by 3 rounds of “flip the big tire” about 20m each round.

    WOD was 4 rounds for time of 25 ring pushups and 25 jump squats. Did 1st round as Rx, went to regular pushups for 2-4, and subbed double unders in rounds 2 & 3…19:20.

  14. Slade White says:

    As Rx’d 33:06 Deadlift was….heavy…back hurting.